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Product Reviews for GymRatZ Heavy Duty Commercial Gym Equipment

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Olympic International 6 Ft

Short "Squat Rack" Bar - BLACK

This bar is excellent - I bought it to fit my new Powertec Half Rack and it fits perfectly...The 7ft bar would allow me to add more weight but I have limited space so this is the perfect choice. Price wan't bad when you see the quality of construction. I unfortunately cannot rate it as the rate it control isn't working and is stuck on 0. But I would definitely give it a 10 out of 10 (Pete's Note - Star rating script now fixed and amended)

Brillant - Well worth the wait

GymRatZ Lat Pulldown/Low Row

This GymRatZ Lat/Low machine took quite a bit longer than anticipated to arrive but I have to say the wait was worth while. Super quality, heavy duty and should last a lifetime.

Great for a tight space and low ceiling

GymRatZ High/Low Pulley

We got this adapted for our ceiling height and it’s been brilliant. Really sturdy and well made.

It's one of the best machines I've ever had and I

GymRatZ Viking Press Station

It's one of the best machines I've ever had and I like it very much! Thanks.

Verified Customer.

trap bar

Olympic Trap Bar

Arrived quickly. Great quality welding, all you need for a full body workout in a limited space. On this you can do deadlifts, bent over rows, shrugs, shoulder pressing and bench pressing all with neutral grip which is good for me due to past injury.

Very comfortable to use!

GymRatZ Donkey Calf Raise

The equipment looks the part in a heavy duty gym. More importantly, the Donkey Calf Raise is very comfortable to use.


2" Battling Ropes - 15m

awesome product, perfect for climbing and for use as battling ropes. only thing I would say is don't leave it outside as it will deteriorate due to the elements.

Excellent product, excellent customer service!

Free Standing Grappler (single)

I bought the grappler to go in our college gym here at Wolfson. The grappler is excellent for a complete range of barbell exercises, although our predominant use is for T bar rows. The weighted end (on which to add weights plates) are perfect as they allow maximum mobility in the limited space we have, yet allows secure lifting when loaded.

I would also like to pay tribute to the excellent customer service that Gym Ratz provided. Having used a number of different suppliers for our gym renovation this year, Gym Ratz would easily rank highest for efficiency and reliability.

All round perfect consumer experience!

Paul Hurst

WCSA President 2009-10
Wolfson College, Cambridge

New Dimension

GymRatZ Grass Track (Green) DISCONTINUED

The artificial grass supplied by Gym Ratz is great stuff. It's hard wearing and looks great although I thought it was going to have the markings already on it hence the 8.
The service was spot on although the grass and the glue were delivered on two different days, possibly a courier error but not sure, this is where the 8 came from.
It has added a new dimension to my studio and opened up fresh possibilities for a variety of training. Bring on the conditioning.

Perfect Matting

Gym Mats - Heavy Duty Rubber Flooring (10mm)

These are serious professional mats.
We own two of these mats and are about to order a third.
The sheer weight of these mats keeps them in place.Two mats butted together stay together.
During the past 5 years of persistent sweat and equipment abuse they look as good as new.

Squatting comfort!

GymRatZ Safety Squat Bar

Made for elite athletes recovering from shoulder injuries (shoulder reconstruction, rotator cuff injury etc.) to enable them to return to squatting. The Safety Squat Bar's also incredibly popular for general squatting use - it's very comfortable!

Very comfortable!

Poliquin Olympic Football Bar

Comfortable to use for pulling and pushing exercises & well made.

Vertical Leg Press awesomeness

GymRatZ Vertical Leg Press

Having made this vertical leg press for a local gym I can tell you if you haven't used such a beast before you are missing out on a trick.
Extremely comfortable, Great range of movement and plate loaded makes an excellent alternative to the more traditional 45 degree leg press you find in most (decent) gyms.

Perfect for confined spaces

Short "Squat Rack" Bar - BLACK

Due to space restrictions I needed a solid 6ft bar, but with an internal width that would fit a rack comfortably. It fits the rack with a couple of inches to spare, and is a hefty, well made, solid bar (i.e.; not a training bar). Loving the black finish as well. Ordering was easy, and it arrived quickly.

