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Assault AirBike Elite

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Tornado Fan Bike

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Assault AirBike Elite
New uprated Fan Bike - Assault AirBike Elite is the ultimate Air Fan Bike
Assault AirBike Elite
Assault Fitness - Elite Airbike - The Toughest Fan Bike in the UK
Assault AirBike Elite
Assault AirBike Elite has an updated workout console
Assault AirBike Elite
Assault Fitness - Airbike Elite - The Toughest Fan Bike on the market
New uprated Fan Bike - Assault AirBike Elite is the ultimate Air Fan Bike
Assault AirBike Elite

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Assault AirBike ELITE

Riding on the back of the phenomenal success of the Assault AirBike and the more recently updated AirBike 2.0 Assault Fitness Products have launched the Assault Air Bike Elite. It's bigger, heavier and even more robust but with a sleeker look more befitting of a high-end gym rather than the slightly utilitarian look of it's stable mates...

Weighing in a bit heavier than the Assault Airbike 2.0 at 57Kg it's still 17kg lighter than the super heavy duty Tornado Fan Bike which is (at time of writing) half the price of this model. That said, we must admit that the design and style of the Assault AirBike Elite does have the edge over the Tornado so perhaps more suitable for upper-end establishments rather than a punishing CrossFit Gym.

By now the vast majority of CrossFit boxes and CrossFit athletes have become best of friends with the Air Bike or Fan Bike and by far the most notable of all bikes available is the Assault AirBike but it's always had quite a primal but rugged appearance to it so now there is the up-spec. version with smooth lines and uprated components making it even tougher than before but looking at home next to high end treadmills, crosstrainers etc.
Naturally up-rated engineering comes with an up-rated price so for the budget conscious home or commercial user then the original Assault AirBike 2.0 is still available and covered for commercial warranty but for anyone looking at the very top grade Fan Bike currently on the market then the Elite Assault AirBike is top of the list standing head and shoulders above the competition, even if that competition is the Assault AirBike 2.0  

New Asault Bike ELITE Features as follows:

  • The new Assault AirBike Elite boasts either forward or backward pedalling
  • Comfier and larger seat, giving you an enjoyable experience during those longer workouts
  • Comes with a removable windscreen, giving the option of shielding against the flow of air
  • Adjustable handlebars, allowing you to tailor to your clients. Also allows for a wider range of workouts
  • Built-in linkage kit to reduce maintenance requirements, along with a re-designed crank arm specific to this product
  • Dimensions: To Follow

Designed to be robust and durable, the Assault AirBike Elite will cope in all settings - from home-use, to fully commercial gyms and Crossfit Boxes. Featuring a large steel frame and components of the highest quality, the bike will endure for years to come. Being resistant to corrosion and solid steel cranks, these features will keep your bike looking and performing to the highest level.

The Assault AirBike Elite also features a new and improved LCD display with built-in capabilities to enable you to connect with Bluetooth and ANT, the new design will help you ensure you get the most from your workouts. Also features heart-rate tracking, enabling you to easily connect your mobile to keep on top of your performance. The new model still features the programs found on the classic AirBike (time, distance, calories), along with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to test you to the max!


2 YEAR WARRANTY on Parts / 5 Year Warranty on Frame and Welds

*Please note, labour is not covered under warranty*

NOTE: Damage to parts caused by incorrect assembly proceedure is not covered by warranty and replacement are chargeable at cost price + VAT and delivery.

Order your Asault AirBike Elite TODAY from GymRatZ.

Tornado Air Bike (Fan Bike)

Tornado Air Bike (Fan Bike)

<h2>Tornado Air Bike (Fan Bike)<br></h2>BEST SELLER<br>Full Commercial rated Tornado Fan Bike. Set to rival the limited offerings already available. The reality of the situation is the simple choice between the Assault AirBike and this Tornado Air Bike and .

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