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Delux Power Cage

This product is currently discontinued
Please see the following alternative:

ForceUSA PT Power Rack

This product is currently unavailable to order.

Delux Power Cage
LIGHT COMMERCIAL or Heavy Duty Domestic Power Cage with all the trimmings!
LIGHT COMMERCIAL or Heavy Duty Domestic Power Cage with all the trimmings!
Delux Power Cage

Delux Power Cage

NOTE: All Body-X products have been discontinued in favour of our Challenger and Challenger Light cages.

The perfect replacement for this Power Cage is the Heavy Duty Challenger Power Cage which is a heavyweight flat-packed BEAST  See image below:

Challenger Heavy Duty Power Cage

For full information on the above replacement rack simply #2#


Information about the Delux Power Cage

This new addition to our power cage range comes right in the middle of our rack range. It's an extremely well specified rack with  features normally only found on the very highest specified full commercial power racks like our own GymRatZ Professional Power Cage !

In fact, the more you look at what this Power Cage comes with as standard, the more you realise this rack really desn't leave any blank spaces. Obviously adding all the extras on to this rack as standard pushes up the purchase price and it could have been a bit cheaper if it was equipped with just the basics as any like the Bodysolid GPR378 Power Rack but then you have the inconvenience of trying to get those extras when you realise perhaps you really DO need weight storage posts and a couple of extra lift-off hooks. etc.

In my mind the very significant key points of this rack are as follows:

  • 6 pin Olympic plate storage rack on each side of the cage
  • Super-Strong box section main safeties (lower)
  • 2nd set of safety rods for lighter work
  • Removable/adjustable Dip handles
  • Loads of lift-off hooks (bar holders) everywhere!
  • Accessory (chain/band) storage pegs
  • Micro-adjustment holes for safety rails
  • Multi-position integral chin bar

Just to re-emphasize, the manufacturers give this power cage a "full commercial" rating but as with our own equipment we know the sort of abuse (commercial use) kit like this takes in a heavy duty public gym so we only give bolt-together gym equipment a light-commercial rating and would always suggest our own fabricated GymRatZ Gym Equipment as we know it is indestructible and made with thicker walled steel.
For my home gym I'd almost certainly go for one of these racks though! (Pete)

Rack Dimensions are as follows:

173cm (W) x 195cm (L) x 229cm (H)
Gross Weight 227Kg
75mm x 75mm Box section

RATED TO 600Kg static load - (A dropped weight of a much lower weight max easily exceed the rated static load capacity.)




GymRatZ Animal Power Cage

GymRatZ Animal Power Cage

The GymRatZ Power Cage is built without compromise, offering 8 storage posts and 2 bar holders to the rear of the frame, ultra-close lift-off holes, massive 83cm deep training area (compared to 68cm on GymRatZ Power Rack), 2 heavy-duty safeties, 2 quick-change saber-style safeties, dual chin bars

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