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2" Fat Standard (1") Dumbell Handles (pair)

Unfortunately this item is no longer available. All custom/special bars/dumbbells are now only made with Olympic plate loading ends.

This product is currently unavailable to order.

2" Fat Standard (1") Dumbell Handles (pair)
2" Fat Standard (1") Dumbell Handles (pair).
2" Fat Standard (1") Dumbell Handles (pair)
Heavy Duty Strenght Training Equipment - Made in England
2" Fat Standard (1") Dumbell Handles (pair).
2" Fat Standard (1") Dumbell Handles (pair)

2" Fat Standard (1") Dumbell Handles (pair)

For all of our customers with standard (1") plates and have asked for a fat (2" thick grip) pair of dumbells to train with, here you go: The GymRatZ 2" Fat Standard (1") Dumbell Handles (pair). 2" thick grip with standard (1"/ 25mm) ends. Fat standard barbells also now available, see 'Related Items'.

Available in 2.5" and 3" thickness too. Please call for pricing.

WARNING: The use of adjustable dumbbells instead of fixed dumbbells for any overhead movement such as bench or shoulder press is NOT considered safe practice and goes against our professional advice regarding the use of this and similar products. Adjustable dumbbells such as these should only be used for lifts from the floor that remain below waist level and where the dumbell remains parrallel to the floor e.g. bent-over rows, deadlifts, shrugs, lunges, farmers walk. To use these items in any other way could result in serious personal injury.

IMPORTANT NOTES for our specialist bars and commercial gym equipment:

All GymRatZ Commercial Gym Equipment is made-to-order and, subsequently, each order regarded as a special order.

Note: We also suggest using our Standard Cast Collars with this bar. ('click' the optional extras above). Remember, you'll need to order 2 pairs for use with dumbell handles.


Technical details of the GymRatZ 2" Fat Standard (1") Dumbell Handles (pair)

  • Electrostatic Powder Coat Finish.
  • Ideal for improving grip strength and significantly increasing biceps, triceps and deltoid involvement.
  • Available from 12" to 24" in length.
For use with standard (1") plates only (sold separately).


Made in England for GymRatZ Heavy Duty Commercial Gym Equipment since 1999.

Page Copyright GymRatZ Commercial Gym Equipment Fitness & Bodybuilding Supplements 1999

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