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WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

You Save: £50.00 - 4% Discount RRP Price: £1,149.00
Special Price: £1,099.00

WR-natural (incl VAT)

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)
Natural WATERROWER made from Ash Wood with honey-oak stain
WATERROWER Natural (Ash)
WATERROWER Natural beauty that will tame the hardest of beasts yet gentle enough to caress the mildest of needs - THAT is where no other rower can compete!
WATERROWER Natural (Ash)
The WATERROWER rowing machine stows away effortlessly to minimise space.
WATERROWER Natural (Ash)
"I am smug because I bought my WATERROWER Natural with S4 Monitor from GymRatZ!"
WATERROWER Natural (Ash)
"Hah, I have the best rower on the market! What are you rowing on?"
WATERROWER Natural (Ash)
The aesthetically pleasing WATERROWER Natural with S4 Monitor.
WATERROWER Natural (Ash)
Found this on a property web-site but it shows how well the WATERROWER blends into the domestic surroundings
WATERROWER Natural (Ash)
Natural WATERROWER made from Ash Wood with honey-oak stain
WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

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2020 update: WATERROWER have currently discontinued the internal and external HRM kit but have now added a BlueTooth Communications module to the accessories which enables the performance workout monitor to connect wirelessly to a phone, tablet, PC etc via Bluetooth also enabling a regular ANT+ Chest Strap to interact with the app/software. I (Pete) have been using an ANT+ chest strap and mobile phone to log and display heart-rate as it's far more useful than simply displaying Heart-rate on the workout monitor display, See Bluetooth ComModule for further details:

2018 update: WATERROWER Natural Review update: Having been selling WATERROWERs for 20 years now, Myself and Deb at GymRatZ have seen all the WATERROWER models change and evolve to varying degrees. We've also been asked just about every question you can imagine so feel free to give us a call. 

If you've come to this page for open and honest reviews and advice anyone that knows us will know that's what our business model was founded on and it's ensured we've carried on through good times and bad.  In the fitness equipment market companies pop up and die off very quickly, but WATERROWER like ourselves have stuck to their guns and carried on manufacturing the WATERROWER in America in the same factory to ensure the same legendary build quality is adhered to, but you don't want to hear that, presumably you want to know more about the Natural (ash) WATERROWER.

Lurking further down this page is a whole load of WATERROWER information so read on. In the meantime here's a couple of quick and common FAQ's.

  • What's the difference between the Natural Ash WATERROWER and the Oxbridge Cherry WATERROWER?
    • Nothing apart from the wood. Natural has a honey oak stain making it slightly darker so from the box the Natural and the Oxbridge look identical. Some difference in grain pattern might be noticed BUT the grain pattern is different from rower to rower regardless of the wood. The main difference in my mind is the colour change between the two rowers as they age. I's suggest that the Natural WATERROWER ages to a more golden colour whereas the Cherry Oxbridge take on a darkening redder colour. Walnut is just drool gorgeous right out of the box though.
  • Do I need the XL Side Rails?
    • No. Not unless you are a man-mountain with an inside leg of perhaps 40"  Needless to say we've only ever sold one set of XL rails since 1999!
  • What's better, ANT+ or Polar?
    • ANT+ without a second thought. Polar is a vintage dinosaur and a brand name whereas ANT+ is a format used by everyone that isn't Polar (pretty much)
  • How do I adjust the resistance?
    • Row harder, dig deeper. The more energy you throw at the WATERROWER the more it will beat you down The tank has a water level gauge (sticker) on the tank that goes up to 18 (litres I believe) which is the maximum level however the calibrated fill is 17, that is to say it's the amount of water that will coincide most acurately with the readings on the workout monitor is 17 so that's the ONLY fill level to use.
  • Do you price match?
    • Better than that, we'll beat any genuine/reputable retailers offers for identical products and give you £10 cash-back as a thankyou. Obviously it's a "like for like" match so all other freebies and offers will be excluded.
  • Can I come to your store to try out the WATERROWER before deciding?
    • YES of course you can. We currently have a WATERROWER Natural and the WATERROWER A1 in-store for a side by side comparison. If you can't make it during the day I (Pete) am always happy to stay on late into the night to accomodate out of hours customers as we don't open on the weekend.
  • I have another question I can't find an answer on-line, can you help?
    • Yes of course, just phone us on 01179 118 139 or send a messge from the contact form.

Our unique special WATERROWER Natural package includes the following FREE additional extras:

  1. FREE Pre-Booked Delivery (Mainland UK)* NEXT DAY Optional
  2. FREE Siphon/Pump for filling and draining water drum (Standard with all WATERROWERs)
  3. FREE Water Purification tablets (Standard with all WATERROWERs)
  4. FREE WATERROWER Commercial Warranty Upgraded to 3 years (UK mainland on registration of rower)
  5. FREE access and membership to WATERROWER on-line rowing community with exercise recording and logging software and real time racing with friends anywhere in the world. (broadband enabled PC required)
  6. FREE lifetime support of your WATERROWER from our friendly staff.  (and Pete) :¬)
  7. FREE 6 Year Warranty (3 years parts, 6 years frame)

For more information on hooking up a lap-top visit the following site: 

After a few years of We-Row being taken off-line for re-development it's now back and aparently working. Still in Beta-Testing and you can only run it on Google Chrome web browser it's not something I'm feeling the urge to try out just yet.
Hopefully in the future it will become as good as it originally was but locking it into Google Chrome while presumably making development easier will limit the amount of people wanting to try it.

