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Cambered Squat Bar (Type2) >500Kg

Price: £335.00

grwg-CamberedSquat-type2 (ex VAT)

Cambered Squat Bar (Type2) >500Kg
Heavy Duty Cambered Squat Bar (Type 2)
Heavy Duty Cambered Squat Bar (Type 2)
Cambered Squat Bar (Type2) >500Kg

Rackable Cambered Squat Bar (Type2)

NOTE: This item was formerly a lower weight capacity than the H/D version but now the only version available is the H/D version so images and price have been updated to reflect this.

Whether you order from this product pasge or the H/D (500Kg) product page the product delivered will be identical.

Our Ultra Heavy Duty Rackable Cambered Squat Bar (Type2) gives a lower centre of gravity which is also further forward when squatting compared to a straight bar. The 36cm camber allows hands to be positioned lower which reduces work done by the upper back and places an increased work load on the lower back.

The Rackable Cambered Squat Bar (Type2) is also fantastic for goodmornings and Zercher Squats and Zercher Walks. (See Video)

This rackable cambered squat bar is engineered for heavy duty commercial gym use but equally at home in any high quality home gym or heavy duty squat rack or power cage.

Technical details of the GymRatZ Rackable Cambered Squat Bar

  • Electrostatic Powder Coat Finish with zinc plated weight horns.
  • Easier to hold and use with shoulder injuries.
  • Rackable Cambered Squat Bar (Type2) designed for use in a squat rack
  • Cambered to 360mm
  • Load rated over 500Kg

For use with olympic (2") plates only (sold separately).


Made in UK for GymRatZ Heavy Duty Commercial Gym Equipment

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Cambered Squat Bar (Type 1)

Cambered Squat Bar (Type 1)

The GymRatZ Olympic Cambered Squat Bar is an ideal addition to any heavy duty freeweight gym. Many find a cambered squat bar more comfortable across their traps and the angle provides less strain on their shoulders.

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Cambered Squat Bar (Type2) H/D 500Kg

Cambered Squat Bar (Type2) H/D 500Kg

Our H/D Rackable Cambered Squat Bar (Type2) 500+Kg capacity is the same dimensions as our regular type 2 cambered squat bar but with additional strengthening fillets across the corners to significantly uprate the loading capacity and resistance to bending under heavy failed lifts.

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Cambered Squat Bar (Type2) >500Kg

Cambered Bar

Review submitted on 14th February 2012 by

We absolutely love this bar! A fantastic bar for variety in squats and good mornings. This bar is very comfortable and well built, I highly recommend this bar for people that have shoulder or elbow issues and still wish to squat heavy.