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WATERROWER S1 High Rise (Stainless Steel)

Price: £2,199.00

WR-stainlesS1hi (incl VAT)

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WATERROWER S1 High Rise (Stainless Steel)
WATERROWER S1 Stainless Steel Hi-Rise rower for easier access
WATERROWER S1 High Rise (Stainless Steel)
WATERROWER S1 Stainless Steel Hi-Rise rowing machine
WATERROWER S1 High Rise (Stainless Steel)
S1 Stainless Steel High-Rise legs - limited edition made in Germany
WATERROWER S1 High Rise (Stainless Steel)
S1 High-Rise WATERROWER - Front Riser
WATERROWER S1 High Rise (Stainless Steel)
S1 High-Rise WATERROWER Foot Board
WATERROWER S1 High Rise (Stainless Steel)
Performance Workout Monitor as found on all WATERROWER models*
WATERROWER S1 High Rise (Stainless Steel)
WATERROWER Foot Board as found on the S1 Stainless-steel High-Rise
WATERROWER S1 Stainless Steel Hi-Rise rower for easier access
WATERROWER S1 High Rise (Stainless Steel)

WATERROWER S1 High Rise Stainless Steel Rower

GymRatZ review of the S1 Hi-Rise WATERROWER:

2020 update: WATERROWER have currently discontinued the heart-rate option for the S4 Monitor since technology in the form of phone, tablet and PC heartrate integration and data logging has taken become commonplace. WATERROWER have now added a Bluetooth communication module that connects the WATERROWER monitor via bluetooth to 3rd party apps and software for a far more interaction, and given that phones record and display data from an ANT+ chest strap there seems little point to the additional cost required to display HRM on the monitors' screen. For more details see the WATERROWER ComModule.

This stainless steel WATERROWER caught us a little by suprise. There has always been the S1 model but the High Rise version just appeared overnight it seems and was kept a little quiet.

What's the difference between the WATERROWER High Rise and the Low Rise models? Nothing other than having 4 x additional legs that bring the height of the rower up from the floor. This ensures anyone with reduced/limited mobillity can use the rower without having to get down low to the floor, and rather than getting "up" from the rower it's more a case of getting "off" the rower. 
One customer in the shop told us that the regular (low rise) WATERROWER wasn't any good for him as he'd had a hip replacement whereas the high-rise models didn't cause any problem. 

Other than that the 2 units are identical except for price of course. With that in mind my original details for the S1 Low-Rise don't need re-writing so I'll just re-post them for reference:

Having sold quite a number of these designer WATERROWERs we know the customers they appeal to have a particular taste for the more exclusive things in life. Something that is not only a brilliant piece of fitness equipment, but also a mechanical work of art. The WATERROWER S1 while appearing to be the complete opposite to the wooden WATERROWER Natural is as similar as it is different. Whereas the Wooden frame of the Natural oozes nature and one-ness with the whole rowing concept the Stainless Steel WATERROWER S1 is an engineered work of art yet, while still utilising the same water resistance is as much yin as it is yang. 

The WATERROWER S1 has always been a specialist rower, unique in it's limited-edition and made to order but previously missing the benefits of having a high-rise option of the other WATERROWERs in the range, however this has recently been bought into line and the WATERROWER S1 can now be ordered as this "hi-rise" option which brings the seat up making it easier for users of limited mobillity or for example someone that might have had hip replacement etc.

While not everyones cup of tea the S1 WATERROWER will fit in perfectly with the more modern and perhaps minimalist apartment interior or office designs. If you prefer a stainless steel kitchen worktop to a beech block one then the S1 is without doubt the perfect rower for you.

  1. FREE Next Day or Pre-Booked working Delivery (Mainland UK)*
  2. FREE LIFETIME Warranty (Mainland UK on registration of rower) (3 years parts, lifetime frame)
  3. FREE access and membership to WATERROWER on-line rowing comunity with exercise recording and logging software and real time racing with friends anywhere in the world. (broadband enabled PC required)
  4. FREE lifetime support from our highly trained, experienced and friendly team of fitness professionals.
  5. FREE 365 days a year e-mail back-up and support.

What WATERROWER say about the S1 rower:

The WATERROWER S1 rower is a special order design project fabricated from brushed stainless steel. The project was instigated by WATERROWER's Munich office. Because the WATERROWER S1 is a design project, it's available in low numbers by special order. The S1 is truly a design classic that would fit in well in any modern studio or gym.

This WATERROWER S1 is ideal for home or club or full commercial use as with all WATERROWER rowing machines, it can be stored upright therefore saving space, the Water Rower's near-silent operation means that it can be use anywhere and at any time without imposition of those around you.

*All WATERROWERs are sent on a pre-booked working day delivery direct from UK Distributor however we still have the option of sending the rower out on a "next working day" delivery providing we can get the order processed and across to the warehouse before 10:00 AM so depending on time of order and our own workloud we can't guarantee that an order placed the day before will make it onto the next day schedule but we'll try our best. Please also note that if a NEXT DAY service is requested it's an "all day" delivery slot and not a timed or pre-booked delivery so somone will need to be available all day to receive the delivery.

All Water Rowers distributed within the UK have a free warranty upgraded to 3 years parts 5 years frame for both home and commercial use.

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