We GymRatZ have a real highstreet shop where you can come and try out a WATERROWER at your leisure and discuss it's suitabillity for yourself and your families needs. No salesmen using manipulative sales techniques to get you to BUY TODAY. Just Pete, Deb and Ellie here to answer your every question with complete honesty.

* DELIVERY: All WATERROWERs are sent as standard by a pre-booked carrier service where the carrier will call to book your delivery once it's with them however we can still offer a NEXT WORKING DAY delivery as long as we can get the order confirmed, processed and sent across to the warehouse by 10:00hrs so by placing an order it doesn't automatically guarantee we will be able to meet the next-day deadline but we will do our very best.

Whats the difference between ANT+ and Polar HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) WATERROWER options?

This is a question that gets asked most often before customers purchase, so in case we've left the shop for the day I'll try and simplify things.

Polar - "old school analogue" which needs to have the receiver box plugged into the workout monitor and mounted half way down the side rail with a cable connecting the two. Pretty much outdated technology but hanging on in there. Personally I wouldn't recommend it as it's 15+ year old technology and more than likely on it's way to extinction as sales rapidly decline. (It is however the one we included as the "free HRM" so the difference in changing to the ANT+ is simply the difference in our cost between the 2 versions)

ANT+ - Modern, firmly established and widely used connection protocol adopted my the majority of quality brand Heart Rate receivers and monitors e.g. Garmin and being adopted by an increasing number of smart phones etc.
The "reciever box" is a module that fits INSIDE the workout monitor so there is nothing to see externally. As more manufacturers produce ANT+ products there is an increasing abundance of interchangeable chest belts available if replacements are required.  (see 
WATERROWER ANT+ for more specific product details)

Hopefully that makes sense. But if you still have any questions just give us a call during shop hours and we'll help you out.

Pete's WATERROWER Natural Review:

To save duplicating lots of the stuff I have written elsewhere about the brilliant WATERROWER rowing machine and why we love it so much here's a link to my first attempt at "blogging" which happens to be quite a detailed WATERROWER Review with associated video of our shop demonstration WATERROWER in use by Dylan (GymRatZ junior) GymRatZ WATERROWER Review

Matt's (GymRatZ) WATERROWER review:

The WATERROWER is a joy to use whatever your level of fitness - beginner to advanced. Quite often chosen due to it's looks and storage, the WATERROWER is uncompromising in the quality of row it offers. Coupled with this, we (GymRatZ) have been selling WATERROWER water rowers for 19 years with little or no service issues. Plus, as you'll see on Ebay, the rowers last and last and, subsequently, 8 year old models with old monitors fetch almost as much money as brand new models. Both myself and Pete (here at GymRatZ) are in agreement that the WATERROWER is not only the best rower on the market, but the best piece of fitness equipment on the market.

Other things to note: As regards the different models offered, the price variations are simply reflective of the finish - American Black Walnut wood costing more than Ash wood etc. If the WATERROWER's not there to fill any aesthetic purpose, select either of the Ash wood finishes - CLUB or NATURAL. Unless in a class/studio environment, you definitely want the S4 Monitor.

The WATERROWER Natural is been made from solid Ash with a Honey Oak danish oil finish.
This Water Rower is ideal for home or club use, it can be stored upright therefore saving space. The Water Rower's near-silent operation means that it can be used anywhere and at any time without imposition of those around you.

The Water Rower's patented Water Flywheel has been designed to emulate the dynamics of a boat moving through water. To do so it uses the same physical elements as occur when a boat moves through the water reproducing the same physical dynamics. In replicating the dynamics of rowing so accurately, the Water Rower is unrivalled in replicating not only the superb physiological dynamics of rowing, but much of the pleasure as well.

Random WATERROWER Reviews selected by GymRatZ:

Men's Fitness reviewed the WATERROWER rowing machine during their test on rowers last Christmas. Here's their write up..."This rower is a work of art. When it is stowed upright it looks more like a designer CD rack than a sweat machine. Its wooden frame and the soothing sound of water being swished around make training a pleasure. It's designed to mimic real rowing, which is great if you're a rowing 'purist', but less good if you prefer to adjust resistance at the flick of a switch. If looks matter to you, then this is the one you want. 4 out of 5".

