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TRX style Pro Suspension Trainer (500Kg)

You Save: £10.00 - 13% Discount RRP Price: £79.99
Special Price: £69.99

fm-fsusptrain (incl VAT)

TRX style Pro Suspension Trainer (500Kg)
500Kg Load rated - double stitched, double webbing, steel buckles...
TRX style Pro Suspension Trainer (500Kg)
The Pro Suspension Trainer kit.
TRX style Pro Suspension Trainer (500Kg)
Close-up: Comfy handles. Durable plastic ergo handles with rubber coating.
TRX style Pro Suspension Trainer (500Kg)
Close-up: Metal strap adjuster. Also features a metal carabiner too.
TRX style Pro Suspension Trainer (500Kg)
Close-up: Anchor strap D-ring adjustments for easy fixing to many objects (door, machine crossbar, small tree).
TRX style Pro Suspension Trainer (500Kg)
TRX style Pro Suspension Trainer (500Kg)
Outdoor fitness idea -take trx to the park
500Kg Load rated - double stitched, double webbing, steel buckles...
TRX style Pro Suspension Trainer (500Kg)

TRX Style Pro Suspension Trainer

Weighing a mere 1.2kg, The Pro-Suspension Bodyweight Trainer by Fitness Mad is an inexpensive bodyweight training tool that you can workout with any time, anywhere. The fully-adjustable Pro Suspension Trainer is tested to 450kg with a suggested maximum user weight of 125kg (over 19.5 stone) and suitable for full commercial gym and studio or club use.

Why is it so much cheaper than the original TRX Suspension Trainer ? Well it doesn't come with an instructional DVD but there's a wealth of information and exercises on youtube etc and most of our customers have been personal trainers and gyms where the most important factor is price, quality and suitabillity for commercial use. These trainers tick ALL the boxes and then some.

Trainers like the FK Pro are massively over engineered with very heavy and large clips reminicent of heavy lifting or Search and Recovery equipment, not something you would want to carry about with you travelling etc. 

The biggest stumbling block we found when we introduced these suspension trainers was the price. There are some genuinely nasty and poorly made suspension trainers on the market at prices that are pretty close to these, and TRX etc had already set the pricing point of £150 and upwards so for the quality these Fitness Mad items should have been launched at £80 or so which would have made them EASIER to sell as a quality product.
I've been using a set of these in the shop now for about 6 months and they are excellent. Comfortable and the buckles don't slip in any way. Fixing clips are very ggod quality and made in Taiwan rather than China. Still not sure? pop into our shop and give them a go or just takem my word for it that they are without doubt the very best product on the market with regards to quality and performance suitable for commercial use.

by Pete Walker

Here's the spec. of the TRX Style Pro Suspension Trainer...

Built-to-last using high-strength polyester webbing with industrial bartack stitching. The unique T-fastener buckle allows for quick adjustment of the apex-style straps which adjust from 1.2m to 2.5m (excluding the anchor strap) to suit users of all sizes and abilities. The apex suspension straps attach to the 1.25m anchor strap, which offers 5 attachment positions when used with the integral door jam. Alternatively, the anchor strap can be clipped to a wall/ machine eyelet (not included) or wrapped around a secure object (e.g. rack or machine crossbar).

The Pro Suspension Trainer features:

  • Padded handles.
  • Integrated foot cradles (for ground-based exercises).
  • Adjustable length apex straps.
  • Anchor strap with multiple attachment positions.
  • Load tested to over 450kg.
  • Mesh carry bag.



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3 Reviews
TRX style Pro Suspension Trainer (500Kg)

Fit for purpose

Review submitted on 29th January 2018 by

Considerably cheaper than TRX but sufficiently robust that I have confidence that the product will last.

TRX style Pro Suspension Trainer (500Kg)

Straps aernt as easy to adjust as trx

Review submitted on 21st July 2014 by

For the price incredibly good value. Getting the straps to the same lengths is not as easy as with trx, Adjusting is easy if not as precise.

TRX style Pro Suspension Trainer (500Kg)

A must have! Why spend £200 on a brand?!

Review submitted on 27th May 2014 by

Got these as soon as they came in! Recommended them to all my friends. (I paid £50 and i thought that was value!) I did my research before buying some TRX and the only difference is the handles are solid knurled plastic rather than foam on the trx. And i think these are actually better. I've used them a lot to get that additional dimension to my training. Use them at the start of your workout! Trust, they are hard and take some getting used to. I went from 50 (or so) standard press-ups to 9 on these things. Bargain.