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Performance Grass Adhesive (24m Sq.)

No longer available from ourselves but you will be able to find this or other carpet adhesives available on-line or locally.

This product is currently unavailable to order.

Performance Grass Adhesive (24m Sq.)
10Kg tub og Grass Track Adhesive (covers approx. 24 square metres.
10Kg tub og Grass Track Adhesive (covers approx. 24 square metres.
Performance Grass Adhesive (24m Sq.)

Perfomance Grass Track Adhesive (approx. 24m sq.)

This 2-part flexible adhesive is pretty much essential for ensuring longevity of your performance grass track. If heavy weighted sleds are going to be used then the track needs to be firmly bonded to the underlying concrete floor for which our flexible grass-track adhesive has been purposly created to meet these demands.

Packaged as a 2-part substance. that of 10Kg adhesive and 1.2Kg hardener the 2 components need to be thoroughly mixed (preferably with an electric drill and stirring paddle).  Once mixed the adhesive can be trowelled (notched adhesive trowell) evenly onto the concrete providing an even "beaded" layer of glue. 

Speed is of the essence but a fully mixed tub of adhesive has an open (time before curing starts to occur) time of 30 minutes at temperatures an ambient temperature of 30 degrees C rising to between 2 to 4 hours at 10 degrees.

Although not essential, rolling the grass track with some form of flat/smooth roller ensures the glue is both even distributed and full contact made between grass and concrete for optimal adhesion whilst also ensuring no wrinkles are left which will be impossible to remove or press down once fully cured.

Technical details as follows:

  • Colour & Form: Brown paste
  • Characteristics: 2 component polyurethane-reaction adhesive suitable for outdoor use
  • Specific Gravity: 1400 g/litre
  • Viscosity: Thixotropic
  • Application: Suitable equipment for bead application or notched trowel for all over application.
  • Ambient Temp./Open Time/Cure Time:
    • 10 C     / 2-4 hours  / 12-24 hours
    • 20 C     / 1-2 hours  /  6-8 hours
    • 30 C     / 30 minutes/  2 hours
  • Coverage: Variable according to materials used. Typical for short pile tufted carpet 300 - 500 g/m2

  • Cure time: Curing commences when the hardener is added. After the open time curing is accelerated but would not normally reach full cure for 48 hours, but again this is dependant on ambient temperature
  • Cleaning: Hot water plus detergent will remove (wet) adhesive from hands and tools. Cured adhesive is solvent resistant and is removable only by mechanical means.
  • Film Resistance: Water-resistant.
  • Storage: Keep containers tightly sealed between 5 - 30ºC
  • Shelf Life: 12 months for both Adhesive and Hardener.
  • Warning: When working with hardener, the warning and safety precautions on the containers should be observed. Hardener is a 100% liquid isocyanate. Avoid contact with skin. Wear protective gloves.

• Solvent free non-flammable adhesive.
• Structured non-slumping consistency.
• Tough weatherproof bond.
• Beads or trowels easily onto sub surface.
•Flexible bondline avoids hard glue line under the surfac


Performance Track Adhesive must be mixed thoroughly with Hardener Additive at a ratio
of 10:1.2 by weight by first adding the hardener component to the adhesive
component in the plastic tub.
Mixing in all cases should be carried out thoroughly by using a mechanical stirrer, for example a powerful drill with a suitable mixing head.
Poorly mixed adhesive does not cure correctly and remains soft. It is therefore essential that mixing of the two components is complete particularly around the sides and the bottom of the tub


Performance Grass Gym Adhesive (35m Sq.)

Performance Grass Gym Adhesive (35m Sq.)

If you're looking to use your performance grass track for weighted sled work we strongly suggest bonding the track to the concrete sub-floor. This will eliminate any issues with the track ruching up as the sled travels along. this 14kg bucket will cover approximately 35 square metres.

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