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GymRatZ Animal Vertical Leg Press

GymRatZ Animal Vertical Leg Press
Animal Vertical Leg Press - Udated, Uprated and the best on the market
GymRatZ Animal Vertical Leg Press
Animal Vertical Leg Press shown in a working gym environment
GymRatZ Animal Vertical Leg Press
NEW Animal Vertical Leg Press Adjustable Foot-Plate
GymRatZ Animal Vertical Leg Press
NEW Animal Vertical Leg Press with Adjustable Shoulder Pads
GymRatZ Animal Vertical Leg Press
Animal Vertical Leg Press - Udated, Uprated and the best on the market
GymRatZ Animal Vertical Leg Press

GymRatZ Animal Vertical Leg Press

Heavy Duty Animal Vertical Leg Press details:

Our original GymRatZ Vertical Leg Press which followed the traditional vertical leg press design has been re-engineered to create a new version that follows the rest of the ANIMAL range. Design modifications and enhancements were made thanks to the amazing knowledge, feedback and advice from IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski.

Not only is it an incredibly heavy duty, easy to load super smooth machine but it also has the benefit of a fully angle adjustable foot plate as well as a fully angle adjustable back rest. These features allow you to set up the machine precisely to  target your quads/hamstrings/glutes exactly the way you want.

Another feature not found on our original (still available) GymRatZ vertical leg press is adjustable shoulder pads. This adds an additional degree of immobility allowing the user to focus even more intensely on the specific muscles being targeted, it also means that you can use your hands on your thighs/knees when reaching the end of a set to finish with a few assisted reps for that final toasting.

Dimensions of our GymRatZ Animal Vertical Leg Press 2250mm (H) X 1660mm (W) X 1450mm (D)

Lock-Outs: This vertical press has 3 lock-out points which provides enough variation for most heights (and leg length) of user.

Adjustable Safety Stops: With safety stops able to be set at 4 positions using the adjustable footplate for an inverted Donkey Calf Raise is also a posibillity.

If you need convincing a little more about our Animal Vertical Leg Press read on:

  • Less loading weight required
  • Less floor space needed (both length and width)
  • The very best bearings available which just get beter and better with age!
  • Colour coded to match your existing gym equipment
  • Makes your gym that little bit more special than any other gyms in the area
  • Upholstry can feature your own custom logo providing a suitable high-res. image is supplied.


All GymRatZ Gym Equipment comes as standard with white, silver, or black frame. Other colours are available (please see full list below). All GymRatZ Gym Equipment is made to order and subsequently each order regarded as a special order. This means that lead times may vary.

Colour Options:
With a huge range of off-the-shelf colour options as standard we're sure you'll find just the right combination of frame, upholstry (and stitching) to match your gym colour scheme. We do think that stitching to match the frame colour is quite exceptional though and one of our favourite combinations is Orange frame, Black Upholstry and Orange stitching.

Colours Available: Please mark your choices in the additional comments box when ordering.
  • FRAME: Black, Gun Metal*, Clear Coat, Rhino Grey, WG Red, Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, White
  • UPHOLSTRY: Black, Grey, WG Red, Bright Red, Orange, Blue, Mulberry, Cappuccino, Green, Yellow.
  • STITCHING: Black, Dark Grey, Grey, Bright Red, Orange, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Fawn, Green, Yellow, White.
* "Gun Metal" isn't a precise colour. The gun metal powder coat we use is almost black. rather than any sort of grey. If you're considering this colour option we have images we can send before you decide.

Typical Lead Time for Commercial "Made to order" items is around 4 to 5 weeks average depending on seasonal fluctuations please call or drop us a line to check current lead times if time is critical.

Please also note that all our GymRatZ commercial gym equipment is custom made to order and as such once manufacture has started the order can not be cancelled and refunds can not be given however manufacture rarely starts immediately so there's usually plenty of breathing space.


Page Copyright GymRatZ Commercial Gym Equipment 1999

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GymRatZ Vertical Leg Press

GymRatZ Vertical Leg Press

This is one beauty of a beast. The vertical leg press is a cracking exercise, not just for regular leg pressing but great for inverted calf "donkey" raises. With the highest grade and super-smooth Thompson Linear Bearings our Vertical Leg press just gets smoother and smoother as the years go by....

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