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UK Premium Solid Steel Dumbbells (Pair)

UK Premium Solid Steel Dumbbells (Pair)
UK Premium Solid Steel Dumbbells (Pair)
Buy the best - Buy British - Stainless Steel Dumbbells made in the UK and sold to premium gyms worldwide.
UK Premium Solid Steel Dumbbells (Pair)
UK Premium Solid Steel Dumbbells (Pair)
UK Premium Solid Steel Dumbbells (Pair)
UK Premium Solid Steel Dumbbells (Pair)

Premium Stainless Steel Dumbbells (Pair)

Designed and manufactured in the UK

Premium Stainless Steel dumbbells designed and manufactured in the UK . This range is available in pairs 2.5kg - 150kg (2.5kg increments as standard but other increments can be specified e.g. 2kg steps ) 


  • Available with traditional fixed 35mm diameter handles or rotating 50mm handles.
  • Made from high grade stainless steel
  • Custom end plates availabel*
  • Matching dumbbell racks avaialble 


These dumbbells are world renowned. Manufactured in the UK by the same company that's been making our heavy duty GymRatZ Gym Equipment for the last 2.5 decades!  Originally all sales were kept in-house due to cost of manufacturing and huge global demand, but more recently supply has been opened up to ourselves as production and manufacturing facillities have expanded.

The origins of these dumbbells go back to the manufacturers partnership with the late Charles Poliquin who was a great advocate of "thick grip" training which is why these dumbbells are available in both 50mm rotating and a more traditional 35mm fixed handle offering.

These dumbbells sets have found their place in some of the most prestigious gyms and fitness facillities around the world for good reason; when your clientelle represent the pinnacle of strength, fitness, and sporting achievement your equipment needs to match.

One of the most visible items in any gym, typically taking up pride of place along an entire wall, your dumbbells say everything about your gym and attention to providing the very best equipment on the market for gym members that will appreciate the tools of training that are being provided.

First impressions count and a set of premium quality dumbbells uniquely branded with your gym/club logo will ensure potential clients leave with a lasting memory, and existing clients KNOW that "penny-pinching" isn't any part of your business ethics.

*(Custom end plate logo provided free on orders over £1000 plus V.A.T.)

Racks will be quoted depending on number of dumbbells in the set.

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