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Product Reviews for WATERROWER

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Natural WaterRower

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

All arrived on time - easy to set up and use. No Complaints. Thanks.

built to last

WATERROWER S1 (Stainless Steel)

I had the wooden water rower which was also great, decided to upgrade and its more than great, does the same job as the wooden version, I feel better leaving it in the upright position, fits in perfectly with the rest of my equipment and does the job that the manufactures proclaim it does. Pete did a great job in getting is sent to Dubai also reducing the cost by quite a bit ! Thanks.

Water rower

WATERROWER Club (Ash - Stained Black)

Recently received my WaterRower Club (Black Ash) rowing machine , service advice and delivery have been first rate. Easy to assemble and takes up very little room when stored upright. As I am now retired and approaching 70 I needed some form of exercise that didn't put too much stress on my joints but also gave me a good workout.. This machine fits the bill perfectly. Thanks again to Gymratz for help and advice.

Excellent Rower

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

The WaterRower is well reviewed elsewhere but I will add mine to the long list if only to confirm this is an expensive but quality piece of engineering that will obviously last a lifetime. The rower is easy to assemble and arrives in 2 boxes. I had it up and running in 20mins. The action of the rower is smooth and responds well to pressure - if you shut your eyes it really feels like rowing a real boat! Also as mentioned on other reviews the noise it makes is really nice - sort of a sloshing noise that is actually atmospheric. All I need is 1-2kms a day before my shower and I am all set. My only quibbles - and they are small - is that the foot straps and rests are not very effective and I find that they rub or come loose too easily - I will most likely change them at some point. The only other point is that as a very "broad" person the spacing of the feet and width of the hand bar is very slightly too narrow. But to be honest these are extreme quibbles. All in all an excellent buy from a great supplier.

A1 Product

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

Firstly I'm no Gym addict, I bought the Rower because I work shifts and have a young family and although I enjoy the gym cant I find I cant always get there. I've used a concept but decided that it was just to big to keep in the house and didnt want to leave a £900+ piece of equipment in the garage. After lots of research I decide on a WaterRower and boy did I make the right choice!! Firstly it looks great I keep it in the dining room as upright it takes up hardly room. Secondly it gives me a great workout, Ive had it almost a month and I'm up to 7000mtrs 4 times a week and feel so much better. Plus Gymratz gave me great advice when I bought the machine. All in all great machine and great service!

Smooth action

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

Bought this for cardiac rehab following a heart attack and having been to a physio programme, ihave to say is much better than some other equipment, working all the major muscle groups without impact in addition to the cardiovascular workout. Looks good in a home setting, much better than a big lump of industrial looking metal and plastic. Has a good smooth, flowing action and is definitely a quality piece of kit. Very nice aesthetics and very smooth motion, very therapeutic to use and is very well engineered. Was simple to build and is very sturdy. Absolutely delighted with my natural ash water rower.

Great product and service

WATERROWER Classic (Walnut)

I ordered a classic Waterrower in early January, unfortunately Waterrower were out of stock. Gymrats contacted me within a few hours to let me know of its expected arrival date and offer alternatives. I decided to wait for the classic to come back into stock. I am now the proud owner of a fantastic rower, it even arrived earlier than I expected. The communication was excellent and delivery company were first class. An excellent product and I would highly recommend Gymratz too.

Same price as John Lewis but free heart rate kit

WATERROWER Oxbridge (Cherry)

I recently purchased a Waterrower Oxbridge from Gym Ratz after visiting John Lewis and finding Gym Ratz offered the same price and warranty along with next day delivery and the added incentive of a genuine water rower heart rate receiver box and chest strap (which I was going to buy anyway).
When I spoke to the staff at Gym Ratz I found them very honest and full of helpful information and advice without trying to pressure me into a sale.
I am delighted with my rower and the extras that came with it making my purchase so much better value.
Thank you
J. Samson

Best bit of kit I've bought in years

WATERROWER Classic (Walnut)

