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GymRatZ Standing Leg Curl

GymRatZ Standing Leg Curl
GymRatZ Standing Leg Curl shown with silver frame and black upholstery.
GymRatZ Standing Leg Curl
Close-up of the knee pad and leg rollers on our standing leg curl.
GymRatZ Standing Leg Curl
100kg weight stack featured on the Standing Leg Curl machine.
GymRatZ Standing Leg Curl
With a wide range of frame, upholstry and stitching colours available.
GymRatZ Standing Leg Curl
Our Standing Leg Curl really isolates the biceps femoris (hamstrings)
GymRatZ Standing Leg Curl
Left and right legs performed individually
GymRatZ Standing Leg Curl
Microload weight option for 2kg or 4kg weight increments
GymRatZ Standing Leg Curl
GymRatZ Commercial Gym Equipment  - the professionals choice!
GymRatZ Standing Leg Curl shown with silver frame and black upholstery.
GymRatZ Standing Leg Curl

GymRatZ Standing Leg Curl

Information about the GymRatZ Selectorised Standing Leg Curl

I must admit that I'm a fan of reverse hamstring curls (on glute ham bench), seated hamstring curls, standing hamstring curls and stiff-leg deadlifts, basically, every exercise for hamstrings in preference to lying hamstring curls. Therefore, the Standing Leg Curl is another welcome addition to our range, all be it very rare in commercial gyms. So, why not join the elite crowd and equip your gym with a Standing Leg Curl?

As with all our GymRatZ Selectorised weight stack machines the weight stack can be upgraded both in weight and with the optional microload weights which add either +2Kg or +4Kg to the top of the weight stack, offering micro plate increments especially beneficial for use in rehabillitation facillities or with younger and less able athletes*.  (See weight note below)

When not in use the microload weights simply lock-off right at the top of the weight stack guide rods so as not to interfere with the normal operation of the stack.

Technical details of the GymRatZ Standing Leg Curl Machine

  • Electrostatic Powder Coat Frame
  • Ideal for heavy-duty commercial gym use
  • Dimensions: 900mm x 1050mm x 1750mm
  • Micro-Load weight stack option adds +2kg or +4kg to each weight plate
  • 2:1 Pulley ratio makes the weight increments around 2.5kg per plate and *1Kg/2Kg on the micro-load option.


All GymRatZ Gym Equipment comes as standard with white, silver, or black frame. Other colours are available (please see full list below). All GymRatZ Gym Equipment is made to order and subsequently each order regarded as a special order. This means that lead times may vary.

Colour Options:
With a huge range of off-the-shelf colour options as standard we're sure you'll find just the right combination of frame, upholstry (and stitching) to match your gym colour scheme. We do think that stitching to match the frame colour is quite exceptional though and one of our favourite combinations is Orange frame, Black Upholstry and Orange stitching.

Colours Available: Please mark your choices in the additional comments box when ordering.
  • FRAME: Black, Gun Metal*, Clear Coat, Rhino Grey, WG Red, Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, White
  • UPHOLSTRY: Black, Grey, WG Red, Bright Red, Orange, Blue, Mulberry, Cappuccino, Green, Yellow.
  • STITCHING: Black, Dark Grey, Grey, Bright Red, Orange, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Fawn, Green, Yellow, White.
* "Gun Metal" isn't a precise colour. The gun metal powder coat we use is almost black. rather than any sort of grey. If you're considering this colour option we have images we can send before you decide.

Typical Lead Time for Commercial "Made to order" items is around 4 to 5 weeks average depending on seasonal fluctuations.

 The GymRatZ Standing Leg Curl can be sent on a pallet by carrier (minimal assembly required). If you would like the Standing Leg Curl installed, please call for pricing.

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GymRatZ Leg Extension/Curl

GymRatZ Leg Extension/Curl

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