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WATERROWER Ergatta (Cherry Wood)

WATERROWER Ergatta (Cherry Wood)
WATERROWER Ergatta Interactive rower
WATERROWER Ergatta (Cherry Wood)
WATERROWER Ergatta (Cherry Wood)
WATERROWER Ergatta (Cherry Wood)
WATERROWER Ergatta (Cherry Wood)
WATERROWER Ergatta (Cherry Wood)
WATERROWER Ergatta (Cherry Wood)
WATERROWER Ergatta (Cherry Wood)
WATERROWER Ergatta Interactive rower
WATERROWER Ergatta (Cherry Wood)

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WATERROWER Ergatta Interactive Cherry wood Rowing Machine

The WATERROWER Ergatta brings a whole new training and performance experience to the WATERROWER range.

Featuring a 17.2" interactive screen it offers "game based" challenges and goals to both increase motivation and fitness.

Handmade from solid American Cherry Wood WATERROWERs Rhode Island fatory the WATERROWER Ergatta delivers the same unrivaled quality as the rest of the WATERROWER range.

It's worth noting, that "A membership is needed to access Ergatta's content and features." (  At the time of writing this is detailed on the website as follows:


Monthly - £29
Annually (Year 1) - £319
Annually (after first year) - £348

The single membership fee covers an unlimited number of users and profiles so if the Ergatta is used by the whole family it's cost represents great value. 
Also, thinking further outside the box, it appears to offer the potential for personal training studios to register an unlimited number of clients thereby providing a very unique selling point to any P.T. establishment and seems to be backed by the following from the site:

Q:  How many profiles can I have with the Membership?

A: A single membership supports unlimited profiles on the rower, each with unique statistics and calibration settings. Upon powering on the device, you will have the option to select your profile. You can also switch between profiles in the upper-right corner of the screen in the home screen. Ergatta is the only rower that offers personalized workouts designed for each users fitness level. 

WHen it comes to monthly membership, there's always the question of what happens if you decide to cancel membership subscription, this is answered as follows:

Q: If I cancel my membership, can I still use the touchscreen or access the workouts?

A: A membership is not required to use Ergatta, but it is highly recommended. The Ergatta Rower is a fully functioning WATERROWER that can be used with or without the membership. Without a membership, you won't be able to access the Ergatta software, which includes our personalized workout library, racing, and your saved workout history. In the absence of a membership, you will still be able to use your touchscreen for its basic functionality. The touchscreen will still display your basic real-time workout metrics such as distance, time, strokes per minute, etc., but it will not provide the features that make Ergatta truly unique and great.

So, membership is desireable to access all the unique features but without it you still have a fully-functioning rower with a big screen displaying your current workout stats.

What we don't know 100% yet is whether the WATERROWER SmartRow pulley can be retro-fitted to provide highly accurate stroke/performance feedback. Initial thoughts are yes the SmartRow could be fitted as it's completely independant to any other part of the rower and connects via bluetooth to phone/tablet app, but the frame might be different so more investigation is required.

Technical Details:

  • Warranty: Commercial grade, 3-year parts, 5-year-frame
  • Monitor: 17.2" HD interactive touch-screen
  • Materials: American Cherry Wood
  • ComModule compatible: No
  • Power: 240v Mains adaptor
  • SmartRow compatible: Yes* (to be confirmed)
  • Bluetooth compatible: Yes
  • Tablet Arm compatible: Yes (included)
  • Laptop Holder compatible: N/A
  • HiRise Adapter compatible: N/A
  • Usable with Heart Rate Monitor: To be confirmed
  • Xl-rails compatible: N/A)

WATERROWER Ergatta Dimensions

  • Height: 40"
  • Length: 86"
  • Width: 23"
  • Seat height: 30 cm
  • Weight (with water): 103 lb
  • Maximum user weight: 500 lb
  • Maximum user height: 6' 8"(40" inside leg)

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WATERROWER Performance Ergometer (Oak Wood)

WATERROWER Performance Ergometer (Oak Wood)

<b>WATERROWER Performance Ergometer Oak Edition<br>(Oak Wood)</b><br>Now with free 6 year warranty<br>(3 year parts, 6 year frame) Includes WATERROWER SmartRow for use with iOS or Android device/app.

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