WATERROWER NATURAL with S4 Monitor Specification:

  • 33kg product weight. Roughly 53kg when filled.
  • Box dimensions(cm): Box 1: 60 x 72.5 x 62.5 Box 2: 15 x 210 x 8
  • Tension Control - Water Resistance
  • Stows to save space!
  • Console - 1 Window LCD, feedback - Time, Strokes, Distance etc.
  • Monitor - Requires 2 X AA batteries (included)
  • Wide Seat
  • Dimensions (inches) Open - 21H x 21W x 83L
  • Dimensions (inches) Stowed - 83H x 21W x 21L

All Water Rowers distributed within the UK have a free warranty upgrade to 3 years parts 5 years frame for both home gym and fitness through to  commercial gym use.

Why not take a sneaky peek at our forthcoming sister site (still in development) and see better images and read our WATERROWER Natural Ash reviews then give us a call to check stock or have any further questions answered.

All contents of this page are Copyright of GymRatZ Commercial Gym Equipment & Bodybuilding Supplies 1999

Read all reviews for WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

24 Reviews
WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

Excellent product

Review submitted on 13th November 2017 by

I bought a WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine a couple of weeks ago and am delighted with my purchase. The product arrived a few days after it was ordered, at a date of my choosing. It was easy to put together and comes with a useful DVD which details correct rowing technique as well as warm-up/cool-down routines and a rowing work out. In addition, the WaterRower website is comprehensive and offers lots of extra information and further workout routines.The WaterRower is unlike any gym equipment I've seen before; it is very aesthetic and does not look out of place in a living room. The sound of water is an added bonus and enhances the whole rowing experience.Furthermore, I was very impressed with GymRatz and the personal service and competitive price they offered. I have already recommended them to a relative who has now also just purchased a WaterRower from this company.

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)


Review submitted on 1st June 2017 by

After exhaustive research into rowing machines I settled on this one. So glad I did. It's a delight to use and looks/sounds great. Water resistance action extremely effective and the build quality is second to none.

Kudos also to GymRatZ who effortlessly handled the order and delivered within 48 hrs to Scotland.

Thank you.

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

Quality piece of equipment

Review submitted on 17th April 2017 by

I am very pleased with my new rower. I have been thinking of getting one for many years and have finally taken the plunge. This is definitely a quality piece of gym equipment. It has a nice action and I am looking forward to using it for many years to come

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

Great product

Review submitted on 16th January 2017 by

Great machine, hard to find fault but if pushed I feel they could perhaps give you free option of 17" handle as standard

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

exceeded expectations

Review submitted on 1st October 2016 by

You have reached this review and will therefore need no introduction to the Waterrower as a product. I am absolutely delighted with it, the aesthetics, the build quality, and the performance. In use, the sound of the water just urges you on to keep going, and after a good months of use, my performance [distance in a given time] has improved by around 30%.

It would be difficult to suggest any improvements to the product. whilst some reviews score it lower than the Concept 2 with regards to the computer, I find it more than sufficient for my use.

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

Great Product

Review submitted on 18th July 2016 by

This is a great product, if a little expensive. I do 40 reps slow, 20 reps as fast as I can and so on for 20 minutes. The Heart Rate Monitor is good too, altho' it does seem to interfere with the closing down of the display.

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

Smooth action

Review submitted on 5th March 2016 by

Bought this for cardiac rehab following a heart attack and having been to a physio programme, ihave to say is much better than some other equipment, working all the major muscle groups without impact in addition to the cardiovascular workout. Looks good in a home setting, much better than a big lump of industrial looking metal and plastic. Has a good smooth, flowing action and is definitely a quality piece of kit. Very nice aesthetics and very smooth motion, very therapeutic to use and is very well engineered. Was simple to build and is very sturdy. Absolutely delighted with my natural ash water rower.

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

Brilliant Rower

Review submitted on 2nd August 2015 by

This is a great rower for home use. Like many people looking for a quality rowing machine we were choosing between the Concept 2 and water rower. The water rower is shorter than the Concept 2, better looking, and much quieter in use. The sound of the water sloshing around is relaxing.

Brilliant, wish we'd got one sooner.

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

The best rower you can buy.

Review submitted on 26th July 2015 by

My new WaterRower is not only beautiful piece of equipment, it is a wonderful way to get fit. Iam a new keep fit person of 60. I have started slowly and increased my fittness quickly with the WaterRower. The swishing of water is very relaxing and Spurs you on. I just love it.

WATERROWER Natural (Ash)

Fantastic machine

Review submitted on 17th May 2015 by

I am thrilled with my waterpower, it really is an excellent piece of equipment. Really well built and very easy to put together (it took me about 20 minutes and the only slightly fiddly bit was fitting to foot plate, the rest of it was very very easy).

I love the fact that it is so quiet when in use, just your thoughts and the background sound of sloshing water. I use a concept 2 at the gym and for me I much prefer the peace of the waterrower and the band mechanism over the noisy fan and metal chain system on the concept rower.

If you are thinking that this is probably the right machine for you, then you are right, it will be. High quality, great to use and built to last.