Ideal for garage gym

Short "Squat Rack" Bar - BLACK

great product .. Reduced plate loading on this 6ft bar but loads more bar mobility in cramped garage and due to its design fits on my rack with a couple inches to spare . Nice black finish to boot

Grappler single

Grappler (single)

Very good quality

Olympic Loading Pin

Olympic Loading Pin

Very good Quality

These are huge!

Adjustable Farmers Walk Handles (pair)

These farmers walk handles are fairly heavy without weight. The vertical loading pins makes them ideal in a rugby club/ circuit training environment, allowing you to load and unload easily depending on the user or distance.

Great Bar

GymRatZ Safety Squat Bar

I've been thinking about buying a safety squat bar even since I saw one being used by West Side Barbell and finally decided to buy one when I started getting bicep pain while squatting with a regular bar. First thing I'd like to say is that this is a quality bar which feels like it's been built to take years of punishment not one of those cheap bars that are bent within a few months. I must say I got some strange looks in the gym when I first used the bar but it's now become very popular especially with those who have shoulder problems and we've got a few of them in the gym! And finally, the service I got from GymRatz was first class and I'm definitely going to be buying some more bits from them in the future.

So good we have them in our shop!

Interlocking Premium Gym Tiles (16mm)

We decided to lay these tiles (Black) and a few of the coloured premium gym floor tiles on part of the shop floor at Gym Ratz to get first hand experience of how they lay and how they survive.
Best way to gauge ease of laying was to hand the job over to Debs to see how she coped.
Although these floor tiles are 16mm thick the ridges on the back make trimming and cutting to shape very easy (once I provided Debs with a NEW blade for her knife).
Initial laying of the tiles and ramp edge doesn't give a "seamless" joint but as we have been walking on the area and rolling trolleys and weights over the tiles the joins have become less noticeable.
The tiles are very comfortable to walk on but still retain a fantastic durability again thanks to the groves on the underside.
We're so impressed we're going to tile out the whole of the shop front with this flooring. Well worth the investment over the cheaper alternatives out there.

Hits right where you need it to hit

GymRatZ Standing/Seated Shrug Machine

If isolation of the traps is what you are looking for the seated shrug is ideal and realy digs in to the traps. The standing shrug position allows you to go heavy and still maintain a good stance and posture.
I have recently used it for deadlifting also and again locks you in to a strict form through the entire rep. I first used this piece of kit in Florida and thought WOW! First thing I did on my return to the UK was to get in touch with Gymratz, who I might add supply all my gym equipment these days, and ordered one and it is every bit as good as I used in the States. At the same time I ordered Iso Chest press which is also another highend quality product. If you ask me, drop the mainstream suppliers and use Gymratz not yet dissapointed in any of my orders.

Steve K

Heavy duty rubber flooring 10mm

Gym Mats - Heavy Duty Rubber Flooring (10mm)

Excellent service delivered on time no issues, gym mats are top quality highly recommend GymRatz

GymRatz Power Rack

GymRatZ Power Rack

Very sturdy and easy assemble piece of equipment arrived on time in perfect condition highly recommend GymRatz

Great Dual-Use Station

GymRatZ Leg Extension/Curl

Leg extensions and lying leg curls prove as comfortable to use as experienced on more expensive brand single-use machines. Better still, they come on the same station, saving space & money - excellent!


Battling Ropes - Get one!!

1.5" Battling Ropes - 15m

As a Personal Trainer I'm always looking for great pieces of exercise kit that are versatile, portable and of course help get great results. The Battling Rope does all that. I'm using it for my own training, with my clients and in my Bootcamps and getting superb feedback.

If you want something that gets your heart rate up while working some major muscle groups then put this on your shopping list!


Built to last!

GymRatZ Smith Machine

Unrivalled smoothness and built to last!

Hanging high

Deluxe Wall-Mount Chin Bar

This is a great bit of kit that's has fitted onto my outside wall with limited space. Most other bars need over 1m to fit but this needs 1/2 this..
Great grip size and the addition of suspension loops are well placed.
Another brilliant bit of kit from gymratz that our clients are learning to 'love'...

