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Manta Ray Squat Pad

Original Manta Ray sold by GymRatZ for 20 years. For best price and guaranteed authenticity please now purchase your Manta Ray from direct . Highly rated product

This product is currently unavailable to order.

Manta Ray Squat Pad
Manta Ray Squat Pad - the best weight traning accessory ever.
Manta Ray Squat Pad
Only an original MantaRay will have Logo this moulded into the back.
Manta Ray Squat Pad
1 plate a side !! Nah, whack on 4 plates to feel the benefit!
Manta Ray Squat Pad
The Ebay Fakes don't have this on the underside.
(It's NOT a sticker either!)
Manta Ray Squat Pad
Great Logo, but trying is the only way to appreciate the genius that is the Manta Ray squat dvice.
Manta Ray Squat Pad - the best weight traning accessory ever.
Manta Ray Squat Pad

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Manta Ray Squat Device

Original Manta Ray sold by GymRatZ for 20 years. For best price and guaranteed authenticity please now purchase your Manta Ray from direct . Highly rated product


A new outlet for fake MantaRay Squat pads has popped up in the UK. Being sold on Amazon and e-bay through a website and trader called "GUNSMITH FITNESS" - Any squat pad claiming to be a "Mantaray" that doesn't bear all the TradeMarked and  patented attributes of the original MantaRay Squatpad including any colour other than the blue pictured here is 100% fake and isn't made to the original shape, design and specification as a genuine MANTARAY made personally by Mark Pittroff at his factory "Advanced Fitness Inc. " in Ohio U.S.A.  Any trader selling fake items should be avoided as the products will fail to meet the design and performance specification and could potentially give rise to personal injury from product failure.   

How to identify a fake Manta Ray Squat Pad

  • Fake MantaRay didn't have the MantaRay logo in the oval on the rear of the device, (See picture above) well it didn't but now they've been imprinting a rough copy of the logo onto the non-logo counterfit Mantarays with a hot stamp. The result is poor to say the least but if you hadn't seen an original which has the logo and text formed as part of the moulding process you'd be forgiven for thinking it now has the official oval logo.
  • On the Fake MantaRayThe lettering in the bar groove has the letters "A" on a slant to the left.
  • There didn't used to be a yellow warning triangle on the underside but it appears that to try and look more "authentic" they have now added a yellow warning triangle (Identical wording to the genuine one) but to make up for incorrect sizing and appalling discomfort they have crudely stuck a thin layer of foam on the underneath!  How anyone would believe this is original is beyond me and if you buy one of the fakes remember the GENUINE product has remained unchanged for nearly 20 years whereas the e-bay fake keeps evolving trying to make up for it's failings.
  • The Fake Manta-Ray squat pad is smaller than the genuine one and therefore very uncomfortable in use
  • Fake MantaRay is significantly lighter (lowed density) and probabaly made of an inferior material.
  • Just look at the trimming - This is where the excess material is trimmed by hand when it comes out of the mould. The genuine Manta Ray is trimmed by one man with pride, care and passion whereas the fake MantaRay pads are hacked about leaving rough and mis-shaped edges if it was a good fake you might justify saving 25% on a genuine one but saving £10 or less on a vastly inferior product that would nomally last a lifetime... Just saying.  :)

Look at the negative reviews for the seller. One advises the MantaRay is too small and therefore uncomfortable which is to be expected as we already know it's smaller from the sample seen.

We advise contacting e-bay to confirm the counterfeit product and getting your money back from paypal through their counterfeit items policy

The Manta Ray squat device is the king of barbell pads. It's not  a barbell pad but a masterpiece of engineering. The MantaRay is so brilliant we ALWAYS keep plenty on stock for next day delivery: (1st Class Recorded Post)  Read more below: 

What makes the Manta Ray so special?

With nothing more than pipe lagging being the norm when it comes to barbell pads, the Manta Ray Squat Device is unique in so much as it's been designed and manufactured with one thing in mind and that's doing what it's meant to do and doing it without compromise.

Review: Manta Ray Squat Pad

The Manta Ray device is truly an innovation and remarkable piece of engineering. From everyone I have spoken to regarding Manta Ray use, I only get praise for it's comfort and ease of use. Myself (Pete) started using one after we first decided to add the Manta Ray to our product line-up (back in 1999). Needless to say, I am still using my Manta Ray (the very same one) every time I squat, and apart  from my dodgy scrawly written name by permanent marker pen, it still looks as good today after more than a decade of abuse and being kicked around in my gym bag as it did that day we opened the very first shipment! What else costing less than a tub of protein can you say that about?

If like me, you have endured years of wrapping towels, belts, pipe-lagging and anything else you can find, around the bar before squats, the MantaRay will come as a breath of fresh air. On the odd occasion I have forgotten to take my Manta Ray to the gym, I have suffered a bruised and painful spine for the following 2 weeks.

If you find you don't have the trap. development to keep the bar off your bony bits, do your self a huge favour. Get a Manta Ray (or get one for your partner as a present) you'll be very glad you did. I am and can't imagine ever squatting without it now, it's the best training partner you'll ever find !

By Pete Walker

Over the years I've had a few customers that come back after using the MantaRay the first time saying it still digs into the neck. Either they didn't receive the packaged instructions or they didn't read them but my advice as the same as given by the manufacturer so I'll re-write Mark's (the inventor and creator) actual words:


The Manta Ray Squat is a little different from the regular squat, so we encourage everyone to treat it like a new movement...

If you have been squatting for some time your body will have become familiar with your current posture. That is often more bent over than you might like because our bodies compensate for the bar's tendency to roll by bending us forward. This is particularly true if you use a towel or roll pad. The arms have to keep the bar from rolling and your body often bends you forward to protect your wrists, elbows and shoulders.

