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Military Outdoor CrossFit Rig

This unit is not currently available - please contact us for alternatives

This product is currently unavailable to order.

Military Outdoor CrossFit Rig
Military Outdoor CrossFit Rig
Military Outdoor CrossFit Rig

Military CrossFit Rig

Having supplied the military for many years, it's great to be able to offer indoor and outdoor CrossFit Rigs to their exacting requirements. Here, we have a multi-station rig, which has been galvanised to ensure longevity outdoors.

Military Outdoor CrossFit Rig, includes:

  • 2m Rig Base Unit
  • 2m Rig Base Ad-on cube
  • Monkey Bar Run
  • 2m Rig Squat Station
  • Rig Squat Station Safety Spot Arms (pair)
  • Squat Station Lift-Off Hooks (pair)
  • 2m 45 degree Rig Wing with 32mm bars (for R/H side of Base unit)
  • 1.5m 45 degree Rig Wing with 32mm bars (for END of 2m Add on)(replaces pictured high fixing wing)
  • 2m 45 degree Rig Wing with 48mm bars) (for L/H side of Base unit)(replaces 2nd high fixing wing)
  • Landmine/Grappler attachment
  • Rebound Target Board (Bespoke Metal for out-door use not the MDF board shown)
  • Dip Station Attachment + attachment rail
  • Step Platform Attachment + attachment rail
  • Weight Storage Horns (for Squat Station R/H Side)
  • Weight Storage Horns (for Squat Station L/H Side)
  • Vertical "Flag" Bar (for performing human flag exercise)
  • Multiple Loop Attachment Accessory (loops for attaching ropes etc.
  • 1.5m high (from top of rig) Rope Climbing Arm (not shown)
  • Full Galvanise to include preparation and chemical etchng and priming to all components and accessories
  • Powder Coating

Please call for a price on installation.

We are able to custom-make rigs to your exacting requirements and often make kit to Para colours also. Let us know your requirements and we shall happily provide a Quote including installation costs. Telephone 0345 86 86 888.


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GymRatZ Outdoor CrossFit Rig

GymRatZ Outdoor CrossFit Rig

Here's a recent design for the military: an all-encompassing CrossFit-style rig suitable for use outdoors. In short, it's a 4m by 2m base rig with Monkey Bars the length of it. Then, three Power Racks are added-in - two opposite one another and the third opposing a 12 ft tall Climbing Wall with a Pu

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