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GymRatZ Plate Load Lateral Raise

GymRatZ Plate Load Lateral Raise
Plate Load, Side Lateral Raise Shoulder/Rehab. Machine
Plate Load, Side Lateral Raise Shoulder/Rehab. Machine
GymRatZ Plate Load Lateral Raise

GymRatZ Plate Load Lateral Raise Machine

This Plate Load Lateral Raise Machine is a bit of an odd one. Whilst it combines a brilliance of product design and engineering it is still a slightly unusual exercise to base a whole machine around. The "shoulder muscles" are essentially 3 muscle heads; front, side and rear deltoids. The lateral raise exercise when performed strictly only really targets the one of these 3 muscles as a primary, so it's a lot of machine for a small muscle head with no other secondary excercise.  That said, let's look at what a machine does better than free-weights.
Firstly a machine can force the user into a very tightly controlled range of motion and significantly limit or remove any "cheat" that usually comes from other muscle groups when the target muscle becomes exhausted. Something else a well designed machine can do is manipulate muscle loading through the use of off-set cams etc.

The standard free-weight dumbbell lateral shoulder raise increases load from zero to maximum as the arm is raised however the muscle is strongest at the start of the movement and reduces it's capacity as the arm raises. A machine such as this one can start the movement with a higher load and reduce the load as the arm elevates making for a greater range of motion and more even muscle loading.

As you can see from the above, one area where this machine might be extremely beneficial could be for rehabillitation where it would without doubt be superior to the traditional dumbbell side lateral raise, or indeed a "free-weight free" gym if such a thing still exists.

With a lifetime commercial warranty you know your investment will keep performing year after year.

GymRatZ Plate Load Standing Side Lat Machine Dimensions:

Width: 1050mm
Depth: 850mm
Height: 1835mm

Lifetime Commercial Frame Warranty

Please select your colour choices for Frame, Pads and Stitching from the options below:

Colours Available: Please mark your choices in the additional comments box when ordering.

  • FRAME: Black, Gun Metal*, Clear Coat, Rhino Grey, WG Red, Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, White
  • UPHOLSTRY: Black, Grey, WG Red, Bright Red, Orange, Blue, Mulberry, Cappuccino, Green, Yellow.
  • STITCHING: Black, Dark Grey, Grey, Bright Red, Orange, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Fawn, Green, Yellow, White.

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