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JMC Olympic Flat bench

JMC Olympic Flat bench
UK manufactured quality Olympic Flat Bench
JMC Olympic Flat bench
Bar holder height adjustment
JMC Olympic Flat bench
JMC Olympic Flat bench
JMC Olympic Flat bench
MADE IN UK for GymRatZ Gym Equipment
UK manufactured quality Olympic Flat Bench
JMC Olympic Flat bench

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JMC Olympic Flat Bench

Excellent Quality UK manufactured Gym Equipment

UK designed and manufacture.

The JMC Olympic flat bench perfect for upper body workout, bench press, bent over dumbell rows, dumbell pull overs, ab crunch

Extremely solid and very well made British design and manufacture olympic weights bench. The fabricators that make this bench are not new kids on the block. They've been making the fully welded commercial gym equipment that we've been lucky enough to sell for the last ten or more years. During the lockdown they've worked to produce an equipment range, to commercial gym standard, at a price point that gets as near as possible to the price of the Chinese imports that usually flood the world market. June the 10th 2020 saw their first two products hit the shelves ready for delivery. January 2021 sees the arrival of the very sturdy, minimum build commercial olympic  flat bench. Our customers love JMC products and with every delivery we receive praise for the quality of the product.

The aim to provide a full-commercial grade Olympic Flat bench (made in UK) for the best price, without compromise to build or material quality. This has been achieved by producing a component based bench using accurate laser cut profiles for hassle free self assembly. Reduced fabrication costs and "flat packed" it can go out via a regular courier rather than on a pallet halving carriage costs. By taking the Henry Ford approach to colours (any colour as long as it's black) components are pre-powdercoated for immediate despatch. You don't have the inconvenience of the wait for fabrication or in 2020/2021 the headache that is imported gym equipment.

This Olympic flat bench is strong and sturdy constructed of high grade steel with a product weight of 60kg, suitable for a commercial gym the JMC bench has a maximum weight capacity of 450kg. Comfortable seat pads with durable, cleanable upholstery. Buy once for a lifetime of use home or commercial gym. 3 Hooks with 5 fixing positions allow height adjustment of the bar stands

Comfortable seat pads with durable, cleanable upholstery.

Also note, to keep the cost as low as possible no tools are included with the bench so you will require an 8mm allen key and a 19mm spanner to assemble the unit.


  3 hook with 5 fixing bar height adjustment

   Neat , comfortable, durable leather look upholstery

• High grade plate and tube steel

• Laser cut profiles for precision manufacturing

• High level of comfort and support

• Maximum weight capacity 450kg

Product weight 60kg

3 Hooks with 5 fixing positions for various height adjustments.

Simple Self Assembly - Manufacture can assemble in 10 minutes so as a one off we'd suggest 15 to 20 minutes. (see below for our first-time unboxing and assembly)

TOOLS REQUIRED: (not included for cost and ecological reasons)

  • 8mm allen/hex key
  • 19mm spanner or socket (or an adjustable spanner) 



This item is delivered flat packed - self build


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York STS Flat Bench

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