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Globe Dumbbell (Ball Grip Dumbell Handle)

Globe Dumbbell (Ball Grip Dumbell Handle)
100mm (4") Globe Dumbbell Handle for awesome grip development.
100mm (4") Globe Dumbbell Handle for awesome grip development.
Globe Dumbbell (Ball Grip Dumbell Handle)

Globe Dumbbell (sold singularly)

Our new range of Globe Barbells, Globe Dumbbells and Globe Cable Handles romps into top gear with this Olympic Globe Dumbbell handle. One of the recently appreciated benefits of  Globe style grip training is in the fact the spherical shape allows a far greater interaction of the full 5 digits of the hand rather than the longer middle 3 fingers doing the vast majority of the work.

What this means in real terms is the grip is strengthened more evenly and in a more "open handed" way. Ideal for anyone that needs to grip an arm for example as in grappling style martial arts, or personal restraint/immobilization e.g. law enforcement and door security etc.


Globe Dumbbell Dimensions and dynamics:

  • The Ball of the Globe Dumbell is 100mm in diameter
  • The Globe Dumbbell Handle is a whopping 24" total length so you can really load up the weight for awesome power.
  • Each dumbbell handle weighs 8Kg and are sold as a singular handle so order x2 for a pair.

NOTE: the ends of our Globe Dumbbell handles are 48mm tube which means normal Olympic spring collars wont grip. The best option would be either our super slim dumbbell collars or the more economical but very effective Olympic Screw Clamp Collars


Made in England for GymRatZ Heavy Duty Commercial Gym Equipment since 1999.

Globe Barbell

Globe Barbell

Globe Grip Training is perfect for changing the dynamics of a barbell to afford a whole new dimension to regular exercises and grip specific exercises. Our new range of Globe and Ball Barbells make an exciting addition to any commercial gym

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