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GymRatZ Grass Track (Red) DISCONTINUED

Due to the manufacturers changing the construction of the Blue grass, we don't consider it suitable for performance track use, and we've had to discontinue this product.
We have a far heavier duty track to replace it made in the UK and available in any width, not limited to 1m increments.
Please see:

GymRatZ High Performance Gym Track

This product is currently unavailable to order.

GymRatZ Grass Track (Red) DISCONTINUED
GymRatZ Grass Track (Red) DISCONTINUED

GymRatZ Artifical Grass Track (RED)
(Priced per linear metre)

 Notice of non-return of custom cut order. Please take note that like carpet, our artificial grass track is cut to order therefore each order is a custom order to very specific requirements and as such no returns are possible once the order has been sent for cutting. (Typically the same day or within an hour of placing your order). Please ensure your order is accurate and exactly to requirement before going through checkout/payment process.

Installation advice: We know strongly suggest bonding the grass track to the floor using our flexible 2 part grass track adhesive. Many floor surfaces might not be suitable for this fairly permanent solution or landlords would not agree to such modifications to the floor so the best solution would be to fix plywood or OSB boards to the concrete with plugs/screws first which will give a very flat surface on which to glue the track whilst remaing the floor to be returned to it's original state in the future.  Please note that the 2 part glue needs to be spread very thinly with a notched flooring adhesive trowel/spreader so as to leave just the adhesive beads rather than 100% surface coverage otherwise the glue coverage may be reduced by as much as 50% !

Having tested a great many types of artificial grass floors and surfaces in the quest for Crossfit performance grass track perfection we've finally found what we consider to be the ultimate combination of grass length, density, rigity, durabillity, underside traction and top side grip. No mean feat given the huge array of artificial grass mats available and the massive variation in price .

What's so special about our artificial grass of choice for your gym floor? Well for starters the product weight which isn't just an indication of grass density but a reflection of how well the grass is bonded (stitched and glued) to the backing material; as the grass gets longer and more luxurious the weight per M ^2 also goes up but the suitabillity for a performance artificial grass track comes down. As the density gets lower the risk of the grass moving under load increases so it's a fine balance getting the combination just right.

Available in a range of widths going from 1m to 4m. cut to length and now also available in a cracking blue colour which might be more in keeping with your own gym decor.

Edges can be secured with any heavy duty double sided tape which can be purchased at the same time as the grass, if required they could be "dressed" with the sort of edge finishing strips used for regular carpet however in a gym environment we find most runways are bordered by rubber matting which can simply be laid over the edges of the grass to provide a neat finish.

Under regular use our artificial grass track / runway will eventually show signs of wear but not for a long time, and priced at a fraction of the cost of some of the other offerings (that we consider will wear at the same rate) we like to think we've got the balance of affordabillity and suitablillity for purpose as spot-on as you'll find.

Installation of artificial grass track for gym use: (Manufacturers advice)

"Installation of the grass is purely down to the customer as it really depends on the ground the Grass is going on to. On a nice smooth floor a super heavy duty double sided can be used just to hold the grass in place. For maximum results or areas of extreme heavy use, you can use an all over carpet adhesive to stick the grass down. We normally advise customers to steer clear of this option as the grass is near impossible to take back up and can end up ripping the floor up with it." 

Manufacturers recommended tape is availble to purchase with the grass and glue option can be purchased although it's not an option we would advise for the above reasons and the reason that by the very nature of it's use in a gym; wear over time is inevitable.

With regards to the suitabillity of our grass track for gym work we have the following manufacturers statement:

"As with any soft floor covering from grass to contract style bitumen carpet tiles you are always going to see a degree in wear. However for holes to appear not just in the pile but the reinforced backing itself something has to physically puncture the turf.

Over the past 2 years we have supplied over 10,000m2 of the supplied grass to gyms alone without a single problem in regards to suitability.  I can confirm that the grass in the photos is the same as supplied to all of your orders"

So there we have it. correct and appropriate use as seen in hundreds of gyms will provide no problems whatsoever but one would have to question the knowledge of any "coach" that puts so much weight on the sled that it causes issues with the track.

What we would say about any grass track being used as a performance track is that sled pull/push is not and should never be used as a test of strength or as an alternative to anerobic/resistance weight training. Typically the sled would be loaded up with a small percentage of the users body weight and a weight that the user can maintain momentum over a 30m contiunous (or accelerating) speed of momentum. If the weight is loaded up with too much weight and/or the sled inappropriately designed for grass track use you may experience problems such as premature wear or excessive "rippling". If the sled has been used outdoors on any surface the skids should be inspected very closely and any un-eveness polished out with a fine grade (400+) emery paper prior to using it on a performance grass track.

WARRANTY NOTE: This grass track isn't made of Kevlar! abuse and misuse will damage or tear the track. Loading up a sled with too much weight (macho/ego loading) that can't be moved (or only moved a few metres) is going to cause damage to the fabric to the point of stretch induced tears.
Hard objects dropped or thrown, bounced, etc e.g. farmers walk handles, weighted yokes, etc etc will damage (hole) the grass . It's purpose is as a "runway" for pushing/pulling specifically designed sleds/prowlers etc. It should only be used on a smooth/flat surface to reduce the risk of wear/damage. It is NOT suitable for use on soft ground, grass, mud etc where sled skids are almost certainly going to dig in and tear the grass track. For this reason warranty is limited to defects that are evident on initial un-wrapping and inspection prior to use.

Don't make the mistake of buying the wrong artifical grass track for your gym, get it right the first time, buy from GymRatz the performance gym equipment specialists.


Please note, the prices given are per linear metre depending on the width required. price per square metre is the same for all widths. When ordering please simple enter the required length in whole metres for the width required.


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GymRatZ Grass Track (Green) DISCONTINUED

GymRatZ Grass Track (Green) DISCONTINUED

GymRatZ Athletic Performance Gym Grass Track. Tried, tested and fully GymRatZ Approved artificial grass flooring suitable for pulling/pushing weighted sleds like our own GRowler (prowler) and flipping tyres, also for marking off distances for beep testing...

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