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GymRatZ Vertical Leg Press

GymRatZ Vertical Leg Press
Vertical Leg Press made for Trojan Fitness gym. 4 x Storage Posts and logo'd wear band are optional extras.
GymRatZ Vertical Leg Press
Loaded Vertical Leg Press shown with silver frame and blue upholstery. Olympic weights sold separately.
GymRatZ Vertical Leg Press
GymRatZ Vertical Leg Press - Our favourite Black/Orange colour combo.
GymRatZ Vertical Leg Press
GymRatZ Vertical Leg Press - Lock-out handles
GymRatZ Vertical Leg Press
GymRatZ Vertical Leg Press - showing leg-press lock-offs
GymRatZ Vertical Leg Press
GymRatZ Commercvial Vertical Leg Press - Nothing else comes close
Vertical Leg Press made for Trojan Fitness gym. 4 x Storage Posts and logo'd wear band are optional extras.
GymRatZ Vertical Leg Press

GymRatZ Vertical Leg Press

Heavy Duty Commercial Vertical Leg Press details:

I have always incorporated the vertical leg press into my leg workout sessions, one reason being the uniqueness of the beast and the different feel afforded compared to the traditional 45 degree leg press found in virtually every free weight gym I have ever had he pleasure to train in.

Another reason the vertical leg press scores points is it's smaller footprint and because there is none of the mechanical advantage in the lift that you get on a 45 degree leg press; that is to say that for every inch you press the weight upwards you increase the potential energy of the weight by a direct amount whereas if you are pressing the same weight on a 45 degree leg press you are lifting with a 2:1 advantage because for every inch you press, the weight only increases it's potential energy by 1/2" ....... or to put it another way.... you need half as much weight on the vertical leg press as you do on the 45 degree leg press.

(Well, that's how I understand the physics at least)

Dimensions of our GymRatZ Vertical Leg Press 1400 X 1200 X 1800mm
Lock-Outs: Like our 45 degree leg press this vertical press has 2 lock-out points which provides enough variation for most heights (and leg length) of user.

If you need convincing a little more about our Vertical Leg Press read on:

  • Less loading weight required
  • Less floor space needed (both length and width)
  • The very best bearings available which just get beter and better with age!
  • Colour coded to match your existing gym equipment
  • Makes your gym that little bit more special than any other gyms in the area.


All GymRatZ Gym Equipment comes as standard with white, silver, or black frame. Other colours are available (please see full list below). All GymRatZ Gym Equipment is made to order and subsequently each order regarded as a special order. This means that lead times may vary.

Colour Options:
With a huge range of off-the-shelf colour options as standard we're sure you'll find just the right combination of frame, upholstry (and stitching) to match your gym colour scheme. We do think that stitching to match the frame colour is quite exceptional though and one of our favourite combinations is Orange frame, Black Upholstry and Orange stitching.

Colours Available: Please mark your choices in the additional comments box when ordering.
  • FRAME: Black, Gun Metal*, Clear Coat, Rhino Grey, WG Red, Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, White
  • UPHOLSTRY: Black, Grey, WG Red, Bright Red, Orange, Blue, Mulberry, Cappuccino, Green, Yellow.
  • STITCHING: Black, Dark Grey, Grey, Bright Red, Orange, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Fawn, Green, Yellow, White.
* "Gun Metal" isn't a precise colour. The gun metal powder coat we use is almost black. rather than any sort of grey. If you're considering this colour option we have images we can send before you decide.

Typical Lead Time for Commercial "Made to order" items is around 4 to 5 weeks average depending on seasonal fluctuations.

Please also note that all our GymRatZ commercial gym equipment is custom made to order and as such once manufacture has started the order can not be cancelled and refunds can not be given. Lead times will vary depending on the workload of our elite ninja fabricators and their bezzie-mates at the powder coaters. Sometimes they get stuff made really quickly by manipulating time!!

Still not convinced? what about....... "THE VERTICAL LEG PRESS IS AWESOME" ?


Page Copyright GymRatZ Commercial Gym Equipment 1999

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GymRatZ Animal Vertical Leg Press

GymRatZ Animal Vertical Leg Press

New addition to our Animal range is this UPDATED vertical leg press. Based on our original traditional vertical leg-press this ANIMAL version features adjustable foot-plate, back pad and shoulder pads to enable the user to set the machine up precisely to meet their requirements...

Further information »


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1 Reviews
GymRatZ Vertical Leg Press

Vertical Leg Press awesomeness

Review submitted on 5th March 2014 by

Having made this vertical leg press for a local gym I can tell you if you haven't used such a beast before you are missing out on a trick.
Extremely comfortable, Great range of movement and plate loaded makes an excellent alternative to the more traditional 45 degree leg press you find in most (decent) gyms.