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Impulse Warrior Rig Package

Impulse Warrior Rig Package
BRAND NEW Warrior rig package with all the added extra's
Impulse Warrior Rig Package
Warrior rig footprint ( L 480cm x W 438cm x H 254cm )
Impulse Warrior Rig Package
BRAND NEW Warrior rig package with all the added extra's
Impulse Warrior Rig Package

Barbarian Warrior Rig Package

A brilliant complete rig package, everything you see in the picture is included and all commercial grade accessories. For anyone starting up a gym or just looking to update an old rig this would be the perfect option its all there in one brilliant package with no need to look around for all of the essentials.

The Warrior functional training rig package is the ideal option for multi user/group training. The rig features a wide variety of stations which also inculde a Dual Adjustable Pulley (DAP). The integrated monkey bar ladder sits within the rig and is surrounded by the other stations.

The dimensions for the Barbarian Warrior rig inculding the attachments are ( L 480cm x W 438cm x H 254cm ). The recommended required operating space would be 8m x 8m.

Top View for the warroir rig frame

Accessories Inculded :

  • 2 x suspension trainers
  • 1 x short handle attachment
  • 1 x long handle attachment
  • 1 x DAP training belt
  • 9 x integrated accessory storage trays ( for medicine balls,kettlebells etc)
  • 6 x u link adjustment columns ( for attaching suspension trainers/power bands etc)
  • 1 x battle rope
  • 1 x adjustable step / plyometric platform
  • 1 x adjustable dipping attachment
  • 2 x chin up bars
  • 1 x set of kettlebells (4,6,8,10,12,16,20 and 24kg rubber coated / crome handled kettlebells)
  • 1 x medicine ball set (1,2,3,4 and 5kg)
  • 1 x double grip medicine ball set (6,8 and 10kg)
  • 1 x medicine ball rebounder
  • 1 x 4ft punchbag and mitts
  • 1 x powerband set


Delivery and installation is recommened/essential and will be priced depending on area/location and site access.

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GymRatZ Animal Half Rack Jungle

GymRatZ Animal Half Rack Jungle

A bit of a beast for you here: the GymRatZ Crossfit Training Rig. Comprises: 2 half racks (with 2 bar holders each and adjustable hooks & safeties); ladder-style chin bars as crossbeams; monkey bars joining the two half racks. Measurements are: 5500mm Wide, 1350mm Deep, 2750mm High.

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1 Reviews
Impulse Warrior Rig Package

What more could you want from a rig package

Review submitted on 12th February 2015 by

You know how sometimes you see images of products on web sites and they're always accompanied by a disclaimer stating the image is for representation only and product excludes blah blah blah... well, all I can say is this is the most comprehensive multi-station gym rig package of quality items I've ever seen. It really is a pre-planned, very well thought out package that eliminates all the pre-planning and purchasing but more than that, it's an unbeatable price too! BRILLIANT.