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WATERROWER SmartRow - Turn your WaterRower into the ultiamte Erg.
Key components of the WATERROWER SmartRow
Bluetooth conectivity to your Smart Phone
The SmartRow requires removal of top pully and replacement with SmartRow
The SmartRow requires removal of top pully and replacement with SmartRow
Examples of app screens and precision analytical data recorded
WATERROWER SmartRow - Turn your WaterRower into the ultiamte Erg.

WATERROWER SmartRow (for Wooden Rowers)

Occasionally tried and tested devices can be significantly enhanced as advances in technology enable once never imagined posibilities to become a reallity; the brand new WATERROWER SmartRow is such a device that encompases the very latests micro-sensor technologies usually found in smart phones and allows for full monitoring not just of regular stroke rate, distance data etc but display a stroke power curve turning your WATERROWER into a highly accurate "lab. grade" ergomoeter.

The SmartRow software runs via an app. on your smartphone which also means it can incorporate heartrate recording too (subject to SmartPhone compatibillity) pushing the WATERROWER way out in front of any competition and the best rowing ergometer available.

Installation is fairly straight forward but a little more complicated than the initial assembly of the WATERROWER and a few additional tools will be required, noteably a 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm allen key (hex wrench) and an andjustable spanner.

Unfortunately the SmartRow can't be pre-installed to a new WATERROWER due to the sensitive components and the location of the pulley wheel being the highest and most exposed point of the rower situated just under the top of the rower box which would be easily damaged by rough handling through the carrier networks.

SmartRow is an intelligent power meter that provides a highly precise measure of your WATERROWER performance. Fitted as a replacement to the WATERROWER pulley, the electronics inside SmartRow measures absolute force and stroke length to calculate your power output, independent of the water level in your tank or the tightness off the recoil bungee.

Available for all wooden WATERROWER models, SmartRow wirelessly transmits workout data in real-time via Bluetooth to the SmartRow app on your handheld device. Ideal for anyone that is serious about monitoring their performance, SmartRow (together with the SmartRow App) will turn your WATERROWER into a lab grade ergometer. It will not only show you power, distance, work-per-stroke, calories etc., it will show you each force-curve, heart rate graph and much, much more! SmartRow allows you to keeps track of your workouts, and even shows you well-known fitness metrics like 'Watts-per-Beat' and 'Watts-per-Kilogram'. N.B. SmartRow is compatible with all Bluetooth heart rate monitoring straps, sold separately.


WaterRower SmartRow


Initially relaeased on iOS Apple system with the Android app. due April 2018.

More details of the WATERROWER SmartRow (From WATERROWER website) are as follows:

  • What is the WATERROWER SmartRow?
    • SmartRow is an intelligent replacement pulley for a (wooden) WATERROWER, that measures the power in a radical new way. The electronics inside the pulley measures the force and stroke length and calculates the power, independent of the water level in your tank or the tightness off the recoil bungee. The data is presented wirelessly to a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.
  • What are the advantages of SmartRow?
    • First and foremost: its accuracy. It gives you the best feedback of your workout. You can optimize your stroke with it, as it shows you the force-curve, each stroke. A great way to improve your technique! A heartrate sensor can easily be connected too, and the results are plotted during the workout. Having all your workouts stored on your mobile device is a great advantage too. You can now easily see improvements over time.
  • Can I connect the SmartRow app with the S4 Monitor?
    • No, you cannot. SmartRow is an independent power meter and has a direct Bluetooth connection with your mobile device.
  • Where can I download the SmartRow app?
    • You can download the app in the Apple App Store. Make sure your device runs iOS 10.0 or higher. The Android app will be available around April 2018.
  • Do I need to enter the water level into the app?
    • No, you do not. SmartRow measures the amount of force you apply independently of the amount of water in your tank. You can change the water level to your preference and still compare your results with others in a 100% fair way.
  • Do I have to calibrate the SmartRow like for example, a power meter on a bicycle?
    • You don't have to calibrate anything at all! SmartRow will calibrate itself, and in doing so, it automatically adjusts for changes in the recoil bungee over temperature and time.
  • Which heart rate monitors are compatible with the SmartRow?
    • The SmartRow app will work only with Bluetooth Heart Rate monitors that use the open standardized Bluetooth protocol. There are many monitors on the market, like chest-straps, watches, arm-bands and fitness-trackers. Please check before you buy something new. Because of the accuracy we recommend to use a chest-strap.
  • What batteries should I use and how long will they last?
    • We advise 3 x AA 2500mAh Alkaline batteries. Other 1,5Volt AA's will do, but this may affect the number of hours you can row. Depending on the battery quality you can row at least 50 hours.
  • What is the Watt/kg and Watt/beat referencing?
    • These are professional fitness indicators. After a workout, the SmartRow app divides the average power by the weight you entered in ‘profile settings'. If you are using a heart rate monitor, the app will show you the ‘Watt/beat', which is the division of average power and average heart rate.

How to install the WATERROWER SmartRow pulley and software

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