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Product Reviews for ADVANCED FITNESS

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Manta Ray Squat Pad

Quite simply: you need this product to maximise your squats. Taking all the pain off your shoulders means you can concentrate all effort on your legs.

(GymRatZ confirmed purchaser)

manta ray a must have piece of equipment

Front Squat Device Sting Ray

bit more of an effort to set up from the back squat manta ray but works really well once you get into the reps


Manta Ray Squat Pad

I thought I add a review to this product because I was surprised there wasnt more reviews already posted. Obvisoly, many gym users still do not know about the Manta Ray! If you don't and you want to squat heavy without the spine pain afterwards then this product is a must. It beats the pads, towels etc anyday. I have used it for the past 2 years and will never do my squats without it. Think about it, you dont want your body wasting time repairing your sore shoulders, when it should be using all available resources rebuildingyour leg muscles. Tip: wrap a small towel over your shoulders before stepping under the mantra ray for increased confort. Lastly, many women do not squat and would encourge them to use this product to make squatting more comfortable.

Quality product

Front Squat Device Sting Ray

I've had a couple of brief aborted attempts at front squat in the past.
Pain in the shoulders from pressure of the bar and finding it impossible to keep the bar in position for very long meant the exercise was very quickly binned.
I used the Sting Ray for five sets plus warm ups and the bar stayed in place really easily and there was no discomfort from the bar at all. It's a quality product and was delivered very promptly.
If you have struggled with front squats for the reasons above I would recommend certainly does what it says on the tin!

user tip !!

Manta Ray Squat Pad

our gym has one and its great on tip is let it slip over the shoulders so the bar sits more over your back and pull it in puts the weight more over your back end so the weight hits your glutes more on the squat !!

Mantra Ray - Dogs Bollocks!!

Manta Ray Squat Pad

Due to a car crash nearly 2 years ago I have been unable to squat due to the pain it caused in my damaged shoulder. I was also unable to perform any heavy pressing movements and as such have lost a lot of muscle mass. Five weeks ago I had surgery and have been advised not to lift my arm above shoulder height for 3 months!! The Doc's advised no weights for arms/shoulder so I looked into other things and remembered the Manta Ray being advertised many years ago,but as with most things that sound to good to be true they usually are. NOT SO the manta ray, I went to the gym today want cranked out 20 heavy breathing squats (youngsters google it!) with no shoulder discomfort at all just sore legs and lungs! I bought this because of injury but would highly recommend it to everyone it makes squatting much more bearable. Get squatting and get gaining. Cheers

More than a pad

Manta Ray Squat Pad

Before buying the manta ray I was sceptical of the claims that it could drastically improve your squatting experience. I've avoided high bar squats for years as the form just never felt right.

Aside from the obvious benefit of keeping the bar away from your spine, the exercise essentially forces you to remain more upright as the bar is slightly higher than usual. It teaches a tight back arch and I had no issues hitting depth with weights comparable to what I would typically low bar squat. I also have some shoulder flexibility issues I'm working through which also were solved by using this piece of kit.

It may seem expensive for a piece of plastic but just srop the money. Its worth it

Manta-Squad Aid

Manta Ray Squat Pad

Good bit of kit that gives you a lot more comfort than the usual foam pads.
Excellent service. Ordered it on Good Friday had it on the Tuesday.

Does exactly what I expected

Front Squat Device Sting Ray

Pros: clips onto barbell perfectly.
Appears to be made to last
Spreads the load over the shoulder muscle and very comfortable to use.

Cons: for me there are no cons as I don't possess the arm/wrist range of motion for the ideal traditional hold/grip but it is designed for the cross over hold with your ones arms internally rotated. It might not work ideally with the traditional grip/hold.

Disappointing so far

Front Squat Device Sting Ray

I bought this product as I’ve been struggling with front squats due to a shoulder injury. The sting ray is helpful with lower weights, but I’ve struggled with it as I’ve increased the weight as I find it difficult to maintain balance.. To be fair, I think part of the problem may be inflexibility in my shoulder, but sadly it seems like it will be one of those pieces of equipment that gets left gathering dust.

Exceptional quality for the price

7ft Olympic Bar - Apex Elite

Super impressed by this bar. Exceptional quality, the best Chinese bar I've ever seen.

Back in the game!

Manta Ray Squat Pad

There are some things you see advertised that make bold claims and never live up to their hype.
This is not one of them!
I have been amazed by the difference this has made to squats for me. I've always enjoyed squats but started to avoid them when more weight was added to the bar as my form deteriorated and I would feel my back strained.
NOT with this simple but highly effective piece of kit, I am squatting again with no discomfort to my back or shoulders.
It's hard to believe that something that looks so simple can make such a huge difference.
I highly recommend this piece of kit.
I would also like to put on record that Gymratz are a great company to deal with and I will not hesitate to use them again for any future purchases.

My Squat helper

Front Squat Device Sting Ray

I don't usually fall for hype over gym assist products, but I will say this product stands up to everything it says, I feel far more comfortable, much more secure, and through that, able to squat with more weight!, a brilliant purchase, and a must for those wanting to do front squats, the only reason I put 9/10, is because trying to fit it on the bar can be awkward, but I'm sure that will loosen the more I use it, well done!

