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Interlocking Premium Gym Mats 1m X 1m (16mm)

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GR-PremiumGymMat-1m2 (ex VAT)

Interlocking Premium Gym Mats 1m X 1m  (16mm)
Heavy Duty Premium Gym Tiles.
Showing interlocking Ramp Edge + Corner and Ramp Edge (sold separately).
Interlocking Premium Gym Mats 1m X 1m  (16mm)
Close-up of these 1m x 1m premium rubber interlocking floor mats.
Heavy Duty Premium Gym Tiles.
Showing interlocking Ramp Edge + Corner and Ramp Edge (sold separately).
Interlocking Premium Gym Mats 1m X 1m  (16mm)

Gym Flooring - BLACK Interlocking Premium Gym Mats (1m x 1m)

We've recently added this larger version of our premium gym tiles that have been by far our best selling gym flooring for the last 25 years.  Our original tiles are 500mm square so 4 tiles per square metre whereas these tiles are 1000mm x 1000mm so just one tile per square metre.

For smaller areas e.g. garages or more complex room areas we'd generally suggest the smaller 500mm sq. tiles as there's more likely to be less wasteage when cutting but for large areas then these 1m x 1m tiles would be a great choice although either will do the same job and cost-wise there's virtually no difference between the two sizes for the same sized area.

Delivery 1/2 working days.

NOTE: These are SUPERIOR Commercial RUBBER MATS not soft foam as sold by many other sites!

There is also an increase in density of the ribbing (grooves) on the underside of these interlocking commercial gym floor tiles which, while not reducing the durability in any way do lead to a greater underfoot comfort also great for floor-work areas

We think your gym members will appreciate the quality of these premium gym floor tiles and you will appreciate the versatility and economy of these super tough interlocking tiles on your commercial gym floor.

It's worth adding that the surface of our Interlocking Premium Gym Flooring Tiles has a very subtle pattern relief making cleaning much easier than some mats which have a very deep grain effect on the surface. Well worth thinking about for heavy wear areas.

Note: these tiles have been supplied by us to the MOD and many other commercial projects on very large scale projects as well as many councils throughout the UK for their gyms and fitness facilities.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Rubber and rubber composite tiles and flooring are, by nature not possible to manufacture to extremely tight tolerances especially on thicker flooring products such as these. After laying this product there may be a variation between adjacent tiles giving rise to slight gaps and sometimes a bit of joint manipulation is required to get the tiles to mate together. In our own experience once laid, these tiles will relax with time (and foot traffic) and any gaps will gradually bed-in becoming less visible. To see these tiles laid please visit our shop at the address detailed (bottom of page) where you can view a fully laid "working" floor.  If a joint-less finish is desired the only way to achieve this is by using our heavy duty flooring rolls which are sized at 1.25m x 10m search for Fitness First Flooring

Premium Gym Mat 1000mm x 1000mm
Premium Gym Tile Ramp Edge (Straight Section) 500mm x 16mm (adds approx. 60mm to tile width)

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