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Assault AirRunner Treadmill

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To pre-order our best selling commercial Curved Treadmill see the following:
Curved Treadmill 2.0

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Assault AirRunner Treadmill
Brand new to the UK, revolutionary new AirRunner treadmill.
Assault AirRunner Treadmill
Durable slat belt
Brand new to the UK, revolutionary new AirRunner treadmill.
Assault AirRunner Treadmill

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Assault AirRunner Treadmill

The AirRunner follows on from the Assault Air Bike and is a self-powered curved treadmill which matches individual users pace from a walk to a sprint and all speeds in between without any user intervention, it's completely adaptive and instantaneously responsive to changes in running pace and stride length.

A revolutionary new concept from the Assault Fitness team, the Air Runner Treadmill features a concave deck Curved Treadmill  which is highly ergonomic, and is motor and cable free allowing for the freedom to position it wherever you wish.

The Assault AirRunner has been proven to effectively burn up to 30% more calories than a traditional powered treadmill, and the speed at which it can withstand is limited only by the users capabilities. Featuring an incredibly solid steel frame and handrails, corrosion resistant hardware, and a slat belt running surface that is tested to last up to 150,000 miles, you can be sure that this thing is built to last.

Being free from the limitations of the motor as found on traditional treadmills means there is no maximum speed, you can push as hard and for as long as your physically capable. Perfect for Fartlek training without having to mess around with speed settings and buttons. You are the workout.

Possibly the lightest commercially rated 33" treadmill available, the odd relocation will not be a problem.





Frame - Powder Coated Steel
Bluetooth - Yes
Rest & Work LED's - Yes
Max User Weight - 158.8kg


Weight - 127kg
Length - 177.5cm
Width - 83.3cm
Height - 162.6cm

Warranty - 3 years Parts






Curved Treadmill 2.0

Curved Treadmill 2.0

The Curve 2.0 Treadmill has rapidly become one of our top selling commercial treadmills not just for HIIT crossfit and commercial gyms but for the home training athlete that wants a top grade curved treadmill for intense and consistent training at home.

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