Rubber mats

Gym Mats - Heavy Duty Rubber Flooring (10mm)

Great mats. A bit smelly, but I'm sure this will go in time. Also a bit slippy, so follow instructions and wash them before using them. Advice to get two mats is a good one. Great purchase

Perfect product for my gym!!

GymRatZ Grass Track (Green) DISCONTINUED

Adds another level to my personal training. Massive thank you.

Wow! 10-13th Nov 2017

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Wow! An amazing place to stay! We've had 2 sets of couples stay here (Whileaway Lodge) and in Cedar Lodge and both are gorgeous and homely!
The Hot Tubs are well maintained and really make the weekend!

2nd stay at whileaway (11th Nov. 2017)

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

2nd time at Whileaway Lodge. Had a lovely stay again. Everybody so friendly. Spend most of our time in the Hot Tub. Definitely return again.

Brilliant! (30th Oct. to 3rd Nov. 2017)

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Everything you could want for a relaxing few days. Netflix & Amazon Video popular with the kids.
(Owners Comment: Netflix and Amazon aren't included with the rental but previous guest may have left their account logged in on smart T.V.)

Lovely 2nd stay (27th to 30th Oct 2017)

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Lovely 2nd stay at WhileAway Lodge.
Lodge is clean, spacious and equipped with everything we needed.
Hot Tub was especially popular!

Fantastic lodge (23rd Oct 2017)

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

A wonderful stay in this fantastic lodge, lovely & clean well maintained.
We enjoyed the Hot Tub in the quiet and pleasant surroundings.

Stunning Lodge (16th October 2017)

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Stunning lodge making a great weekend away celebrating my husbands 40th and daughters 18th birthdays.
Christi decorated for us (on request) and provided local (tasty) cider and prosecco.
We will def be back! Thankyou!! X

Lovely Lodge (5th October 2017)

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Lovely lodge, Hot Tub brilliant.
Had a very relaxing holiday. Well worth the long journey down from Yorkshire!
Staff very friendly too. Perfect. Definitely come back again.

Lovely holiday lodge in Chedar (30th Sep 2017)

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Lovely 1st holiday for our son.
Highly recommend a drive to Weston Super Mare. Thankyou.

Very relaxing week (8th September 2017)

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Had a very relaxing week away here from our busy lives. Lodge very clean and spacious, hot tub brill for soaking our weary bodies.
Lovely scenery, deffo come back again to explore further.

Lovely Lodge (1st Sept 2017)

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Lovely Lodge, very happy with our stay - Fab Hot Tub.

Spacious comfortable Lodge (7th July 2017)

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Spacious, comfortable and well appointed lodge. Made good use of hot tub.
Perfect for a relaxing weekend break.

Fantastic Lodge (21st Aug 17)

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Had a fantastic time, lodge was lovely and clean. Hot Tub was fun - Made the weekend even though it rained!
Brilliant - Thankyou X

Fantastic Lodge (25th June 2017)

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Great Weekend. Hot Tub was amazing. Lodge was a very high standard and clean. Will defo come again!

Don't get gloves, get this.

Liquid Chalk

This stuff is brilliant. Bought in on request. There is no difference to the more expensive brands and gymratz don't let you buy anything unnecessarily. No sweat and no slip so you can get out those extra reps when your forearms would have given up. We need a pocket size version, maybe on a carabina.

Absolutely lovely - Definately booking up again.

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

The lodge is absolutely lovely. We were very comfortable there and would definitely book again. The kitchen is well equipped, bathrooms are lovely and its very cosy. We loved the hot tub in the cold evenings.
Many thanks for a lovely stay and look forward to visiting again.

Excellent product.

7ft 2" Fat Standard (1") Bar

Bought the 2inch thick standard. I only have standard plates and bars including a “Beefy Bar” with a max weight of 150kg. I purchased this bar (max weight 450kg) for continued squat progression with my existing standard plates. Good option if you are of limited means and do not want to replace all your bars and plates. Also I will be using it as a thick grip bar. Going to try and get some 2inch lifting hooks for use on my deadlifts. Surprisingly versatile product! Excellent product.

