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Product Reviews for Manta Ray Squat Pad

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Review submitted on 8th July 2014 by Dickie

Quite simply: you need this product to maximise your squats. Taking all the pain off your shoulders means you can concentrate all effort on your legs.

(GymRatZ confirmed purchaser)


Review submitted on 6th December 2010 by Wayne

I thought I add a review to this product because I was surprised there wasnt more reviews already posted. Obvisoly, many gym users still do not know about the Manta Ray! If you don't and you want to squat heavy without the spine pain afterwards then this product is a must. It beats the pads, towels etc anyday. I have used it for the past 2 years and will never do my squats without it. Think about it, you dont want your body wasting time repairing your sore shoulders, when it should be using all available resources rebuildingyour leg muscles. Tip: wrap a small towel over your shoulders before stepping under the mantra ray for increased confort. Lastly, many women do not squat and would encourge them to use this product to make squatting more comfortable.

user tip !!

Review submitted on 30th October 2011 by Paul Storey

our gym has one and its great on tip is let it slip over the shoulders so the bar sits more over your back and pull it in puts the weight more over your back end so the weight hits your glutes more on the squat !!

Mantra Ray - Dogs Bollocks!!

Review submitted on 30th March 2010 by john burke

Due to a car crash nearly 2 years ago I have been unable to squat due to the pain it caused in my damaged shoulder. I was also unable to perform any heavy pressing movements and as such have lost a lot of muscle mass. Five weeks ago I had surgery and have been advised not to lift my arm above shoulder height for 3 months!! The Doc's advised no weights for arms/shoulder so I looked into other things and remembered the Manta Ray being advertised many years ago,but as with most things that sound to good to be true they usually are. NOT SO the manta ray, I went to the gym today want cranked out 20 heavy breathing squats (youngsters google it!) with no shoulder discomfort at all just sore legs and lungs! I bought this because of injury but would highly recommend it to everyone it makes squatting much more bearable. Get squatting and get gaining. Cheers

More than a pad

Review submitted on 30th July 2016 by David Higgins

Before buying the manta ray I was sceptical of the claims that it could drastically improve your squatting experience. I've avoided high bar squats for years as the form just never felt right.

Aside from the obvious benefit of keeping the bar away from your spine, the exercise essentially forces you to remain more upright as the bar is slightly higher than usual. It teaches a tight back arch and I had no issues hitting depth with weights comparable to what I would typically low bar squat. I also have some shoulder flexibility issues I'm working through which also were solved by using this piece of kit.

It may seem expensive for a piece of plastic but just srop the money. Its worth it

Manta-Squad Aid

Review submitted on 2nd May 2014 by Sonny

Good bit of kit that gives you a lot more comfort than the usual foam pads.
Excellent service. Ordered it on Good Friday had it on the Tuesday.

Back in the game!

Review submitted on 27th May 2019 by Dan

There are some things you see advertised that make bold claims and never live up to their hype.
This is not one of them!
I have been amazed by the difference this has made to squats for me. I've always enjoyed squats but started to avoid them when more weight was added to the bar as my form deteriorated and I would feel my back strained.
NOT with this simple but highly effective piece of kit, I am squatting again with no discomfort to my back or shoulders.
It's hard to believe that something that looks so simple can make such a huge difference.
I highly recommend this piece of kit.
I would also like to put on record that Gymratz are a great company to deal with and I will not hesitate to use them again for any future purchases.

Quality piece of equipment

Review submitted on 23rd June 2010 by Pete Luffman

As a personal trainer and gym owner I can attest to the quality and effectiveness of the Manta Ray. For some people who find it difficult to find a comfy spot on they're back for squatting, the Manta Ray is invaluable. Many of my gym members and clients love the Manta Ray and if it helps them get on and do squats then I am more than happy for them to use it. If you would like to try before you buy you could always come to my gym and give it a go.

Pete Luffman (The Fitness Hub - Portishead)

manta ray a must have piece of equipment

Review submitted on 1st June 2018 by tim

at 60year old and still enjoying/dreading training the MANTA RAY is without doubt the best investment I've ever made, having struggled with rear squats for years I've been doing front squats because of pressure issues on my pronounced vertebrae i'm now back to doing rear squats without any back issues and can have double my bodyweight across my shoulders without any discomfort. My advice would be to buy one from GYMRATZ do not get a Ebay copy there crap, uncomfortable and move about.

Still going strong 10 years on!

Review submitted on 1st July 2009 by Pete Walker Gym RatZ

As I've already mentioned in the description, I have been using my Manta Ray Squat Device for over 10 years now. Apart from my name scribbled in fading permanent marker pen my MantaRay is as good today as when I started using it.

Sure, some people don't get on with it, but they are the ones that didn't need it in the first place. If you have one please fire on in with your reviews.

I can sing it's praise l day, but we sell them, and although anyone that knows Gym RatZ will appreciate we tell it as it is, more independent reviews are always welcome.