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Maximuscle Wrist Supports

Maximuscle Wrist Supports
Seriously top quality heavy duty support for anyone with dodgy wrists.
Seriously top quality heavy duty support for anyone with dodgy wrists.
Maximuscle Wrist Supports

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Maximuscle Wrist Supports

NOTE: No longer available. Please review the near-identical Weighlifting Wrist Supports.

These wrist supports from Maximuscle are heavy duty for serious wrist support but at the same time comfortable in use.

What are Wrist Supports used for?

Wrist supports aren't like lifting straps or weight lifting belts in so much as they are only of any use to anyone with specific wrist problems. However where there is a weakness in the wrist or the user finds it very difficult to lift with wrists in a straight line from hand through forearm then heavy duty wrist supports like these from Maximuscle can be the difference between pain free lifting and potentially injury causing lifts.

So how do elasticated wrist supports work?

Unlike the kind of wrist supports you may get from a general sports shop, these Maximuscle wrist supports are much heavier duty and virtually immobilize the wrist forcing the wrist into the correct position for pain and injury free lifting.

They are a little like the knee straps we sell. They are tough and tight and not intended to be worn all day, they should only be used for such exercises as bench press and shoulder press, and should  be removed or loosened after each set.

How do I use heavy duty wrist supports ?

Each support has a thumb loop which serves to lock down the loose end of the elasticated strap when being stretched tight while  wrapping. The Thumb loop also prevents the wrist support sliding down the wrist in use which would reduce the actual support given. Once stretched and wrapped the end of the strap is secured with Velcro (hook and loop) which keeps the support under tension.

GymRatZ Review: Maximuscle wrist supports

These heavy duty elasticated wrist supports are fantastic. Fortunately myself or Matt have wrist problems which would require additional support, but the feedback from shop customers is always more than favourable. Quite often we find builders and manual labourers pop in for a pair for when their wrists are playing up, however one of our customers who is a plasterer by trade eventually gave in to our advice on preventing or at least reducing wrist pain when doing dumbell press (caused by lifting with wrists/hands pointing backwards) and his next trip to the shop was accompanied with nothing but glowing praise for the wrist supports. 

By being heavy duty they force your wrists into a more upright position thereby changing and correcting a poor lifting technique for the better.

Maximuscle wrist supports are another brilliant 10 out of 10 rated accessory (if you have crap wrists or form)  ;¬)

What Maximuscle say about their wrist supports :

"heavy duty elasticated wrist supports"

"Excellent for after injury, keeping sore, painful or clicking wrists in check or to prevent injury when doing heavy bench press, over head press and other weight lifting movements. They're also great as a quick wrap underneath boxing gloves. Medical grade elastic and washable, with a thumb loop to keep the wrist support in place."

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