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Performance Grass Gym Adhesive (35m Sq.)

No longer available from ourselves but you will be able to find this or other carpet adhesives available on-line or locally.

This product is currently unavailable to order.

Performance Grass Gym Adhesive (35m Sq.)
Artificial Gras Track Adhesive - 14Kg covers up to 35m sq.
Artificial Gras Track Adhesive - 14Kg covers up to 35m sq.
Performance Grass Gym Adhesive (35m Sq.)

Interior Grass Track Adhesive (approx. 35m sq.)

For gym and indoor track use this single-part flexible adhesive is pretty much essential for ensuring longevity of your performance grass track. If heavy weighted sleds are going to be used then the track needs to be firmly bonded to the underlying concrete floor for which our indoor flexible grass-track adhesive has been purposly created to meet these demands. 
Unlike the 2-part adhesive that cures by chemical reaction, this indoor adhesive is a water based solution which once dry is water resistant but not weather resistant so it's for indoor use only.

Supplied in 14Kg tubs, each tub has a manufacturer claimed coverage of 35 to 40 square metres when applied using a 6mm centre 2mm notched flooring trowel (available from any DIY store)

Before gluing it is advised to un-roll the grass track and leave to "relax" for 48 hours as this will allow any creases or wrinkles to come out prior to laying.

This Gym Grass Track Adhesive can be applied to concrete, cementitious screeds, chipboard, hardboard, plywood and smoothing compounds. With care, textile floor coverings can be laid onto nonporous surfaces, such as asphalt, although it is always advisable to apply a minimum 3mm application of suitable Screedmaster smoothing compound.
It is not suitable for use with highly plasticised PVC or fibre bonded carpets with a nylon content in excess of 30%. Suitable for use with all underfloor heating systems (surface floor temperature must not exceed 27ºC). However underfloor heating should be switched off at least 48 hours before and after the installation of floor covering.

Although not essential, rolling the grass track with some form of flat/smooth roller ensures the glue is both even distributed and full contact made between grass and concrete for optimal adhesion whilst also ensuring no wrinkles are left which will be impossible to remove or press down once fully cured.

Technical details as follows:

  • Acrylic adhesive
  • Low-VOC
  • Excellent Grab
  • Good open time (20 to 40 minutes)
  • Application: Suitable equipment for bead application or notched trowel for all over application.
  • Application temperature limits 5°C - 40°C (A minimum of 15°C is recommended for vinyls)

Application notes:
The floor covering should be laid into the wet adhesive. Typical open time is between 20-40 minutes. To ensure good contact with the carpet use a roller or other method recommended by the covering manufacturer. For difficult carpets or poor ambient conditions re-roll after 45 - 60 minutes to reinforce the bond.

For specific application please refer to manufacturers label details.


Performance Grass Adhesive (24m Sq.)

Performance Grass Adhesive (24m Sq.)

If you're looking to use your performance grass track for weighted sled work we strongly suggest bonding the track to the concrete sub-floor. This will eliminate any issues with the track rucking up as the sled travels along. this 10kg bucket will cover approximately 24 square metres and is a 2-part

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