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WATERROWER S4 V.1 PC Cable (Serial Port)

WATERROWER S4 V.1 PC Cable (Serial Port)
WATERROWER PC Cable (serial port).
WATERROWER S4 V.1 PC Cable (Serial Port)
Buy a PC Cable for your WATERROWER with S4 Monitor and enter the We-Row online rowing community.
WATERROWER S4 V.1 PC Cable (Serial Port)
Image of the easy to navigate We-Row racing website.
WATERROWER PC Cable (serial port).
WATERROWER S4 V.1 PC Cable (Serial Port)

PC Cable

PC Cable for the WATERROWER's S4 Monitor.

The WATERROWER S4 Monitor has a pc connection outlet. Thereby, you can connect the WATERROWER S4 to a PC by means of this special connection cable.

Your PC requires a vacant Serial port or, if not available, then the addition of our USB Adaptor.

Once connected, if your PC or laptop is connected to your home broadband connection you can go on-line and compete against others across the world, store your best times and distances on-line and race against an automatic "pace" boat for additional motivation.

For more information visit the following site: We-Row 
IMPORTANT NOTE: Feb. 2015 - The We-Row project software hasn't been available for around 12 months at time of writing and the alternative row-fit software offered by WATERROWER doesn't currently appear to communicate with the workout monitor so although WATERROWER are aware of these issues we don't currently have an expected time for software to be re-developed.

Best of all, the We-Row web site, and all its services, is completely FREE! Why not join up today to make sure your preferred user name is still available.


WATERROWER PC Cable Features:

  • Race on-line against other oponents or friends.
  • Increases motivation significantly by having real oponents to race against in real time.
  • Store and log all your workouts on-line.
  • Get your name in lights on the We-Row website forum if you can beat current records.


If your PC has no serial connection, as mentioned above, you will need the WATERROWER USB Adapter to convert your USB into a serial port for connection of the PC Cable.

PC Cable is purchasable with the WATERROWER rowing machines with S4 Monitor only. Rower sold separately.

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