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Premium Rack Dip Handles

 Premium Rack Dip Handles
 Premium Rack Dip Handles
 Premium Rack Dip Handles

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Premium Dip Handle Attachment

Designed and fabricated in the UK

Accessories and attachements for UK manufactured premium commercial wall mounted squat racks only

This Dip-Handle Attachment features thich grip handles to take the pressure of ones palms when perfroming loaded dips with a dip belt.

Colour choice available : Red, Blue, Green, Black, Silver 

These dip handles will dispatch with your rack- fabrication time for all item 10-14 working days


NOTE: This item is only available for sale with or to customers that have previously purchased the a premium wall mounted squat rack



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GymRatZ Dip Station

GymRatZ Dip Station

Heavy-duty dip station for heavy users with additional weights. Plus, thanks to the narrowing dipping bars, equally suited to the most petite of ladies as well as the 20 stone monsters or for differing angle techniques.

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