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Olympic Safety Squat Bar (Jordan)

Olympic Safety Squat Bar (Jordan)
Jordan Safety Squat Bar (Imported - shipped from stock)
Jordan Safety Squat Bar (Imported - shipped from stock)
Olympic Safety Squat Bar (Jordan)

Olympic Safety Squat Bar (Jordan)

Here at GymRatZ we made the very first Safety Squat Bar in the UK for London Irish rugby squad. Today we still make the very same unit some 20 years on and it still remains the best Safety Squat Bar ever made to our minds and un-matched with regards to ergonomics, capacity and bar netrality.

In more recent years various SafetySquat Bars have been manufactured overseas and imported leading to much quicker turnaround, often next day delivery whereas our GymRatZ Safety Squat Bar (SSB) is still subject to long lead times as they are made to order along with all our GymRatZ Heavy Duty Gym Equipment. This is where the likes of the Jordan Safety Squat Bar come into their own. Being imported in bulk they are typically a "stock" item and can be sent out for delivery within a day or two. 

Design and angles don't follow that of our original SSB but the alternative geometry of the Jordan Safety Squat Bar still makes for a very useful addition to any gym.

Main benefit of a Safety Squat Bar is for users with restricted shoulder movement, perhaps from injury or disabillity that prevents the user from getting the hands back to shoulder line to perform regular back squats. SSB designs such as this Jordan SSB with the weights cranked forward of a the centre line give a slightly greater load on the back and posteria chain muscles as they work to compensate for the rotation created by the bar; not in it's self a bad thing but an alternative, plus the slight forward rotation also ensures the bar remains firmly seated on the users shoulders without fear or concern about bar position.Weight: 21kg

  • Length: 220cm
  • Max Load: 150kg
  • Distance between Inside of handles approx 30cm
  • Distance between bends at the top of the bar approx 133cm
  • Length of handles approx 32cm
  • Length of neck pad approx 28cm
  • Length of sleeve/loading pin  approx 28cm
  • Length of the thick part of the sleeve approx 4cm



GymRatZ Safety Squat Bar

GymRatZ Safety Squat Bar

Heavy-duty Safety Squat Bar. The rollers are thick and durable and the bar's constructed from heavy-gauge steel. GymRatZ Safety Squat Bar is a great tool for anyone suffering from rotator cuff problems or had a shoulder reconstruction and wishing to squat.

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