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York Flex Bench (SILVER GREY)

Stock of this item has now been exhausted and we don't believe York are currently planning on bringing it back into the UK.

This product is currently unavailable to order.

York Flex Bench (SILVER GREY)
Limited Stock - CLEARANCE of Australian spec. Grey FTS Flex Bench
York Flex Bench (SILVER GREY)
York Barbell Adjustable bench incline with front seat pad tilted
York Flex Bench (SILVER GREY)
York FTS Flex Bench with leg hold-down and back up for shoulder press etc
York Flex Bench (SILVER GREY)
Closer view of the "flip-block" simple and secure seat adjustment
York Flex Bench (SILVER GREY)
Flex bench shown with optional preacher curl attachment
Limited Stock - CLEARANCE of Australian spec. Grey FTS Flex Bench
York Flex Bench (SILVER GREY)

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York FTS Flex Bench

GymRatZ Review of the York FTS Flex Bench:


The FTS Flex Bench makes improvements, over York's FTS Flat to Incline Bench, by offering a decline position (30 degrees) and a carry arm at the front with wheels on the back for easy manoeuvrability.

The seat pads are well made but what sets them aside from all the equivalent products is the attention to detail and design; two areas in which this is evident is the taperered foam at the base of the back seat pad which might not seem much but it enables the gap between the back pad and the seat pad to be significantly smaller in the flat position as the tapered pad means when the seat is in the upright position the pad doesn't jamb against the seat lower pad but it slides bown behind it. The gap issue has been mentioned on numerous occasions by customers that have purchased the Bodysolid adjustable benches several of whom ended up returning then to purchase this bench instead.

The other notable point is the rounded (contoured) leading edge on the seat pad gives not only a re-enforced and additionally padded area behind your knees but takes away the requirement of having additional rollers as found on other benches.

What else makes this bench rock?  Well, not very clear from the pictures but very worthy of mention is the way the front seat pad is set either in the regular flat position as would be used for bench press or tilted back for incline press positions. The extremely simple but incredibly reliable flip-up steel block that when flipped into position means the lower seat pad is set at just the right angle for incline dumbbell and barbell work.

Other benches use a "pop-pin" that locates into a small hole which over the years we've seen these wear out and bend occasionaly giving rise to the seat pad dropping down during use; this absolutely can't happen with the York bench no matter how much load it's under.

Add to all this, the bench comes with the leg "hold down" attachment as standard which can be used for decline work or removed if not required and the bench can also be fitted with the optional leg developer attachement and Preacher Curl Pad for a small additional cost making for a very versatile and great quality bench.

Here's what York have to say about their FTS Flex Bench:

The York FTS Flex Bench has a 6 position 0-90 degree incline using the same "cupping" system as used on the York FTS Flex Bench, but has the added advantage of 30 degree posistion with a leg brace for support. Built-in impact resistant wheels to the rear and a front mounted grab handle make for easy transportation around the gym.

Technical facts about the York FTS Flex Bench

  • Upholstery is 50mm thick, high density foam, mounted on to 15mm plywood back.
  • Made with 2" x 2" formed bent steel tubing
  • 164cm L, 64cm W, 48cm H (38.6kg)
  • The York FTS Flex Bench is rated for light-commercial use by York Barbell
  • Accepts Leg Developer attachment (48009) and Preacher Curl attachment (48008)sold separately

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