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Nike Romaleos 2 UNLIMITED

Nike Romaleos 2 UNLIMITED
NEW - Nike Unlimited Romaleo 2 Lifter - Latest Colour for order
Nike Romaleos 2 UNLIMITED
Nike Romaleo 2 Lifter "Unlimited" pink/green colour
NEW - Nike Unlimited Romaleo 2 Lifter - Latest Colour for order
Nike Romaleos 2 UNLIMITED

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Nike Romaleos 2 Unlimited


So what's new for 2016/2017 well, apart from the stunning new colour seen here called "Unlimited"  there's nothing new.

What can we say about the new Nike Unlimited colours? Um.... how about bright, daring, bold, stand-out and many other phrases. First sighting brings with it an OMG WTF response but what we now know is that Nike's marketing is way more than simple colour changes. The new "Unlimited" colour scheme has been replicated across Nikes sportshoe range. Each range having it's own radical variation and theme using the same colours in significantly different ways.

Also, if yu were paying attention to the Olympics in Rio you'd have spotted a huge amount of athletes in track and field events sproting the distinctive pink/green Unlimited colour scheme. Subtle subliminal marketing...  Those Nike guys use all the tricks in the book of marketing psychology.

The other thing we've realised over the years of selling Nike Romaleos is that with every new colour comes a massive demand from the; dare I say; image conscious CrossFit enthusiast....   Stand out from the crowd and get your Unlimited Nike Roamleos ordered today.

I expect the Nike Romaleo 3 will be due around 2017 to boost sales with some minor design and style tweaks but other than that the Nike Romaleo 2 remains (in our mind) the best weightlifting and CrossFit shoe available to date.  Oh, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT order a shoe half a size smaller than your regular Nike shoe size unless you'd be classed as a 1/4 size if they existed. It's still an incredibly stiff shoe designed for performance and support rather than comfort. A smaller size will make your Crossfit classes painful and not only will you have calouses on your hands but you'll get blisters that never heal on your feet. DON'T DO IT.

FAQuestion: "What size Nike Romaleo should I order as I've seen suggestions to go half a size smaller on some forums?"

ANSWER: We ALWAYS advise ordering the SAME SIZE as you would wear a regular Nike trainer or a regular "work" shoe. i.e. if somone asked your shoe size in general then that is the size you need, it really is that simple! All sizes are UK sizes and if you only wear Reebok trainers then get along to a sports shoe shop that sells Nike trainers and try a few pairs on. Find the best (most comfortable) fit that isn't sloppy nor overly tight and there's your answer.  Remember the Romaleo 2 comes with a training inner-sole which is flatter and softer and a competition inner-sole being much firmer and more contoured for greater rigity and support when competing rather than crossfitting etc.  :)

REMEMBER - Nike Romaleos are a COMPETITION Weight Lifting Shoe. They are NOT a running or cross-training shoe. They are designed for maximising olympic lifts and therefore are tight and stiff to provide the required support. If you want "comfortable" shoes in preference to PERFORMANCE shoes these are not for you. DO NOT RETURN THESE SHOES TO THE GYMRATZ ADDRESS we will ONLY accept returns once we have issued a returns authorisation number and return address details.

Tech Cpec. as follows:

  • NIKE contoured TPU heel wedge cups the heel and supports the foot to provide unmatched lifting stability.
  • Integrated lacing and double power straps lock foot firmly in place.
  • Ultra supportive, durable upper materials and construction
  • Includes training and competition insoles

By Peter Walker (Creator and editor of GymRatZ since 1999)

Nike Romaleos 2 Weightlifting Shoes are not available to try on in store. Delivery only.

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Nike Romaleos 2 Weightlifting Shoe

Nike Romaleos 2 Weightlifting Shoe

Nike Romaleos 2 are here and going faster than hot potatoes on a cold winters night in the Victorian street market. A shoe is a shoe and if it's performance for your lifts then colour shouldn't matter, however when it's as vibrant as the new 2016 colours are the most stunning range to date...

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