Quality piece of equipment

Manta Ray Squat Pad

As a personal trainer and gym owner I can attest to the quality and effectiveness of the Manta Ray. For some people who find it difficult to find a comfy spot on they're back for squatting, the Manta Ray is invaluable. Many of my gym members and clients love the Manta Ray and if it helps them get on and do squats then I am more than happy for them to use it. If you would like to try before you buy you could always come to my gym and give it a go.

Pete Luffman (The Fitness Hub - Portishead)

manta ray a must have piece of equipment

Manta Ray Squat Pad

at 60year old and still enjoying/dreading training the MANTA RAY is without doubt the best investment I've ever made, having struggled with rear squats for years I've been doing front squats because of pressure issues on my pronounced vertebrae i'm now back to doing rear squats without any back issues and can have double my bodyweight across my shoulders without any discomfort. My advice would be to buy one from GYMRATZ do not get a Ebay copy there crap, uncomfortable and move about.

Still going strong 10 years on!

Manta Ray Squat Pad

As I've already mentioned in the description, I have been using my Manta Ray Squat Device for over 10 years now. Apart from my name scribbled in fading permanent marker pen my MantaRay is as good today as when I started using it.

Sure, some people don't get on with it, but they are the ones that didn't need it in the first place. If you have one please fire on in with your reviews.

I can sing it's praise l day, but we sell them, and although anyone that knows Gym RatZ will appreciate we tell it as it is, more independent reviews are always welcome.

Manta Ray

Manta Ray Squat Pad

I bought this because I'd briefly borrowed someones and I loved it. Makes such a difference to my workouts as it really does spread the load! Very pleased with it!

Absolute Genius

Front Squat Device Sting Ray

I have never been able to get near front squats before (partly because of dodgy wrist), but this little device makes them easy!


Front Squat Device Sting Ray

I've been looking for something to help me with my quads as my gym is a bit limited with equipment. Having the product arrived, I was gutted, it looks like two chicken fillets on some cable. I equally hesitated when I brought it to the gym, as no one wants to be that guy who has all the gear. Never the less I got over the inital questioning and began using it. I can't remember a product becoming such a staple part of my training so quickly. I have gone from 25kg a side to 50kg on the front squat in just over 3 weeks. It brings so much comfort and stability to the movement.

Perfect equipment for your front squats

Front Squat Device Sting Ray

What a great piece of equipment for a good price. Highly recommended.

Awesome product

Manta Ray Squat Pad

I was doing squats in the gym when a guy shows me the Manta Ray. I have always had issues with the bar causing me neck problems. Tried towels/pipe lag. I used the Manta Ray and was hooked instantly. Had several sessions since getting it with no more neck probs. Excellent product and wish I had discovered it years ago!!!!!!
On another plus the service and delivery were excellent also.

Delivers as promised

Manta Ray Squat Pad

I bought the Manta Ray for my son, who's 14. He's a rugby player who's been progressing to strength work with an Olympic bar. However, his developmental age means that while his strength and endurance are improving, he has little hypertrophy so the bar sits uncomfortably on his rather boney shoulders when squatting, lunging, twisting or calf raising. It adversely affects both his form and the number of reps he can do. The Manta Ray has changed all that as the bar now sits comfortably, doesn't move and the weight is distributed across his traps instead of sitting on bone. As a result, his form is vastly improved and he's much more erect. He can also do far more reps due to the increased comfort. A very useful piece of kit.

Worth a try for regular squatters

Manta Ray Squat Pad

I bought one of these about 8 years ago (they were considerably cheaper then!) and can verify that they are virtually indestructible. I have always favoured 20-rep barbell squatting, but used to find that the bar irritated a protruding vertebra, sometimes to the point of causing a bleeding sore.

This pad gets round that problem and is an absolute joy to step under as it seems to mould to the shoulders perfectly. It causes the bar to sit very high on the traps in more of a 'bodybuilding' squat, rather than in the traditional 'powerlifting' style with the bar somewhere down on the lats. This is no bad thing for pure quad development and reduces the strain slightly on the lower back, but it does reduce the overall weight that can be squatted. Clicking the pad onto the bar positively also helps in centring the bar before the set.

I like to use this pad for my warm-up sets and high-rep work, occasionally reverting to the powerlifting style and adding some weight for a few final heavy work sets. You don't see many of these around (you don't see nearly enough people squatting, either), but I am very pleased i bought mine.

Fantastic product

Manta Ray Squat Pad

A real transformation - no discomfort when doing heavier squats and helps posture too.

best device ever

Manta Ray Squat Pad

i was lookin fot this device in so many websites, and gave me the best one for the best price. now i can squat more then ever

Excellent product

Manta Ray Squat Pad

It’s the Manta Ray Squat Pad. What more can I say? It is excellent. I had one for 15 years (!) of squatting and now I bought it again because after all these years my previous one started to have cracks in the plastic. It is one tough product, definitely recommend it.

Manta ray

Manta Ray Squat Pad

Fantastic item brilliant service thank you
Won't let me rate it but I give it 10/10

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