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Maximuscle Leather Power Belt

Maximuscle Leather Power Belt
This is one very heavy duty powerbelt!
Maximuscle Leather Power Belt
Maximum External circumference is 48" on the biggest hole.
This is one very heavy duty powerbelt!
Maximuscle Leather Power Belt

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Maximuscle Power Belt


Discontinued by brand in 2014

4" wide 1cm thick very heavy duty power belt. It's a monster! External circumference on the biggest hole is about 48"

What is a Power Belt used for?

General weight training doesn't require a very heavy duty weightlifting belt, in fact, most weight training doesn't require a belt at all. However for extremes of lifting you may need extremes of belts. Maximuscle Power Belt is not suitable for regular gym use. But it is going to keep your guts in for very heavy squats.

Review: Maximuscle Leather Powerlifting Belt

These heavy duty lifting belts have been fairly popular in the shop with customers looking for something a little "Extra" with regards to power lifting belts. Maximuscle have been selling these powerlifting belts for many years now, the design and manufacture has changed in the last few years and in my mind (Pete) they are not as good as they used to be however they are still by far the heaviest duty belt we've seen for a long while. 

The Maximuscle Powerbelt is NOT the typical weight lifting belt you'd find in your average sports shop. These belts are seriously heavy duty. For the majority of weight trainers they are too heavy duty, 99% of folks would be better off with the Valeo velcro webbing belt we sell ( VLP belt), but for the 1% that NEED massive strength and restraint for powerlifting, this belt is very adequate. One size fits all (Except the very large, which the Velcro belts will accommodate).

Note. This leather powerbelt is heavy duty and will take many months to "bed in" and become completely supple.

What Maximuscle say about their leather power belts :

"leather powerbelt"

"If you're doing heavy deadlifts, squats etc, then you need a good strong belt. These belts are 1cm thick and are made from 4 layers of top quality hide and 4” thick all round, essential for maintaining correct posture and reducing injury. These are the strongest belts you can buy. The belts are lined on both sides with suede for greater comfort, with no need to wear them in like those cheap hard leather belts. Maximuscle’s Power belts have a quick release catch that is extremely quick and easy to open. Note: standard belts with a thin front are dangerous!"

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Maximuscle Leather Power Belt

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