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Front Squat Device Sting Ray

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Front Squat Device Sting Ray
Sting Ray in position on barbell demonstrating perfect front squat comfort.
Front Squat Device Sting Ray
Sting Ray in use showing front deltoid protection.
Sting Ray in position on barbell demonstrating perfect front squat comfort.
Front Squat Device Sting Ray

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Sting Ray Front Squat Device


The Sting Ray front squat device is the front squat sibling to the brilliant Manta Ray. Want to know more then read on....

Why is the Sting Ray so special?

The sting ray clips onto the barbell to assist positioning of the barbell and distribute the load. It's very, very unique and  pipe lagging does not act as a substitute to this fantastic training accessory.

Review: Sting Ray Front Squat Pad



Pete's bit - If like myself you avoided free weight  front squats because of the pain on the shoulders (Front Deltoids), now you shouldn't have an excuse. I have used the Stingray (Sting Ray), and it definitely gets the thumbs up. Peoples reports seem to vary though, we have had reports of some people not getting on with it, but most finding it to work like a charm.

Front Squats take the emphasis away from the lower back as found with regular squats, and targets the quads directly. They are also invaluable for strengthening the core muscles. You'll either love front squats or hate them. The Weights required are generally less than for regular squats, which might be an advantage for the home trainer. Many personal trainers advocate the use of front squats in a training routine as it really does hit the legs muscles very effectively.


The main problem I have found is if you are training with a partner the setting-up and adjustment of the Sting Ray is a bit more fiddly than just clipping the Manta Ray to the centre of the bar and adjustment is much more personal, so the Sting Ray is brilliant for individual training and front squats are a great addition to any leg training routine.

By Pete Walker

What Advanced Fitness Inc. say about their Sting Ray Front Squat Device:

"Sting Ray"

"The Front Squat is a great exercise for the athlete, bodybuilder, powerlifter, or for people with general fitness goals, but the negative aspects of the movement bring a ton of excess baggage.

Most strength coaches prefer the Olympic, or clean style grip because it gives the lifter a wider rack on the bar and therefore more stability. The problem with this conventional grip is that it's almost impossible for anyone with shoulder, elbow or wrist problems and most lifters lack the necessary flexibility in these joints anyway. This grip also requires external rotation of the Humerus (upper arm bone) stressing the shoulder joint and mechanically causing even more limits on flexibility.

The crossed arm grip has a load of downsides too. Narrow rack with less stability, more crush to the shoulders and it's harder to keep the bar from rolling back into the throat, or down the arms. With either grip the bar can rest on the collar bone, press down on the sternum and cause the lifter to run out of breath long before leg strength. No wonder the front squat is usually tried once and tossed out.

Now, the Sting Ray removes all these negatives from one of the most powerful exercises available.

The Sting Ray (Manta Ray also) is made of a high tech polyurethane polymer. This material is flexible enough in the upward projecting bosses to snap on and off the bar indefinitely, but rigid enough in the thicker sections to act as a load distributor. With the surface area of the bar increased as much as 1600%, the biggest problem with transferring weight to the human body is eliminated."


Sting Ray Front Squat Device - best price Next day delivery.

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8 Reviews
Front Squat Device Sting Ray

manta ray a must have piece of equipment

Review submitted on 7th December 2018 by

bit more of an effort to set up from the back squat manta ray but works really well once you get into the reps

Front Squat Device Sting Ray

Disappointing so far

Review submitted on 2nd December 2017 by

I bought this product as I’ve been struggling with front squats due to a shoulder injury. The sting ray is helpful with lower weights, but I’ve struggled with it as I’ve increased the weight as I find it difficult to maintain balance.. To be fair, I think part of the problem may be inflexibility in my shoulder, but sadly it seems like it will be one of those pieces of equipment that gets left gathering dust.

Front Squat Device Sting Ray

Does exactly what I expected

Review submitted on 2nd December 2017 by

Pros: clips onto barbell perfectly.
Appears to be made to last
Spreads the load over the shoulder muscle and very comfortable to use.

Cons: for me there are no cons as I don't possess the arm/wrist range of motion for the ideal traditional hold/grip but it is designed for the cross over hold with your ones arms internally rotated. It might not work ideally with the traditional grip/hold.

Front Squat Device Sting Ray

Quality product

Review submitted on 30th October 2017 by

I've had a couple of brief aborted attempts at front squat in the past.
Pain in the shoulders from pressure of the bar and finding it impossible to keep the bar in position for very long meant the exercise was very quickly binned.
I used the Sting Ray for five sets plus warm ups and the bar stayed in place really easily and there was no discomfort from the bar at all. It's a quality product and was delivered very promptly.
If you have struggled with front squats for the reasons above I would recommend certainly does what it says on the tin!

Front Squat Device Sting Ray


Review submitted on 16th April 2017 by

I've been looking for something to help me with my quads as my gym is a bit limited with equipment. Having the product arrived, I was gutted, it looks like two chicken fillets on some cable. I equally hesitated when I brought it to the gym, as no one wants to be that guy who has all the gear. Never the less I got over the inital questioning and began using it. I can't remember a product becoming such a staple part of my training so quickly. I have gone from 25kg a side to 50kg on the front squat in just over 3 weeks. It brings so much comfort and stability to the movement.

Front Squat Device Sting Ray

Perfect equipment for your front squats

Review submitted on 15th September 2015 by

What a great piece of equipment for a good price. Highly recommended.

Front Squat Device Sting Ray

My Squat helper

Review submitted on 23rd May 2015 by

I don't usually fall for hype over gym assist products, but I will say this product stands up to everything it says, I feel far more comfortable, much more secure, and through that, able to squat with more weight!, a brilliant purchase, and a must for those wanting to do front squats, the only reason I put 9/10, is because trying to fit it on the bar can be awkward, but I'm sure that will loosen the more I use it, well done!

Front Squat Device Sting Ray

Absolute Genius

Review submitted on 18th December 2014 by

I have never been able to get near front squats before (partly because of dodgy wrist), but this little device makes them easy!