Excellent Artifical Grass Track for the Gym

GymRatZ Grass Track (Green) DISCONTINUED

Since writing my original product description for this grass track, I've seen quite a number of alternative products and nothing else I've found can match this artificial grass for use in a gym environment. As such I've given it 10 stars to kick off the product reviews listing because I think it definitely deserves it.

A must for serious athletes!

GymRatZ Glute Ham Bench

One of the most innovative gym equipment products of the last 20 years. Blast your hamstrings like never before!

This is the same bench as seen in the top rugby clubs around the country.

Colours are good :-)

Interlocking Premium Gym Tiles (16mm)

The interlocking gym floor mats are excellent - high wearing for any gym environment - and surprisingly effective when using the different colours together to mark out various gym areas and walkways, whilst still being aesthetically pleasing.


Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Great weekend, rest and relaxation. Great walks for dogs too.
Thankyou X
(23rd to 26th October)

Can't wait to come back

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

This is our second visit to Strawberry Fields Park. It is the friendliest most relaxing place in the world.
Can't wait to come back.
Thank you. XXX

6th - 9th November 2015

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Superb lodge, friendly owner, nice hot tub.
All in all very impressed. :¬)
We will be back in 2016. Thanks for a great weekend.

9th - 13th November 2015

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Couldn't ask for much more, everything was perfect.
A lovely relaxing break for the both of us.
And of course the hot tub was AMAZING!

13th - 16th November 2015

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Such a loverly lodge, felt at home instantly. Hot tub was amazing! Shame about the weather but it didn't stop us doing the 3 mile walk to Cheddar Gorge.

16th - 20th November

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Our first holiday with our puppy and what a wonderful place to spend it. We had a lovely relaxing break. This accommodation is absolutely splendid - we couldn't have asked for more - very luxurious, clean and freindly. Super area too - great walk around Cheddar Gorge and Brean beach.
We shall definitely be back.
Thankyou so much.
The Grays.

20th - 24th November

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Wonderful lodge, lovely, clean and freindly people.
Cider & Ale Barn worth a visit !!
Love the hot tub - hope to visit again. Thankyou.

23rd - 27th November

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Lovely break in a great lodge. Needed a relaxing break and WileAway certainly provided that.
Made good use of the hot tub - Wonderful. ThankYou X

30th Nov - 4th December 2015

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Amazing cosy lodge with the best hot tub, such a beautiful area and amazed at the quality of the lodge, we will be back!
Cheddar gorge is a must!!

Flooring stands up to the test

Interlocking Premium Gym Tiles (16mm)

After purchasing the interlocking gym flooring from gymratz a few months ago we've given it some time to test its durability before we wrote its review. So far we have found no fault with it. It withstands the impact of heavy dumbells, doesn't mark and is fairly easy to clean. All in all we are very happy with it. - Chris Pure Health and Fitness

Heavy-Duty Olympic Trap Bar.

Heavy-Duty Olympic Trap Bar (GymRatZ)

I bought some years ago the Heavy Duty Olympic Bar because I needed a safer way (I have some lordosis) to do deadlifts. In the long run I stopped doing squats so the Trap Bar was used more extensively substituting for the squats also. I have to say that I love it because it's sturdy, well made and spacious. Being easier to do, though, one should be extra careful as not to flap. (sway? PW)

Awesome. The whole squad love it

GymRatZ Power Rack

We were looking for a good quality no-frills power rack for our rugby training centre and seeing the GymRatZ rack in the London Irish gym, naturally went for the same. All I can say is it's rock solid, both sides are fully welded and it's given the lads a new confidence to train even harder.

Great and easy

Interlocking Premium Gym Tiles (16mm)

Great delivery service, great after Sales Support, easy to fit.
Only negative is the rubber smell is quite strong and will take some time to fade away.

Great bit of kit

GymRatZ GR4 - 6 Station Multi-Gym

Great bit of kit Matt. And nice chaps installing it

Thanks for the good service.

