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GymRatZ Tatami Jigsaw Tiles (Soft)

GymRatZ Tatami Jigsaw Tiles (Soft)
Reversible Tatami in 20mm or 40 mm
GymRatZ Tatami Jigsaw Tiles (Soft)
Reversible colours allow for area marking out and floor areas.
GymRatZ Tatami Jigsaw Tiles (Soft)
MMA and Tatami Jigsaw Mat Comparison (20mm and 40mm)
GymRatZ Tatami Jigsaw Tiles (Soft)
Jigsaw Tatami 20mm reversible red and blue.
GymRatZ Tatami Jigsaw Tiles (Soft)
Jigsaw Tatami 40mm reversible red and blue.
GymRatZ Tatami Jigsaw Tiles (Soft)
Jigsaw Tatami 20mm - Squash test
GymRatZ Tatami Jigsaw Tiles (Soft)
Jigsaw Tatami 40mm - Squash test
GymRatZ Tatami Jigsaw Tiles (Soft)
Jigsaw Tatami 40mm<br>Blue/Yellow with included edge stip (as supplied on every tile)
Reversible Tatami in 20mm or 40 mm
GymRatZ Tatami Jigsaw Tiles (Soft)

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GymRatZ Tatami Jigsaw Tiles for Martial Arts (Soft)

Our Tatami Jigsaw tiles come in a range of sizes (thickness) and colours and are tried, tested and endorsed by many martial arts clubs nation wide. Currently available in 2 thicknesses and 2 reversible colours (Blue/Red and Blue/Yellow)

Made from a soft rated EVA foam our Tatami jigsaw mats are the perfect flooring solution for any martial arts studio, dojo or dojang where predominantly throwing, grappling, take-downs, floor/ground work styles are practiced.

The wearing surface (top and bottom) is a Tatami pattern and has a smoother (but no less durable) top layer which makes the tiles hard wearing, boot and footwear tolerant, while affording a smoother surface against the skin; essential for any martial arts and disciplines that focus on takedowns, throws (and break-falls) leading into ground work (grappling and submission, pins and locks etc). Unlike our Interlocking MMA Mats which can lead to the risk of friction burns on bare skin due to their higher grip properties and more aggressive patterning.

While the 20mm version of our Tatami jigsaw mat offers a reasonable degree of impact protection and is suitable for use in Martial Arts Studios, Boxing Gyms, Combat Training, Yoga and Pilates, Aerobics, YMCA Multipurpose Rooms, Indoor Kids Facilities & Playgrounds,  Basement Flooring and so much more, the 40mm version would be far more appropriate where repetitive throws and breakfalls are practiced such as Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo etc.
Although our Tatami jigsaw mats are softer than our MMA interlocking mats they are an alternative to our true "judo mats" which are non-interlocking and typically 1m x 2m which also offer a greater degree of impact protection when used on a very unforgiving floor substrate such as the solid concrete surfaces found in leisure centre halls compared to a sprung wooden hall of a dance studio or gymnastic floor.

Tatami Jigsaw Tile Specification

Material : EVA

Dimensions: 100cm x 100cm when interlocked (105cm x 105cm with perimeter straight edge left fitted on all sides)

  • Reversible
  • Double Sided - Double Colour
  • Border Strips Included
  • Water Proof
  • Tough Top Surface - Shoes & Boots are OK
  • Made from EVA High Density Foam
  • Easy to clean and resistant to tearing
  • Wipe clean

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please check all tiles on reciept to ensure correct colour match as colours may vary slightly from batch to batch and we can only arrange replacement if notified immediately and the tiles re-packaged in "as new" condition. NOT  available in store for collection.

GymRatZ MMA Jigsaw Tiles (Firm)

GymRatZ MMA Jigsaw Tiles (Firm)

GymRatZ FIRM MMA Jigsaw Tiles Interlocking Martial Arts Mats are fully reversible and suitable for any commercial martial arts studio or training hall. With a unique anti-slip and boot resistant surface this is the perfect fitness, yoga and martial arts flooring

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GymRatZ Tatami Jigsaw Tiles (Soft)

Great mats

Review submitted on 15th February 2017 by

I run a busy youth club in south london. The mats are used every night - they are strong and durable and used by the young people for dancing and parkour exercises