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York STS Front Squat Hack squat

Price: £1,332.50

yb-front-55036 (ex VAT)

York STS Front Squat Hack squat
York STS Front Squat Hack squat
York STS Front Squat Hack squat

York STS Hack Squat/Front Squat

Summer 2017 ...suddenly everyone is going mad for the front squat...... Two words "Quads" and "Core".

Crossfit, Strength training, Power lifting and general conditioning the front squat is now a must do excercise!

A new and timely addition to York Barbells STS range of full commercial strength equipment The Front Squat /Hack Squat

Made from 52mm X 76mm 11 gauge steel built to be robust and endure.

York Barbell have introduced a piece of equipment that successfully combines two very popular exercises, the Front squat and the Hack squat.

This piece of equipment has a movement that mimicks "free bar" work acheived by the inclusion of shaped shoulder pads and off centre mounted bronze bushed pivot.

The foot plate is two position adjustable and non skid  89.6cm (L) x 68.5cm (W) and 3mm thick. The size and adjustment of the foot plate allows for multiple foot positions facilitating deeper squats enabeling emphasis on muscle groups with less strain to associated joints.

Easy to reach release handles allow a full depth squat with a secondary stop position to prevent too deep a squat

2 extra long loading pins allow the weight to be postioned close to the pivot point ensuring that the weight loaded is "TRUE" and not reduced.

FInally - This item has four large weight storage pegs to store your weights

  • This item is flat packed self assembly.

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GymRatZ Power Squat

GymRatZ Power Squat

We've been waiting for a super heavy duty plate-load squat/hack machine for years. Ever since BodySolid created a home use one some... 15 or so years ago. Now we have a power squat machine more than capable of meeting the needs of our most hard-core, heavy duty gyms and users. With a lifetime frame

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