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Gym Equipment London

GymRatZ Commercial Gym Equipment Store London

"Do you have a gym equipment store in London?" - this is a question we are asked all the time for which the answer is unfortunately not at this time. But should I be saying "unfortunately" ? I don't think  should. Reason being that the more stores you have, the greater the commercial overheads, the greater the staff turnover and the less personal the service becomes.  Not to mention the greater the retail price must be t osupport all the increased outgoings. No truer is this than in the city of London it's self where business rates and "London weighting" for wages due to increased cost of living means the chance of getting a great deal are second to none, we've even had customers telling us local London stores (particularly supplement vendors) sell products well above the manufacturers suggested selling price.

This pushes the consumer on-line where cheaper prices can be found. We pride our selves in having been around since 1999 and if you are happy to trust us with our judge of equipment (note how select a range of gym equipment we actually list) we can guarantee you'll be looked after far better than you would in any London store.

We're in the West country (just outside Bristol) which everyone knows the further into the south west you go the more relaxed the pace of life which means we will be able to give you our undivided attention without any hard pressure selling or targets to meet.  That said, we also understand "urgency of supply" and keep our finger on the pulse of supply from the moment the order is recieved it becomes of the highest priority to be fulfilled and the customer satisfied.  That's why our Gym RatZ store in London City is but a telephone call away.

No crowds, no battling with traffic and transport, no sales people, time to think, measure your space, then re-think and let us guide your gym equipment purchase rather than direct it.

by Pete Walker


Finding a Gym Equipment Supplier in London

London traffic, London crowds, London prices.... Our London store doesn't have any of that because it's right there in your front room at the end of the telephone or by e-mail that gives you so much more time to weigh up your options to make sure you get the right items first time.