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WATERROWER Oak Rowing Machine UK
WATERROWER Oak Rowing Machine UK

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WATERROWER Oak Rowing Machine

The WATERROWER Oak Edition is hand-crafted from solid American Oak wood from sustainable sources stained to a white finish and given the default WATERROWER branding on the side rails making it a beautiful balance of black and white. This special edition WATERROWER also features the S4.2 Performance Monitor as do all the WATERROWERs we have for sale (Excepting the A1 Studio)

At GymRatZ we have been selling WATERROWERs since starting the company in 1999 and the WATERROWER has been our first choice and recommendation for both home and commercial fitness equipment.

Additional Specification of the White Oak WATERROWER

  • Frame Material: Solid Oak
  • Workout Monitor: S4.2 Performance Monitor
  • Condition: New
  • Dimension In Use: Length - 209 cm, Width - 57 cm, Height - 51 cm
  • Dimensions Stored: Depth - 51 cm, Width - 57 cm, Height - 209 cm
  • Weight: 30.5 kg (dry), 47 kg (17 litres of water)
  • Warranty 3 Year Parts / 6 Year Frame (upon product registration

Oak like all woods used in WATERROWER construction, is a premium hardwood with incredible longevity and dimensional stability.

WATERROWER is committed to the environment and only source wood harvested from sustainably managed forests where growth exceeds removal by 229%

The WATERROWER Oak rowing machine is hand crafted in solid oak wood.

Wood is an excellent material for this application due to its ability to absorb sound and vibration enhancing the WATERROWER's smooth, quiet operation.

This Oak model, as with all WATERROWERs, features patented WaterFlywheel technology, unrivaled in its replication of the resistance felt in on the water rowing.


Further interesting information about WATERROWERs:

30 Years Strong - WATERROWER has been designing and manufacturing rowing machines of exceptional quality and design since 1988. Designed in the mid 80s by Yale and US national Team Rower John Duke.

Purity by Design - Our overriding design philosophy achieves an extraordinary blend of form, function, design and durability.

Ethically Produced - All our wooden models are crafted from the finest Appalachian hardwoods sourced ONLY from replenishable forests.

Proudly Crafted in USA - All of our rowers are handmade in our New England factory in Warren, Rhode Island. The WATERROWER's unique WaterFlywheel design uses an specially formed paddle to cup the moving water, reduce slippage and produce an unrivalled simulation of the benefits of rowing;

Self Regulating Resistance - like rowing, the WaterFlywheel resistance varies proportional to the users intensity. The relationship between resistance and speed responds according "the rule of cubes". The rule of cubes dictates that a doubling of speed requires an eight fold increase in power.

Self Paced - like rowing, the WaterFlywheel does not apply resistance to you, you apply work to it; you are the engine. By the "rule of cubes", the amount of work you apply dictates the speed at which you row. From a gentle paddle to a "give it your all" workout, you are in control.

Even Stroke - like rowing, the WaterFlywheel uses a relatively slow-moving heavy mass to generate a smooth uniform load throughout the stroke. Air resistance machines, by comparison, tend to be jerky, jarring, and uneven, fading as the resistance is overcome.

Fluid Connection - like rowing, the WaterFlywheel creates a fluid connection between rower and water using a simple immersed paddle. There is no solid mechanical connection, instead the contact between the paddle face and the water acts to dampen out any mechanical feel.

For better images check out our "in development" site WATERROWER Oak Rowing Machine if it's currently up.

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