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GymRatZ Power Rack Reverse Hyper Extension

GymRatZ Power Rack Reverse Hyper Extension
Note: legs are attached to pendulum via webbing ankle loop/strap
GymRatZ Power Rack Reverse Hyper Extension
Image shown for representation purposes only. Design does not feature rollers. Please see other image and product description for details.
Note: legs are attached to pendulum via webbing ankle loop/strap
GymRatZ Power Rack Reverse Hyper Extension

GymRatZ Power Rack Reverse Hyper Extension

If bullet proof strong glutes and hamstrings is what you desire; power rack reverse hyper extension is a completely neccessary product to have. Reverse hyper extension training is a unique way to strengthen lower back and lower body muscles fully.

Our Power-Rack Reverse Hyper bench is a great way of adding a new training station to your power-rack without taking up any more space. Perfect for the home gym where space is typically at a premium and having cost effective solutions to additional trainng devices is very important.

Using this reverse hyper extension with other brands of Power-Rack:

Although this unit is designed for use with our GymRatZ Power Rack the holes through which one side is attached via the power rack safety rods are 30mm so it's pretty much universal for any rack that has safety rods of 30mm diameter or less.


Product Highlights;

  • Reverse hyper extension training is a great way to give variety to you lower body training programme.
  • Can be fitted flat or at an angle which gives users the option of increasing the tension in the lower position.
  • Once loaded up with weight and fitted to a rack it provides a sturdy and safe base to exercise the lower body fully.
  • Our Power Rack reverse hyper extension is quick and easy to use due to strong webbings that adjusts automatically to suit various leg lengths.
  • It allows isolation of the hip extension which gives an all round more efficient workout.

Colour Options:
With a huge range of off-the-shelf colour options as standard we're sure you'll find just the right combination of frame, upholstry (and stitching) to match your gym colour scheme. We do think that stitching to match the frame colour is quite exceptional though and one of our favourite combinations is Orange frame, Black Upholstry and Orange stitching.

Colours Available: Please mark your choices in the additional comments box when ordering.
  • FRAME: Black, Gun Metal*, Clear Coat, Rhino Grey, WG Red, Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, White
  • UPHOLSTRY: Black, Grey, WG Red, Bright Red, Orange, Blue, Mulberry, Cappuccino, Green, Yellow.
  • STITCHING: Black, Dark Grey, Grey, Bright Red, Orange, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Fawn, Green, Yellow, White.
* "Gun Metal" isn't a precise colour. The gun metal powder coat we use is almost black. rather than any sort of grey. If you're considering this colour option we have images we can send before you decide.

In summary, the Power Rack Reverse Hyper Extension is a great product for those of you who like to vary training programmes. If used in the correct way, it will make some monumental improvements to your lower body and lower back.



GymRatZ Deluxe Reverse Hyper Extension

GymRatZ Deluxe Reverse Hyper Extension

The improvements of the Deluxe version of the Reverse Hyper Extension Bench, over our regular version can be seen in the video. The more elite environments favouring specialist equipment such as Glute Ham Bench, GRowler, Power Runner, Iso Machine's etc. have opted for the superb beefed up....

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