Spot on grip width

Professional Olympic Dumbells

I got rid of my first pair of dumbbells as I found the standard 1" grip uncomfortable with alot of exercises - I have fairly long hands.
I ordered these up, and while we were at it, decided what would be best with the other proportions, and they turned out really well.
The 1.5" grip is alot more substantial - I'd recommend it to anyone with long hands, or as a good transition set of bars to go from 1" to the 2" strongman grip training bars without compromising your ability to complete your usual sets of exercises.
With a shorter handle shaft length than my previous pair, the bars are alot more economical in terms of space left over for plate loading, whilst still being able to accommodate even wider hands than mine (which measure a bit over 4" at their widest points including the thumb).
I have a feeling these bars will be sticking with me for a long time.

MATT NOTE: The above review has been submitted by Ben, who's the gentleman that requested these dumbells originally.

What a great weekend away

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

We had the best time away the lodge was the best lodge we had ever stayed and the view where mind blowing and the hot tub was amazing we spent so much time in the tub was the best holiday that we had been on and we are rebooking for next week as so much to do around the lodges and the caves are really good place to go and cider barn had so many ciders to try it was brill
(26th - 29th June 2015)

Strawberryfields "Forever"

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Our stay at the wonderful "Strawberryfield Park" was from the 28th September to the 2nd October 2015. Very enjoyable time spent at Strawberryfields While away Lodge, very comfortable and bed, pillows and bed linen excellent. Would have liked instructions for "Cooker" use,(Not all of us use gas) we did get it to work eventually. Orchard and fields for walking Dog were superb. Hope to make use of Bluechip again, would like to see more Lodges with hot tub and Dog Friendly. Will definitely be recommending to friends and family, we booked on recommendation after our daughter Mrs Morris and family were there in August this year.
(28th Sept - 2nd Oct 2015)

Whileawaylodge Strawberryfield park, Cheddar

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

We stayed in the whileawaylodge for a weekend recently. Mike, the property manager was there to great us on arrival and we saw him throughout our stay. The lodges are located in a fantastic location near cheddar gorge and places such as Glastonbury is only a short distance away. The lodge itself was superbly presented with a small local welcome pack to great us. The lodge was well equipped with all kitchen essentials however some of the glasses and bowls had small chips in them. A lovely addition along with the towels were the dressing gowns and slippers in both bedrooms. on the decking was a hot tub which was actually hot and not luke warm, we spent a couple of nights sitting in the hot tub watching the various fireworks displays in the distance. We were able to take the dogs who thoroughly had a great time roaming the fields that surround the park. Overall we had a fantastic weekend and look forward to returning soon.
(6th - 9th November 2015)

Best UK Holiday Yet

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

We holiday twice a year in the UK so we can take our dog with us. We always book lodges with hot tubs to add to the experience. Previously we have always booked with Hoseasons Lodges and found although the lodges are lovely they are often remote and to see any other life you have to travel a distance. I thought this time we would look for a lodge within easy reach of civilisation with the added comfort of Wi-Fi as we have a 17 year old sixth former that had coursework to do, so paid that little bit extra for half term. We were not disappointed, the whole experience was hassle free and we received an email a couple of weeks before our departure date informing us of the contact for the lodges if we had any queries. I sent Mike a couple of text messages just to make sure everything was In place. On arrival we were met by Mike and on entering the lodge were overjoyed how spacious, modern and spotlessly clean it was with a complimentary bottle of wine and water. Both rooms had the most comfortable beds and the en-suite's in both rooms were fantastic. If I had one criticism it was that the fully fitted kitchen was missing a washing machine. This was sorted by Mike offering to put any washing we had in his own Machine if we needed to. Cheddar Gorge is literally a 5 minute drive away with all its caves and quaint little cheese & cider shops it was lovely just walking round there with the dog and reaching to top of the hill for a well deserved Costa Coffee. We are already looking to going back next year and my cousin has already booked his stay there also. After experiencing Blue Chip we will never go Hoseasons again.

