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Equipment Installation

If you require installation of a product / products in the catalogue, the time between order & installation may be longer than for that of delivery only.

Installation charges not included as part of product cost will be priced depending on location and equipment to be installed.
We will always try to arrive on time, but will not be held responsible for late arrival due to unforeseen circumstances.
It is imperative that the space for the product/s has been cleared & that access is unrestricted. If the installer is unable to commence work due to the area not being cleared or access not being available at the agreed time GymRatZ reserve the right to charge £25 for every half hour the installation engineer is unable to start work. We must be informed at the time of placing the order where the product/s are to be installed. All prices quoted are for ground floor installations in the main building of the property. Installations above or below ground floor or outside the main building i.e. an outhouse etc may be subject to surcharge, especially if not mentioned at the time of order. You may be asked to assist the installer to get the product/s to their location, if no help is available then a 2 man installation may be required at extra cost.
GymRatZ are within their rights to refuse any installation if the installer deems the installation location to be hazardous or the request unreasonable. If the product does not fit into the area where the installation is requested & a representative of GymRatZ did not measure the area, then GymRatZ cannot be held responsible, therefore the customer will incur the cost of the visit. Agreed installation times must be adhered to.

Adequate parking / vehicle access must be provided by the customer. Any charges incurred by the installer for parking etc will be chargeable. If the installation time is extended by there being inadequate parking / access then the extra time will also be chargeable at £50 per hour. It is the customer's responsibility to check that the installation has been carried out to their satisfaction. If the customer is not present when the installation is completed the installation will be deemed as completed to the customers satisfaction. Any subsequent visits that may be required will be chargeable at the same rate as the first visit.