Our front projections (on the Manta Ray Pad) keep that from happening. Your arms won't feel like they're about to be pulled out of the sockets so most people find they can use the more upright posture that protects the lower back from possible injury.

For most people the Manta Ray "clicks" instantly, for others there is an adjustment (adaptation) period. In the latter group it might just take a couple of workouts  or it might take a month. The effort is definitely worth it.

The key to finding your "groove" is not getting the bar too close to your neck. If the bar hurts your neck or the front projections hit your collar bone just roll the bar (and the device) rearward a little with your hands or re-rack the bar and re-lift further "down" your back. (Don't go extremely far back as the Manta Ray is for "high bar squats".

Keeping your head up and imagine the force travelling through your heels also makes it easier to adjust to the more upright posture.

What Advanced Fitness Inc. say about their Manta Ray Squat Pad:

"Manta Ray"

"Our patented load distribution device for the back squat exercise. Made from a hi-tech polyurethane polymer, it is virtually indestructible. Instead of the force concentrating in one small area, the Manta Ray increases the surface area by more than 1600% finally making it possible to focus on the movement. The front projections help keep the bar from trying to roll off your back. This allows most people use a more erect posture because it stops the bodies tendency to bend the lifter forward in an attempt to take the stress off the shoulders."

Manta Ray Barbell Pad Back Protector  Buy yours TODAY from GymRatZ the UK's largest MantaRay distributor since 2000.

Page Copyright GymRatZ Commercial Gym Equipment and Home Fitness Equipment 1999

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Standard Barbell Pad

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Read all reviews for Manta Ray Squat Pad

18 Reviews
Manta Ray Squat Pad

Back in the game!

Review submitted on 27th May 2019 by

There are some things you see advertised that make bold claims and never live up to their hype.
This is not one of them!
I have been amazed by the difference this has made to squats for me. I've always enjoyed squats but started to avoid them when more weight was added to the bar as my form deteriorated and I would feel my back strained.
NOT with this simple but highly effective piece of kit, I am squatting again with no discomfort to my back or shoulders.
It's hard to believe that something that looks so simple can make such a huge difference.
I highly recommend this piece of kit.
I would also like to put on record that Gymratz are a great company to deal with and I will not hesitate to use them again for any future purchases.

Manta Ray Squat Pad

Excellent product

Review submitted on 11th August 2018 by

It’s the Manta Ray Squat Pad. What more can I say? It is excellent. I had one for 15 years (!) of squatting and now I bought it again because after all these years my previous one started to have cracks in the plastic. It is one tough product, definitely recommend it.

Manta Ray Squat Pad

manta ray a must have piece of equipment

Review submitted on 1st June 2018 by

at 60year old and still enjoying/dreading training the MANTA RAY is without doubt the best investment I've ever made, having struggled with rear squats for years I've been doing front squats because of pressure issues on my pronounced vertebrae i'm now back to doing rear squats without any back issues and can have double my bodyweight across my shoulders without any discomfort. My advice would be to buy one from GYMRATZ do not get a Ebay copy there crap, uncomfortable and move about.

Manta Ray Squat Pad

Fantastic product

Review submitted on 11th February 2018 by

A real transformation - no discomfort when doing heavier squats and helps posture too.

Manta Ray Squat Pad

Manta ray

Review submitted on 10th November 2016 by

Fantastic item brilliant service thank you
Won't let me rate it but I give it 10/10

Manta Ray Squat Pad

More than a pad

Review submitted on 30th July 2016 by

Before buying the manta ray I was sceptical of the claims that it could drastically improve your squatting experience. I've avoided high bar squats for years as the form just never felt right.

Aside from the obvious benefit of keeping the bar away from your spine, the exercise essentially forces you to remain more upright as the bar is slightly higher than usual. It teaches a tight back arch and I had no issues hitting depth with weights comparable to what I would typically low bar squat. I also have some shoulder flexibility issues I'm working through which also were solved by using this piece of kit.

It may seem expensive for a piece of plastic but just srop the money. Its worth it

Manta Ray Squat Pad

best device ever

Review submitted on 11th December 2015 by

i was lookin fot this device in so many websites, and gave me the best one for the best price. now i can squat more then ever

Manta Ray Squat Pad

Manta Ray

Review submitted on 19th October 2014 by

I bought this because I'd briefly borrowed someones and I loved it. Makes such a difference to my workouts as it really does spread the load! Very pleased with it!

Manta Ray Squat Pad

Awesome product

Review submitted on 15th October 2014 by

I was doing squats in the gym when a guy shows me the Manta Ray. I have always had issues with the bar causing me neck problems. Tried towels/pipe lag. I used the Manta Ray and was hooked instantly. Had several sessions since getting it with no more neck probs. Excellent product and wish I had discovered it years ago!!!!!!
On another plus the service and delivery were excellent also.

Manta Ray Squat Pad

Delivers as promised

Review submitted on 11th September 2014 by

I bought the Manta Ray for my son, who's 14. He's a rugby player who's been progressing to strength work with an Olympic bar. However, his developmental age means that while his strength and endurance are improving, he has little hypertrophy so the bar sits uncomfortably on his rather boney shoulders when squatting, lunging, twisting or calf raising. It adversely affects both his form and the number of reps he can do. The Manta Ray has changed all that as the bar now sits comfortably, doesn't move and the weight is distributed across his traps instead of sitting on bone. As a result, his form is vastly improved and he's much more erect. He can also do far more reps due to the increased comfort. A very useful piece of kit.