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Tornado Air Bike (Black Edition)

You Save: £850.01 - 47% Discount RRP Price: £1,790.00
Special Price: £939.99

Tornado-AirBike-BLACK (ex VAT)

Tornado Air Bike (Black Edition)
Tornado Fan Bike - NEW All Black Edition
Tornado Air Bike (Black Edition)
Tornado Air Bike - Double Hand Position Handles for variety
Tornado Air Bike (Black Edition)
New Workout Console with Integral HeartRate Receiver/display and "Champion" mode
Tornado Air Bike (Black Edition)
Tornado Workout Monitor with: Custom - 20/10 - 10/20 interval buttons
Tornado Air Bike (Black Edition)
Tornado Workout Monitor as supplied on all current Tornado Fan Bikes
Tornado Fan Bike - NEW All Black Edition
Tornado Air Bike (Black Edition)

Tornado Air Bike (BLACK EDITION)

2019 Update: Through this year we've seen many reports of chain-driven Assault Air Bike copies and clones suffering from stretched and derailed chains in commercial gyms that have only been in service for 12 months whereas all the Tornado Air Bikes we've seen in commercial environments remain fault and maintenance free, many have been in service for close to 5 years now which re-enforces our somewhat bold statement that the Tornado Fan Bike is indeed the new king of CrossFit machines.
But even better news is that due to popular demand the Tornado bike is now available as an all black variant. The red/orange colour scheme of the original didn't fit in with many gyms colour schemes but the all-black edition has already seen a huge demand from the commercial sector.

With regards to the workout monitor, at time of writing, the interval training buttons (top 3 buttons) offer the choice of a custome interval training, 10s rest/20s effort, and 20s rest/10s effort  which keeps the intensity up without the need to try and manually switch resistance levels.

Please check the following video for instructions and features:

2018 review update:

Since the Tornado Air Bike was introduced 3 years ago a very large number of units have been sold into the commercial sector. One key reason I believe is the virtually maintenance free design. Not encumbered with a multitude of chains and sprockets as found on other fan bikes, the heavy duty v-belt drive of the Tornado Fan Bike doesn't stretch nor require lubrication so it's not susceptible to the wearing action of dirt and dust. Similar to a comparison between the WaterRower and Concept2 rowers. Chains require meticulous attention to tension and lubrication whereas belts dont, Chains stretch and sprockets wear whereas poly-v belts don't (not to any degree that would cause failure). 
LifeFitness have been using poly-vee belts on their commercial equipment for decades without issues.

To date as far as we are aware, not a single Tornado Air Bike has had cause for Warranty repair or replacement whereas the same can't be said for other fan bikes we sell.

Initially when we added the Tornado Fan Bike to our offerings it was new to the UK maket and we could only base our reviews on a knowledge of mechanical engineering and technologies used in the bike but were confident it would live up to expectations. Now we can base our judgement on large volume sales and heavy commercial gym use and the complete absence of problems encountered makes the Tornado Air Bike the clear winner when it comes to chosing a fan/air bike both for commercial or domestic use.

Having been sold in other countries under various names the Tornado Air Bike is in it's 2nd revision (from what I can deduce) which should mean that like the Assault AirBike (V2.0) initial issues have already been designed out so although under the "Tornado" label you'll find very little history, under the manufacturers name and model number there's more to be found (Sportop CB700 Fan Bike is a good place to start).

Similar to the existing and very well received Assault AirBike with regards to being a dual function (handles and pedals) and high flow air resistance the Tornado Air Bike is built with a similar inherant robustness which, weighing in at nearly 75Kg gives a good indication as to the how serious a bit of kit it is.

Dual pedals enable the athlete to remove the feet/legs from the power input drive thereby forcing 100% of the workload to be applied to the upper body (Arms, shoulders, back, chest)

Another subtle indication of it's designers intention to invite serious use is the addition of a "Champion" setting on the workout monitor which records the highest results for multiple sessions (still waiting full confimation of this and other workut montor features).

The new Tornado Fan Bike also claims to provide 20% greater resistance than it's market rivals but this statement would be difficult to qualify as so many variables affect the resistance although my guess would be that the Tornado AirBike is slightly higher geared so more fan rotations per pedal rotation compared to the likes of the Atack AirBike.

So what else can I tell you about this product?
The product is made in Taiwan and not China. Manufactured goods from Taiwan are (from our own experience of gym and fitness equipment) superior in build quality and attention to design and detail than the majority of stuff from China. The workout monitor has abundant features/feedback as you'd expect on a product of this quality and has a Hutchinson J6 Poly V® belt rather than a chain drive as found on the Assault AirBike which means it's virtually maintrenance free and designed for a long and trouble-free life. Perfect for any commercial gym where regular maintenance tends to be overlooked but is regularly required on chain drive units such as the Assault AirBike.

All in all, meeting a very similar price point to it's competion we think this Fan Bike is going to make up a high percentage of all Fan Bike sales from here on in.

Tornado Air Bike Features:

  • Monitor displays the following: Time, Speed, Distance, RPM, Watts, Calories, Champion, Interval, Target time, Target Heart Rate, Target Calorie, Target Distance, Built in Heart Rate Receiver. (List subject to confirmation)
  • Transport Wheels (to facillitate positioning of bike)
  • Battery powered LCD workout monitor
  • Padded adjustable seat
  • Hutchinso J6 heavy duty V-Belt Drive belt as used on industrial machinery
  • Pivots are heavy duty bearings rather than bushes found on other AirBikes
  • Fan has a dimension of 546mm (Fan dimension not housing/cage)
  • 20% more resistant then similar commercial fan bikes currently available.
  • Full Commercial Warranty: 5 Year Frame, 1 Year Parts, 6 Months Wearable Items & 6 Months Labour.
  • Drive System
  • Assembled: 1240(L) x 780(W) x 1440(H)mm NW 73Kg - Boxed: 1320(L)x380(W)x885(H)mm GW 80.4Kg

Displayed monitor data in detail:


Tornado Air Bike Workout Monitor Buttons

Tornado Fan Bike Monitor Display

All in 

Red Tornado Air Bike

Tornado Air Bike (Fan Bike)

Tornado Air Bike (Fan Bike)

<h2>Tornado Air Bike (Fan Bike)<br></h2>BEST SELLER<br>Full Commercial rated Tornado Fan Bike. Set to rival the limited offerings already available. The reality of the situation is the simple choice between the Assault AirBike and this Tornado Air Bike and .

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Raze Renegade Air Bike

Raze Renegade Air Bike

The RAZE Renegade Air Bike is without doubt on a par with the very best air and fan bikes on the market. Using similar high quality components and poly-belt drive as found on our best selling Tornado fan bike the Renegade Air Bike is suitable for any full-commercial gym or Crossfit box.

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1 Reviews
Tornado Air Bike (Black Edition)

Incredible build quality and ultra-smooth to use

Review submitted on 13th July 2020 by

Earlier in the year we took a Black Tornado Air-Bike to install in a local school in Bristol. Assembly was very straight forward. Components slid together perfectly and in use the Tornado Fan Bike was silky smooth allowing a light and relaxed pace for the more sedentary user. When cranking up the power to put it under a heavy load more in like with a typical crossfit gym it retained it's composure while I rapidly lost mine. There is NOTHING on the market that compares to the Tornado Fan Bike.