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Rubber Flooring Adhesive

Rubber Flooring Adhesive
GymRatZ Pro-Seal 322 commercial rubber floor tile adhesive
GymRatZ Pro-Seal 322 commercial rubber floor tile adhesive
Rubber Flooring Adhesive

GymRatZ Pro-Seal 322

Our Pro-Seal 322 Rubber floor gym tile adhesive is specifically formulated for butt jointing rubber gym tiles to one-another where no interlocking system is provided and the tiles are not locked in place by perimeter walls (such as our Crossfit Tiles  being used in a small lifting area  with ramp edges to surrounding floor for example).

Manufactured as a construction grade adhesive specifically for jointing, bonding and sealing in construction and commercial flooring aplications also for bonding constructions subjected to vibrations.

Supplied in standard 300ml cartridges for use in a standard skeleton gun available from any DIY/hardware store.

GymRatZ Pro-Seal 322 is a moisture cured sealant/adhesive

  • Covereage: Linear metre coverage is dependent on thickness of sealant bead applied, for example a 4mm x 4mm bead will give 18 linear metres whereas a 5mm x 5mm bead will give 12 linear metres but for high load situations where a large surface area bond is required and also consideration to strategic bonding of the underside of tiles to the sub-floor, for calculation purposes 10m linear metres per tube would be a safe bet to work on.
  • Cure Time:
    • Skin formation occurs after approximately 60 minutes depending on Relative Humidity and Temp.
    • Full curing rate at 23 degrees C and 65% R.H. is 4mm per 24 hours.
  • Strength: Greter than 600% stretch before breaking occurs
  • Colour: Black,

Benefits of Pro-Seal 322

  • Remains elastic after full curing has occured
  • High bond strength on almost all surfaces
  • High colour stabillity
  • Good chemical resistance

Preperation and Application

Surfaces to be bonded must be clean and free from dirt, dust and other contaminants. Temerature range for application should be between 5 and 30 degrees C.
Cut the cap and attach supplied nozzle. Trim end of nozzle slightly to increase adhesive bead size depending on width of joint surface to be adhered.

Dispense adhesive to one side of the two items to be bonded, bring components together and apply pressure to ensure full contact of all surfaces.

Once entire area has been bonded allow a minimum of 24 hours for adhesive to fully cure and reach maximum strength.

Where Floor tiles are to be subjected to significant loads we suggest bonding the tiles to the floor substrate in addition to perimiter fixing with adjoining tiles.

Perimeter bonding of tiles is only usually required where tiles don't form part of a complete floor which would normally be constrained by walls on all sides.