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Weight Lifting Belt

Weight Lifting Belt
Not a macho leather belt but a comfortable, and very effective lifting belt.
Not a macho leather belt but a comfortable, and very effective lifting belt.
Weight Lifting Belt

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Weight Lifting Belt (Comfort)

With it's profiled foam support and webbing strap that is locked back on it's self through a tough stainless steel "roller" buckle this weight lifting belt does everything a belt should do with minimum expense and maximum cost efficiency.

This Low Profile (no buckle as such) belt is the perfect solution not just for weight training but for anyone that requires a bit of a helping hand when performing manual lifting at work e.g. furniture removal, warehouse personnel, builders and gardeners etc etc.

How to use weight training belt.

NOTE: a lifting belt is NOT and should never be considered as a "back support" it is not there to support the back, no, that's what your spinae erector muscles are for. A belt is there to act as a non-expansive strap which will increase your intra-abdominal pressure when lifting heavy loads. In other words it provides something for your abdominal muscles to press against making it easier to keep your mid section nice and tight with less effort.

The Fitness Mad lifting belt provides support where it should be. Support around the waist and not in the vertical plane where many "belt wearers" think it should be.

A weight lifting belt should ONLY be used on the very heaviest of sets and for big lifts like Deadlifts or Squats because you really DO want your lower back to work hard as that is the only way it is going to get stronger and provide greater protection to your lower back and spine. You do NOT need to use a lifting belt for arms, shoulders, leg extensions, calves etc etc etc. To the clued up lifter it make you look like a Gym-Wally!

One other key advantage of using a lifting belt on your "sh1t-or-bust" set is more focus on the lift and less focus on trying to keep tight which leads to a bigger lift. Sure, use a belt but use it wisely and for the appropriate set for maximum strength and performance gains!

Which size weightlifting belt should I choose?

With a good size range you should find a belt that will allow for a little extra growth or reduction in the waist area however if you are borderline between sizes it's best to go for the smaller size as you will always want to pull the belt in tighter than your actual waist size.

On this matter be aware that just because your jeans might say 34" on the label, if they are a "well worn"  34" your waist could be quite a bit bigger so it's aways best to check with a tape measure especially if you fall into a borderline size.

Sizes quoted by manufacturer as follows:

S - 27.5" to 33"  (70cm - 85cm)

M - 32" to 37" (81cm - 96cm)

L - 37" to 42" (94cm - 109cm)

XL 42" to 50" (108cm - 124cm)

For a "hands-on" users review check my product review on the review tab or click the number by the row of stars ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ 


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1 Reviews
Weight Lifting Belt

Great value and very effective

Review submitted on 24th May 2010 by

In order to give this weight lifting belt a true review I fished a medium sized belt from stock for my Jeans 34" Tape 36" waist and strapped myself in. I wanted to get a feel for the comfort in the situation it was most likely to dig in. i.e. an "Arse to Grass" full depth squat (or a true squat rather than the overloaded partials that most gym heroes call a squat).

So with our shop demo. Fat Bar loaded with a few 20's I fired out 20 reps.This belt was really easy to put on and tighten up. Yes I knew I was wearing a belt at the bottom of the squat as it was on the verge of starting to nudge it's way into the joint where leg meets body but I was deep and it wasn't uncomfortable or distracting.

Given that this was a new belt, off the shelf it was remarkably comfortable. I would expect with a few squat sessions it would become even more comfortable once the points of contact softened up a bit.

For the price it is un-beatable and gave full confidence in the squat.
Not a full 10 stars yet as I would need to review it after it had been broken in a bit more but for the money, even if it only lasts a year or two it's great value and does what a lifting belt is supposed to do.