(26th - 30th October 2015)

A beautiful lodge with a unique and friendly bar

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Accommodation, setting, people very welcoming. Nothing negative to report, the lodge was as always very comfortable and a pleasure to come back to after a day at the beach 10 miles away. Perfect, thank you.
(16th - 23rd October 2015)

Fantastic lodge break

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Booked Whileaway Lodge, Strawberryfield Park in Somerset and so glad we made this choice. Lodge was fantastic, spotless, spacious and with lovely added extras. Decking with hot tub was gorgeous. The site is very nearly finished and will be the perfect place for another well deserved break. The owner is very friendly and takes pride in what he has achieved. The best lodge we have ever stayed in and pet friendly too. Close to all attractions but far enough to be peaceful. Will definitely be returning.
(12th - 16th October 2015)

A****** a must visit ( we visited September 2015)

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

We stayed in Whileaway Lodge September 2015. Fantastic Lodge, the picture's don't lie it's beautiful and the hot tub is an added luxury which we put to good use. The views from the lodge are stunning and there is so much to do in the area. The lodge had video's to watch and lots of games to play which I thought was nice, we had an evening of fun playing a game and a little drink !! The site management are kind, friendly and can't do enough for you. The Cider Barn is on site and the staff are friendly, funny and very welcoming and the cider and food is very good. There is on site areas to walk the dogs which they loved. Even though they were still building when we visited it didn't disturb us at all.
(7th - 11th September 2015)

so far so good

HOW TO USE Lifting Straps

Good straps and helped make an immediate difference.
I've not used wraps since losing a pair almost a year ago, so was happy with their addition to my dead lift performance. Only time will tell how these fare with regular use, but they were not cutting into my skin and are actually quite comfortable to use.

Great product

Gym Flooring - Interlocking Premium Gym Mats (17mm)

I've been looking around for suitable matting for my personal training gyms. We have installed rubber matting sold by gym ratz and they were helpful when I ordered and had a query. It's easy to install. The large 1.8 metre matting comes as one piece and fits in to a good workout area. It's good value for money to.

Well worth the money

2" Fat Grip Wrist Roller

I work in the Middle East and there's no availability for anything like this where I am. I picked it up when I was back in Bristol and haven't stopped using it since! Construction is spot on, very solid and well made - feels like you could tow a truck with it... I'm using it with a kettlebell and the cable / carabiner works perfectly with this. The extra thickness in the bar makes it a lot more challenging, which I guess is the point :-)

Also, the customer service at Gymratz is second to none - spot on. Thanks Matt for the updates on the item. Would not hesitate to recommend this product or Gymratz - thanks!


Standard Trap Bar

Great service I received the next day after purchase ... great bit of kit best thing I've brought for my home gym ... countless exercises can be performed wit this bar always looking forward to using it in my workouts been using for a few weeks and im loving the results it gives .......would recommend to any one who wants to shake up boring home routines and pack on size :-)



Start your fat grip training now!

7ft 2" Fat Bar (Olympic)

A cheap and great way to introduce yourself to the benefits of fat bar training!

Wow wow wow!!

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

What a gorgeous place. :)
Had a fabulous, relaxing weekend.
Will definitely be back.

Standard Trap Bar

Standard Trap Bar

Superb bar. As I opened the packaging it had an immediate look of quality with an excellent black powder coated finish. In my first workout I found it to be excellently weighted & balanced. I bought the Trap Bar for its anatomical benefits & it has been a truly excellent investment compounded by the quality of the bar. I can't rate it 10/10 yet as I have not put a copious amount on it thus far! If you Deadlift, GET ONE!

Specifically for Prowler and Sled work

GymRatZ Grass Track (Green) DISCONTINUED

Early days but delivery came exactly as promised and great communication.

So far the track is looking good and performing well!

Epic Piece of Kit

GymRatZ Power Rack

The rack is rock solid and loved by our members. Took a while to manufacture though, we waited 8 weeks but was worth it.

Great mats - almost odour free!

Original Crossfit Tile 25mm

Bought for lifting platform use 6x 1m2 25mm rubber tiles. Seems indestructible. Firm and v pliable. Just the right amount of yield underfoot. Quality product. Rubber odour is perfectly acceptable. Very happy.with purchase.

Grass Performance Track

GymRatZ Grass Track (Black)

Product arrived promptly, i had an issue with my order which was dealt with fast and the when the product arrived it was as described. Great quality surface works well with prowler. Great product, fast delivery, great customer service.

The ultimate power cage!

GymRatZ Animal Power Cage

Without doubt the best commercial power cage available!