I got the classic waterrower in walnut from Gymratz I'll split the review into 2 the rower and the sales service.
The rower is beautiful and in the black walnut even more so although the extra £200 is really a luxury (hence 9.5 not 10) the Ash version will work just as well. This is an investment piece at the price but I know friends who have had these for years and use them daily with no faults and very little maintenance (chlorine tablet every 6 months and a clean when needed). In use its fantastic, deceptively hard workout all over, quiet and in fact quite soothing water sound a really elegant and effective product I look forward to using for years. Added to that it looks great stood up out of the way in my living room next to my wooden cabinets.
Now onto the sales and service this is a full 10 for Gymratz. One call to ask about availability and also to ask to have the internal rather than external HR monitor, 5 minutes on the website placing the order and within 36hrs it had arrived with the HR sensor already fitted and at a massive discount against every other store on the package including the HR monitor and £5 starter pack plus the online discount I saved about £150 on a product that had 0 discounts anywhere else! Absolutely fantastic sales I wish all companies were as good.

Excellent home rower

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

Have wanted one of these for a few years since using a Concept 2 in the gym and discovering I liked rowing. The build quality, functionality and look of the WaterRower are top class. And the sound is great. Best deal around to get the heart monitor included and mat at small extra cost.

WaterRower Natural.

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

Excellent !! not sure why some reviews are commenting on difficulties with putting the machine together, it took 20 mins tops.

Great product, great service from GymRatZ

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

My WaterRower just arrived. The product build quality is fantastic, and looks every bit as good as I hoped. I especially want to thank GymRatZ for all their helpful advice, for organising delivery to France and for answering all my emails so promptly and efficiently. Thanks GymRatz !!!

Brilliant Rower

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

This is a great rower for home use. Like many people looking for a quality rowing machine we were choosing between the Concept 2 and water rower. The water rower is shorter than the Concept 2, better looking, and much quieter in use. The sound of the water sloshing around is relaxing.

Brilliant, wish we'd got one sooner.

Fantastic Rowing Machine

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

I bought my Waterrower after searching the internet for something which was great quality, but not overpriced. I also wanted to be able to chat to someone about my potential purchase without being given all the sales talk.

I am very happy to say that GymRatz gave me great advice without being pushy & the rower is better than I had expected. It is beautifully made and looks fantastic...better than any metal rower could. Very happy all round.

Excellent addition to my Waterrower

WATERROWER Dual Density Seat Pad

Really good product, promptly delivered by Gymratz - thank you!

Amazing product and Amazing Service

WATERROWER Club (Ash - Stained Black)

Purchased the WaterRower Club model and it is a serious bit of kit. Smooth and relaxing whoosh with each stroke, and really well put together.
Gymratz were fantastic with there service and have found my go to place for fitness equipment and advice..........Cannot recommend both highly enough

Just as advertised.

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

I am hopelessly out of condition (especially in the back/upper legs) and at first I could not even sit on it with my feet up. However after a week I am up to about ten minutes easy rowing before cramp sets in.if I continue at this rate I shall be averagely fit in about two months! The machine asks more of you the more you want it to.

Great service, great rower

WATERROWER Oxbridge (Cherry)

I'm sure plenty has been said about the Waterrower anyway. Its a lovely piece of kit, great design and stands up out of the way.

Best however, was GymRatz service - I telephoned to check order details and had a very useful conversation. The order was then fulfilled directly by WaterRower, and speaking with them to confirm delivery time was also a pleasure.

Certainly recommend ordering with confidence through GymRatz.

DF, London.

The best rower you can buy.

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

My new WaterRower is not only beautiful piece of equipment, it is a wonderful way to get fit. Iam a new keep fit person of 60. I have started slowly and increased my fittness quickly with the WaterRower. The swishing of water is very relaxing and Spurs you on. I just love it.

Wonderful Waterrower

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

I first bought a Water rower in 1996 and it was very well used and still worked perfectly but after 18 years it was looking a little shabby so I sold it and treated my self to a new one. The foot strap in system is the best new feature and I also really like the built in heart rate monitor.
Being as it's so tried and tested I confident this one will last me the rest ofy life.
Buying from gymratz is a great deal as the accesery kit is £125 if ordered from water rower but if you pay gymratz by debit card you save £25 and get the accessorY's for £5. And it's still sent from waterrower next day.
It's beautiful looks great in the living room and the only exercise equipment I need in our house, my Son loves using it as well.
If you're comparing to a concept rower found in most gym's this one is far superior in build quality and using it is much smoother and if you tall it has a much longer reach.
I'm sure everyone who enjoys keeping them self fit will not be disappointed if you buy one of these wonderful machines that looks like a beautiful peace of furniture.


WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

After reading many online reviews we settled on a WaterRower as the closest simulation to the real thing, whilst still providing the workout required.
The gentle sloshing of the 'oars' in the water is very natural and therapeutic. As such the workout is quite deceptive, until you stop that is to find legs and arms are numb!
The build quality is also excellent, justifying the price tag.
Before placing my order online I only had one question, which Matt at GymRatz answered along with some more helpful information. Having placed my order online I received an email explaining I would receive a call from a named person re delivery. This call was received by said person at the time stated, and the WaterRower arrived the next day. This was great as there are many examples where the front end is let down by the central supplier.
Everyone who sees the WaterRower says "Wow" and has to have a go. Also my belly is shrinking before(!) Christmas, which was the objective.
Thanks GymRatz; your great website, the fact you have a shop, and service sold it.
Overall an easy 10/10.

Exceptional Purchase

WATERROWER Xeno Muller Signature Edition

Really have to say that I am extremely happy with my WaterRower, without doubt a great addition to my home gym. Also I would like to thank GymRatz for a fantastic deal and first rate service. Brilliant!

exceeded expectations

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

You have reached this review and will therefore need no introduction to the Waterrower as a product. I am absolutely delighted with it, the aesthetics, the build quality, and the performance. In use, the sound of the water just urges you on to keep going, and after a good months of use, my performance [distance in a given time] has improved by around 30%.

It would be difficult to suggest any improvements to the product. whilst some reviews score it lower than the Concept 2 with regards to the computer, I find it more than sufficient for my use.


WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

After exhaustive research into rowing machines I settled on this one. So glad I did. It's a delight to use and looks/sounds great. Water resistance action extremely effective and the build quality is second to none.

Kudos also to GymRatZ who effortlessly handled the order and delivered within 48 hrs to Scotland.

Thank you.

Outstanding - fantastic piece of kit

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

I spent quite a bit of time researching rowing machine options and the Water Rower came out top. I wanted something to supplement my exercise regime - usually cycling/walking - that I could use all year round.
It has a smooth action - and does sound like you are rowing through water. Solidly built and easily assembled, it fits nicely into my conservatory and takes up an unobtrusive vertical position when not in use.
I have used it every day before breakfast and feel so much better. The instrumentation is intuitive and easily read from the rowing position. The accompanying video gives good instructions but I have yet to use the heart monitor. The deal from Gymratz was the best around. Delivery was very prompt.

Don't be daunted by the assembly requirement!

WATERROWER Classic (Walnut)

I ordered this model due to previous experience at gyms and it needed to look good at home. My only concern was my ability to put everything together. There was absolutely no problem! The quality of construction and materials meant that everything aligned with minimal adjustment and the instructions are very clear and understandable. Just take it one step at a time and even someone with minimal practical skills, i.e. me can, can assemble this beautiful piece of kit. Very happy bunny!

Product as expected and great service

WATERROWER Footboard Upgrade

I don;t normally do reviews but....Upgrading footboard on an old water-rower, new product all fine, but service from the team at GymRatz was fantastic, from checking the rower model number which meant I needed a custom upgrade, to arranging to get my original foot-board sent in to waterrower to be upgraded, then following through making sure it came back to me. I couldn't ask for more attentive and knowledgeable service - thank you!

Great Product

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

This is a great product, if a little expensive. I do 40 reps slow, 20 reps as fast as I can and so on for 20 minutes. The Heart Rate Monitor is good too, altho' it does seem to interfere with the closing down of the display.

absolutely fantastic service & lovely machine

WATERROWER Oxbridge (Cherry)

By far & away the best customer service I've come across - the rower was cheaper than a lot of other shops were selling it for, plus there were lots of extras & free delivery & we couldn't believe it was in our living room 23hrs after we placed our order! The staff are exceptionally polite & the rower is quick & easy to assemble as well as being beautiful (as far as exercise equipment goes!), well made & fantastic to use. The noise of the water as you row is great. Very happy customer, thank you!

Fantastic machine

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

I am thrilled with my waterpower, it really is an excellent piece of equipment. Really well built and very easy to put together (it took me about 20 minutes and the only slightly fiddly bit was fitting to foot plate, the rest of it was very very easy).

