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Free Standing Grappler (single)

Price: £285.00

GRWG-GrapplerX1f/s (ex VAT)

Free Standing Grappler (single)
Free Standing GymRatZ Grappler.
Free Standing Grappler (single)
Multi-pivoting GymRatZ Grappler.
Free Standing Grappler (single)
GymRatZ - the choice of the pro's!
Free Standing GymRatZ Grappler.
Free Standing Grappler (single)

GymRatZ Free Standing Single Grappler

With roller bearings in each pivot point of our Grapplers there's no slack or wobble just perfectly smooth motion in all directions.

The Grappler is a Popular choice with rugby players for rotational torso exercises, also Mixed Martial Arts and any contact sport or  Martial Art that involves twisting or throwing, grappling and ground-work.

In the following video you can see a Bolt Down Double Grappler being used with a single Olympic bar in  the same way as you would use this single Grappler however the exercises possible are only limited by your imagination. Perhaps use a close grip cable handle on the bar or buy the matching Grappler Handle Package to make a heavy duty commercial version of the Body-Solid T-bar Row Package ! The options are many.


The Free Standing Grappler is designed to be weighted down (with olympic weights), but we also offer bolt down versions (please see 'Similar Items').

For use with olympic (2") bars and plates only (sold separately).

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1 Reviews
Free Standing Grappler (single)

Excellent product, excellent customer service!

Review submitted on 7th May 2010 by

I bought the grappler to go in our college gym here at Wolfson. The grappler is excellent for a complete range of barbell exercises, although our predominant use is for T bar rows. The weighted end (on which to add weights plates) are perfect as they allow maximum mobility in the limited space we have, yet allows secure lifting when loaded.

I would also like to pay tribute to the excellent customer service that Gym Ratz provided. Having used a number of different suppliers for our gym renovation this year, Gym Ratz would easily rank highest for efficiency and reliability.

All round perfect consumer experience!

Paul Hurst

WCSA President 2009-10
Wolfson College, Cambridge