Iso Chest Press

GymRatZ Iso Chest Press

Item arrived this afternoon, well packaged machine, immaculate condition no wear or tear from the delivery process, this is my 5th machine from Gymratz all exceeded my expectations never had any issues highly recommended this company, Keep it up guys.

Single Adjustable Pulley

GymRatZ Single Adjustable Pulley (SAP)

Very happy with this purchase a nicely finished and well built machine, delivery and customer service very good as usual never had any problem with gymratz,, I will be making further orders and recommend to anyone who wants high Quality equipment.

A first-class piece of commercial-standard kit

GymRatZ 45 Degree Leg Press

We are absolutely delighted with this piece of equipment!
It has proven itself to be a wonderfully robust, heavy-duty unit of the highest manufacturing quality which we would happily recommend without reservation.

(Stockport Grammar School - Cheshire)

Excellent for Home Gym Floor

Premium Gym Tile Edge Ramp 500mm

Purchase for my Home Gym Floor. Excellent product, these tiles are very firm and robust,they are not soft & don't compress like some tiles sold. They provide an excellent foundation for working out with Kettlebells. Great customer service from Pete at gymratz.

Safety Bar - Safe squats

GymRatZ Safety Squat Bar

Got my new safety bar which arrived in perfect condition.

Tried it out and very pleased: easy to use, balances perfectly and very comfortably on the shoulders. I have an old shoulder injury and am rather stiff in the shoulders; this avoids pulling my shoulders out of position so no more struggling to get hold of the bar, so now I can concentrate on squats and working my legs and not pins and needles in my shoulders and wondering if I am going to pull a back muscle. Brilliant!

Great mats

GymRatZ Tatami Jigsaw Tiles (Soft)

I run a busy youth club in south london. The mats are used every night - they are strong and durable and used by the young people for dancing and parkour exercises

Farmers Walk Handles

Adjustable Farmers Walk Handles (pair)

We have two pairs of these at our gym, and they are great! The handles are comfortable and of a good thickness, we've loaded these bad boys up to about 140kg each and they do fine!

2" Battle Rope

2" Battling Ropes - 30m

This rope is pure hell! Very heavy duty and lots of fun/horror!

1.5" Battle Rope

1.5" Battling Ropes - 30m

This is an excellent rope. We've used it daily and apart from the malting hairs it's going strong! As well as battling ropes in our circuits and met con training we also prefer this thickness for doing strongman. We've pulled an 8.5 tonne lorry with this rope!

Strongman Yoke

GymRatZ Strongman Lifting Yoke

This yoke is very nice! We had ours done in bright yellow, and it looks awesome! The adjustable bar is very easy and speedy to change, and it holds weight very well. We've used this as a yoke and zercher tool, but also to load stones over and also as a rather horrifying overhead pressing tool. Excellent piece of kit!

Olympic International 6ft Bar

Short "Squat Rack" Bar - BLACK

I have to say this product is top quality and the black finish looks awesome. It's worth mentioning that the product photos, simply do not do this item justice.

The bar was way over what I wanted to pay but now I have it, I am very happy with my purchase because the quality really is excellent!

Lovely Lodge

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Lovely lodge - would happily stay again.

Lovely Lodge (1st July 2019)

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Lovely lodge - would happily stay again.


Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Our second time in Whileaway Lodge was just as relaxing as the first. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would recommend for couples and dog owners

Definately coming back (9th July 2019)

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

We had such a lovely weekend here, we will definitely return, such a beautiful private place.

Couldn't fault a thing (31st May 2019)

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Beautiful lodge in a perfect location. Couldn’t fault a thing. Will definitely be rebooking!

Amazing - (3rd December 2018)

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

An amazing relaxing break exactly what we needed, only thing would be in the winter months when the hedge isn’t as full maybe add a little fence as it didn’t feel secure where the hedge with few leaves, that’s not a fault with the lodge just my personal opinion but other than that it was the best hot tub break we have been on and we loved the privacy and how quiet it was

Brilliant - (30th November 2018)

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage near Cheddar Gorge UK (With Hot Tub)

Brilliant - Hot tub was awesome even more so in the bad weather - lovely and warm

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