I love the fact that it is so quiet when in use, just your thoughts and the background sound of sloshing water. I use a concept 2 at the gym and for me I much prefer the peace of the waterrower and the band mechanism over the noisy fan and metal chain system on the concept rower.

If you are thinking that this is probably the right machine for you, then you are right, it will be. High quality, great to use and built to last.


WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

Brilliant ! Thought about getting one of these for ages , now I've got it wish Id got it sooner , better than any rower I've ever used in a gym. So well made and smooth to use , the build quality is outstanding it should last for ever. Get one , you wont be disappointed !

Quality piece of equipment

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

I am very pleased with my new rower. I have been thinking of getting one for many years and have finally taken the plunge. This is definitely a quality piece of gym equipment. It has a nice action and I am looking forward to using it for many years to come

Waterrower ant+ external

WATERROWER Heart Rate Receiver (Series IV Monitor) ANT+

Worked perfectly straight out the box and a big difference to workouts.
Fantastic customer service!

Essential for wide shoulders


Quite expensive for optional extra opposed to just giving you the choice of 15" or 17" as standard

Good deal


Matt good quality, kit bit expensive and wouldn't have bought if GymRatz hadnt gave me good deal.

Great product

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

Great machine, hard to find fault but if pushed I feel they could perhaps give you free option of 17" handle as standard

Waterrower Club

WATERROWER Club (Ash - Stained Black)

An excellent piece of fitness equipment which is actually relaxing to use, but you feel it's working when you finish your stint on it. Like the idea of linking the computer to the machine. Not having big rooms, it blends in well and stands against the wall if needed, taking little space! Easy enough to put together. You certainly get your moneys worth. Having looked at all sorts of rowers this to me wins. Many thanks to the guys at Gymratz who dont come with the hardsell but factual friendly service.

The finest rowing machine I've used

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

Having had a Series III WaterRower and now the Series IV Water Rower at home I can only say I still look forward to hopping on and pulling off 8Km. The design is timeless and being able to store by simply standing on it's end is fantastic. By far the best bit of fitness equipment ever created.

Superb product & service

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

All went to plan, as advertised and I've already knocked 10% of my best km time, in just 5 days. Machine is top quality and easy to build though I had a hiccup with the belts and pulleys. Soon fixed by reference to the manufacturers website where I found all I wanted to know in the "replace clutch" document.

Looking fwd to using which is has been in maintenance mode - but now looks to be sorted.

Yippee !

Excellent product

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

I bought a WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine a couple of weeks ago and am delighted with my purchase. The product arrived a few days after it was ordered, at a date of my choosing. It was easy to put together and comes with a useful DVD which details correct rowing technique as well as warm-up/cool-down routines and a rowing work out. In addition, the WaterRower website is comprehensive and offers lots of extra information and further workout routines.The WaterRower is unlike any gym equipment I've seen before; it is very aesthetic and does not look out of place in a living room. The sound of water is an added bonus and enhances the whole rowing experience.Furthermore, I was very impressed with GymRatz and the personal service and competitive price they offered. I have already recommended them to a relative who has now also just purchased a WaterRower from this company.

Smooth action, smooth transaction

WATERROWER Oxbridge (Cherry)

Gymratz are clearly a very professional retailer, and customer service has been consistently good whether by phone or email. They seem to have a symbiotic relationship going with the WaterRower UK distributor, and the whole thing went without a hitch.

As for the product, the whole family is instantly hooked. It’s already part of the furniture (literally). Relatively straightforward to assemble, robust, and comfortable in use, even during more extreme high intensity sessions. I’m confident it’ll see many years of regular use. If you’re thinking of buying one, do it here. You won’t regret it!

Excellent product and service

WATERROWER Laptop Stand Walnut Classic

The laptop stand is a good match for colour and grain pattern of the American walnut used in the manufacture of the classic waterrower. It was straightforward to put together, the Alan key on the water rower fits but a second key is required and not included, which could be helpful. The instructions are comprehensive although allied information on other products is in German, a shame as we are designing a home gymnasium. The stand can be varied in position nearer and further. A rest rather than a recess on the bottom edge would stop the laptop slipping but overall a good product. Well satisfied

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