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WATERROWER Laptop Stand Oxbridge (Cherry)

WATERROWER Laptop Stand Oxbridge (Cherry)
Cherrywood Laptop Stand for WATERROWER Oxbridge (colours may vary)
WATERROWER Laptop Stand Oxbridge (Cherry)
WATERROWER Ash Laptop stand demonstrating laptop position.
WATERROWER Laptop Stand Oxbridge (Cherry)
Ash Laptop stand demonstrating I-pad position.
WATERROWER Laptop Stand Oxbridge (Cherry)
Image showing Laptop stand raised to give perfect eye alignment durng rowing
WATERROWER Laptop Stand Oxbridge (Cherry)
Alternative Image showing I-Pad/Tablet located in central groove.
Cherrywood Laptop Stand for WATERROWER Oxbridge (colours may vary)
WATERROWER Laptop Stand Oxbridge (Cherry)

Laptop Stand For The Cherrywood WATERROWER Oxbridge

The unique stand which will fit your sleek laptop or tablet directly to your WATERROWER for competing in online racing such as (WE-ROW) If it ever becomes available again or NETATHLON (Which must be purchased directly from or if you just wish to kick back and watch a flim or show while you row for example "True Blue" from 1996  :)

WaterCoach F.I.T. is a free version of software from WATERROWER that gives feedback on your rowing displayed on the PC.

Details of the WaterCoach F.I.T are as follows: (NOTE: these details may have changed since writing, please check software providers website for further information)

WATERROWER's new software, WaterCoach F.I.T. (Fitness Interval Training) allows you to customize your own workout or challenge yourself to a preset workout from one of our qualified rowing coaches. Currently in beta, we are offering the software to you in a "pre-release" form so that you can be part of the development and share optional feedback along the way.

With WaterCoach F.I.T., you can create workouts that span one or more intervals of intensity. Intervals can be over a span of time, a distance, or a certain number of strokes. You can set your target intensity to be measured as stroke rate, heart rate or speed. Customize your workout for your fitness needs.

Get instant feedback as you work out with an intuitive interface that rates your performance graphically. Know instantly during your workout if you're meeting your goals and performing at optimum levels. When you finish, you can view the entire workout stroke by stroke and save it to view later.

Have a weekly routine? F.I.T. will keep track of workouts you've completed. Instantly bring up past workout settings to get up and rowing sooner.

Our coaches will prompt you with new and exciting workouts for you to try.

Join the Beta Program and become part of the development. Your feedback will help give you, our valued customers a total fitness solution. Updates to F.I.T. are free of charge.

The Netathlon : (Not included with this product or for sale on this site)

The Netathlon software provides a Virtual Reality rowing course on which you can row against other people over the internet or over a network. Alternatively you can record a session and train against it at a later date. There are various different courses, the virtual reality graphics are cutting edge.


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